Causeyella causeyae

Causeyella causeyae

name = Causey's cave millipede
regnum = Animalia
phylum = Arthropoda
subphylum = Myriapoda
classis = Diplopoda
superordp = Coelocheta
ordo = Chordeumatida
familia = Trichopetalidae
genus = "Causeyella"
species = "C. causeyae"
binomial = "Causeyella causeyae"
binomial_authority = Shear, 2003 [cite journal |quotes=no |author=William A. Shear |year=2003 |title=The milliped family Trichopetalidae, Part 1: Introduction and Genera "Trigenotyla" Causey, "Nannopetalum" n. gen., and "Causeyella" n. gen. (Diplopoda: Chordeumatida, Cleidogonoidea) |journal=Zootaxa |volume=321 |pages=1–36 |url=]

"Causeyella causeyae", Causey's cave millipede, is a millipede, ghostly white in color, which was first noticed, but not identified, in 1964. It was discovered in caves in Arkansas in 2004. It has been found in 10 caves in Izard, Independence, and Stone counties [cite news |url= |title=Millipedes Found in Arkansas Caves are New to Science |date=2004-04-07 |publisher=The Nature Conservancy] .


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