Hana-Kimi chapter summaries

Hana-Kimi chapter summaries

This article summarizes the chapters of the Hana-Kimi shōjo manga series written by Hisaya Nakajo.

Volume 1

Chapter 1
Mizuki is late for her first day of school in Osaka Gaukeun and bumps into Sano while hurrying to class. When she tells Sano that she likes him and wants to be his friend, she is mistaken for a homosexual. We find out later that Sano has quit high jumping. Sano and Mizuki are to share a dorm room. She also meets Yujiro, Sano’s dog who immediately loves her, Nakatsu, Nanba, Nakao, the school’s pretty boy. Nakao’s position is in danger of being taken away by Mizuki because her photos are being sold by the school photographer. "Sano Moment #1": When sleeping outside, Sano is pushed over by Yujiro and falls on top of Mizuki who’s sitting beside him to block the wind. He blushes. We find out Mizuki’s a fast runner, so everyone wants her to be in their club. "Sano Moment #2": While Mizuki is hiding from the clubs, she discovers the sleeping Sano and almost kisses him. Nakatsu challenges Mizuki to soccer and she gets knocked out. Sano picks her up, accidentally feeling her breasts and he realizes she’s a girl. We meet Umeda Hokuto, the school doctor, and he knows by instinct that Mizuki’s a girl.

Chapter 2 A picture of Sano on top of Mizuki was taken and posted up, Sano just rips it down. Sano threatens the photographer, and Mizuki punches him as well. Nakatsu begins to fall for Mizuki. We meet Sano’s old manager, Rika Yamashina, who’s pestering Sano to go back to high jumping. We also discover Sano was in an accident because of her carelessness in watching out for cars. We find out Yujiro was taken in by Sano after he’d been abandoned and sent to the animal clinic. Yujiro is scared of all men except for the dorm manager and Sano because his previous owner mistreated him. Sano feels uncomfortable because she's a girl, so avoids Mizuki. "Sano Moment #3": While Mizuki and Sano are talking, a car is about to crash into Mizuki and he pulls her in. He ends up hugging her. The next day, Mizuki confronts Umeda and tells him she will NOT leave and explains that she came to Japan because she needs to see Sano’s high jump. Umeda says she can do whatever she wants because he can see that she can’t be pushed around. Mizuki hugs him in thanks and relief and we discover Umeda’s gay. We find out Umeda is in love with an old friend who knows how he feels but doesn’t return his feelings.

Chapter 3
Mizuki meets Rika again and discovers Rika likes Sano. She asks Mizuki to tell Sano that she’ll be waiting next to the front park after school the next day. We discover from Nakatsu and the others that when Sano gets drunk, he becomes a kiss-fiend and kisses everyone. Mizuki tells Sano the message from Rika and Sano tells her to butt out, but Mizuki persists because she understands how Rika feels. Later, she spots Sano watching other people high jump and she realizes that he doesn’t hate high jumping, he actually misses it. The next day, in the morning, Mizuki acts out high jumping in front of Sano to try to get him motivated. Umeda sees Nakatsu staring at them and whispers “It’s love, isn’t it?”, Nakatsu freaks out and vehemently denies it confirming that he does like Mizuki. Later, Nakatsu goes to Mizuki’s and Sano’s room to borrow notes and sees a very feminine sleeping Mizuki on the ground. He blushes and leaves without the notes when she wakes up. "Sano Moment #4": Forgetting that Mizuki’s a girl walks in on her showering to get his watch. He sees her naked back and butt. "Nakatsu Vision #1": Mizuki asks him is anything wrong and he sees innocent shining eyes. Mizuki sees Rika again and she blames Mizuki for distracting Sano from returning to high jumping. Mizuki realizes that Sano is still himself even if he stopped high jumping and that it’s wrong to force him to jump. As Rika is about to hit Mizuki, Sano stops her and tells her that he quit because of the pressure and tells her to leave him alone. Mizuki is angry at the way Sano treated a girl who was worried about him.

Chapter 4 Sano is still mad at Mizuki and Mizuki’s contemplating going back home, but as she reads her best friend Julia’s comments in her letter, she feels revived, and over the next few days tries her best to make up with Sano. We discover Umeda is Nanba’s uncle. Back at the dorms, she tries yet again to make up with Sano, and Sano blows up and says “For who do you think I yelled at Rika for?” Sano storms out and leaves Mizuki. Nakatsu walks in asking what was the noise and discovers Mizuki crying because of the fight. He wants to hug her(“I’m not gay!”), but pats her head instead. We see that Sano buys a sweet drink for Mizuki as an apology, but he hears Nakatsu comforting her when he returns, so gives the drink to Noe, another friend, instead. As Nakatsu is getting really worked up about how Sano's treating Mizuki and asking Sano what’s wrong with him, Sano spots Mizuki going with Nanba somewhere and he runs off after them in the middle of the talk, fearing Nanba will do something to Mizuki. He runs to where they are, but all they are doing is drinking coffee. Sano tells Mizuki why he stopped high jumping and tells her he’s going to start again. Mizuki is relieved that he doesn’t hate her and starts crying. "Sano Moment #5": Sano calls her an idiot and hugs her.

Extra Story(Not related to Hana Kimi): The Cage of Summer

Volume 2

Chapter 5 We discover Sano hates sweet things. Sano has been practicing high jumping for 2 months. After Nakatsu's soccer match, we meet Makoto Kagurazaka, Sano’s rival in high jumping. Mizuki is quick to retort to Kagurazaka’s insults to Sano. Later, Sano thanks her for standing up for him. "Nakatsu Vision #2": Mizuki says he was great during the game, she looks very girly and sparkly. The next day, which is Valentine’s Day, Mizuki receives chocolates, but Sano doesn’t accept his chocolates because he doesn’t like sweets. Mizuki realizes he’s popular with girls and that she likes Sano as well. Kagurazaka meets Mizuki again and he realizes she’s actually a guy. Mizuki tells him not to bother Sano because he’s practicing and he responds by picking Mizuki up to go with him to find Sano. Sano is angered and orders Kagurazaka to give Mizuki back to him. She is put down and then slaps Kagurazaka, as he’s trying to hit her back, he’s stopped by Sano. Kagurazaka continues to egg Sano on by making comments about Mizuki.

Chapter 6
Mizuki is angered and wants to say something back, but her mouth is covered by Sano. She calls Kagurazaka a short legged fox which seems to affect Kagurazaka a lot and makes Sano shake with laughter. Later, Sano overhears Mizuki telling Yujiro that Sano has been a source of strength and encouragement for her since she first saw him high jumping on television. Sano wants Mizuki to see his high jump, but fails to make the jump, making the pole drop. Mizuki hugs his arm and tells him to not give up. He tells her to stop crying and says that she’s the one who made him start high jumping again. She goes to Umeda for advice and he tells her it’s post injury reaction, that his body remembers the pain and doesn’t want to make the same mistake again. He tells her not to worry, just root for him. Nakatsu brings over a bottle of sake and snacks for a beer party and everyone except Mizuki and Sano end up drunk and sleeping. Sano downs a cup of sake, thinking it’s water and becomes drunk. "Sano Moment #6": The kissing fiend, Sano, kisses Mizuki.

Chapter 7

She freaks out while kissing and punches Sano in the eye and then runs out. She ends up with Yujiro and she wonders why she’s crying and why she can’t stop. Sano realizes he kissed Mizuki. Later, Mizuki runs into Nanba who saw her run out after being kissed, jokingly flirts with her and comforts her by giving her a bun. The next day, a load of thumbtacks with the note ‘JUST DIE’ falls out of her shoe locker. ‘KILL’ is also written in her locker. Sano tells her to just ignore it. The next day, she finds that her shoes have been soaked. She continues to stay optimistic. Kagurazaka comes back after finally beating the top high jump record which belonged to Sano, and Mizuki tells him to go away, fearing Sano will be affected. Kagurazaka hugs Mizuki, telling Sano that he’ll let Mizuki go if Sano enters the spring competitions. He agrees and Kagurazaka lets go of her. Mizuki is worried because she knows Sano can’t jump yet. Mizuki receives a letter saying that her brother, Shizuka is coming to visit her.

Chapter 8

Mizuki runs into Umeda’s room walking into Umeda and his lover making out. Umeda calls his sister, Rio Umeda, to bring over some clothes for Mizuki. The next morning, Mizuki sneaks out to meet her brother and Sano, worried, follows. Back in at the dorms, Senri Nakao makes a rude comment about how Mizuki is already 16 and is still so proud of her brother. They contemplate that Nakao is probably the one that pulled the pranks. The next day, the word ‘IDIOT’ is written on her desk in big letters. Mizuki decides to take action to catch the person doing the act. In the morning, she catches Nakao and we discover that Nakao was doing the pranks because he liked Nanba and hated Mizuki because she was getting attention from him. Mizuki explains that she’s in the same situation and they become friends. After school, Sano is waiting for her and as they’re walking, they see Shizuki. He tells Mizuki that she is to go back to America and grabs her arm, Mizuki bites him, and doesn’t let go. Sano stops Shizuki, saying that Mizuki doesn’t want to go back. Shizuki makes a deal with Mizuki. If Sano can jump by the time he leaves Japan, Mizuki can stay at Osaka Gakuen.

Chapter 9

The next day we can see Mizuki and Nakao are discussing Nanba and everything is alright between them. Nakatsu and Mizuki go out to eat and Nakatsu talks about his past. While Sano eats leftovers from the meal, Mizuki blurts out to him to try his best. He appreciates it and tells her not to worry because the reason he’s joining the competition is because of Kagurazaka. In a funny scene with Umeda and Shizuki, we discover that Shizuki is a completely Homophobic person. Kagurazaka comes back and realizes that Sano can’t jump yet. Sano doesn’t get angered, but tells Kagurazaka he’s jumping for himself. Shizuki witnesses this.

Chapter 10

As Sano and Mizuki are eating lunch, Sano tells her that she should do what she wants and stay at Osaka Gakuen. Shizuki overhears this and tells Sano that only his jump can determine whether or not she can stay. He makes a cruel comment about Sano which gets Mizuki worked up and when Sano leaves, she tells her brother that she really hates him. Shizuki, after getting upset over her comment, tells her to keep in mind that he’s the one deciding if she can stay or not. Umeda overhears this and tells him that he’ll lose Mizuki if he keeps saying things about Sano, and kisses him. Mizuki tries to apologize for her brother and Sano in his own way tell her not to worry about it. She starts to cry, but Sano tells her that men don’t cry over that and she stops. During the competition, Nakatsu makes a comment to Shizuki about how he shouldn’t judge Sano without knowing him. Fortunately, Sano makes the jump. Mizuki is crying in relief and happiness as she approaches Sano. "Sano Moment #7": He hugs her in front of everyone. Shizuki gets up to leave. Mizuki gets a note from her brother saying she could stay.

Volume 3

Chapter 11

There’s a piping problem at the dorm they’re staying at, so they must move out of the dorm for the summer. Sano has become someone who’s always taking care of Mizuki. Nakatsu asks Mizuki if she’d like to stay at his place for the summer and she refuses due to the fact she’s a girl and he can't find out about it. Sano asks her as well, but she tells him she has to think on it. "Sano Moment #8": Mizuki is half asleep after going to the restroom and climbs into bed with Sano. He tries to wake her up, but she just hugs him. He tries to get out, but she holds on to him. He notes that she forgot to put on the vest that holds her breasts which she also realizes later. He can take advantage of her, but doesn’t. The next day, Mizuki wakes up surprised, but Sano pretends yet again he didn’t notice anything. Later, Mizuki asks Umeda if she could stay with him and he says he’s going on vacation, but since Umeda’s sister, Rio Umeda, needs help at her bed and breakfast, Mizuki decides to work there and stay there as well. Sano and Nakatsu decide to work there too. We meet Makita Takami, a guy from another high school who realizes Mizuki is a girl and takes an interest in her.

Chapter 12

Makita is being particularly friendly with Mizuki and Sano notices. Kagurazaka, by coincidence comes to the bed and breakfast with 2 sisters: Kyoumi (age 3) and Tamami (12). Tamami Kagurazaka is a huge fan of Sano and definitely makes it public that she’s going for him. Later on, Mizuki faints because her denim vest is getting too small. Sano picks her up and brings her to her room. Sano stays in the room until she falls asleep because Mizuki wanted him to. After her sleep, she’s all sweaty so goes to take a bath in a public bath. While she’s in there Nakatsu comes in.

Chapter 13

Nakatsu freaks out and closes the door after seeing that Mizuki's in the bath too. After contemplating, he opens the door to go back in again, but faints because he’s overwhelmed by the chance to see Mizuki, who he thinks is a boy, naked. Mizuki escapes and gets help. While Sano is preoccupied with the ever persistent Tamami, Makita gets all of Mizuki’s attention. Kagurazaka is surprisingly considerate when Mizuki is looking down because she is without Sano. He notes that he got a bad feeling from Makita. Sano is worried about Mizuki and asks if Makita is doing anything to her. Mizuki gets angry and shows her jealousy over Tamami because not only is she taking up all of Sano’s attention, but she’s got a bigger chest than Mizuki, making her feel inferior. At the beach, Sano tries to apologize, but is again bombarded by Tamami. Later, Mizuki is hit on by two guys and instead of Sano saving her, it’s Makita because Sano is yet again preoccupied with Tamami.

Chapter 14

Makita by now has definitely noticed Sano’s feelings towards Mizuki. That night, Mizuki brings out some watermelon for Sano and they make up. Sano points out that it’s stupid to fight over Makita and Tamami. Sano realizes that his feelings are growing and he finds it natural for her to be at his side. Makita comes out and tells Sano that Sano seems to be her guardian figure and that he’s going to go for Mizuki. Sano says that it’s none of his business who she goes out with, but Makita is the exception. Kagurazaka leaves Kyoumi with Mizuki and Nakatsu so he can see a girl he met. As Sano is watering the entryway, he overhears Makita telling his friends that he found a new girl for the summer to have sex with. It’s what Makita does every summer and this time, the girl is Mizuki. Mizuki is wet after playing with Kyoumi and while changing, Io walks in on her.

Chapter 15

Io finds out she’s a girl! Io comments that Mizuki is worrying her parents, but as a woman, she thinks Mizuki is doing well. Though she warns Mizuki to be extra careful because her chest will not always stay the same and she would want something more with Sano some day. Mizuki asks Sano if he thinks she’s girly and Sano responds with “You’re you, right?” Later, while grocery shopping, Makita calls in to say that the car Mizuki and Makita are in has broken down and they can’t get back, but he’s lying. Makita parks the car and says he loves her to persuade her to have sex with him. She refuses, so Makita holds them down her arms over her head and begins to rape her. As he’s about to unzip her vest, Sano shows up, pulls Makita out and knocks him out cold. Sano grabs her hand and asks if she’s okay, but she’s reminded of Makita holding her hands down and then crying, she runs off. "Sano Moment #9": Sano runs after her and hugs her in his arms so she can calm down. Also, Sano calls her 'Mizuki' instead of the usual 'Ashiya'. She’s scared after that almost traumatic event. She falls asleep in his arms, so Sano piggybacks her. As Sano is walking, he slips down a deep ravine in the woods.

Chapter 16

Mizuki wakes up with a sprained ankle. Sano apologizes for slipping, but Mizuki says she should be thanking him for saving her. She realizes that she was stupid for trusting Makita right away and should have listened to Sano. Makita has woken and returned to the bed and breakfast. He realizes he’s been fired and Io realizes that Sano and Mizuki should be back by that time, but aren’t. Nakatsu and Yujiro go to search for them. Sano realizes that Mizuki has a fever and tells Mizuki he thinks of her as ‘a precious friend’. When Sano gets up to look for help, Mizuki panics and tells him not to go. Mizuki then faints. Sano rips off the arm of his shirt and wets it to cool her forehead. "Sano Moment #10": Sano looks at her sleeping face and leans in to kiss her. But after a moment's hesitation, doesn't do it, and cradles her instead. In her sleep, Mizuki feels warm and comfortable as she feels Sano's heartbeat, and mumbles his name. He answers with, “I’ll stay by your side forever”. Nakatsu and Yujiro finally find them. Mizuki says thank you Sano and Sano blushes from the memory of the previous night. We find out that Tamami confessed to Sano, but he refused her. It also seems that Kyoumi got attached to Nakatsu.

Volume 4

Chapter 17

This chapter is about the School Festival which is actually an inter-dorm competition. The first day is the track and field match and sports, the second day is an on campus cultural festival, and the third day they open the school to the general public. In all those aspects, the goal is to win the most points. All classes are also competing for the title of MVP(Most Valued Players) which also includes a cash prize. We are introduced to Tennouji Megumi, first dorm's head and best bud Kujou. Nanba is second dorm head. Megumi and other dorm members point out that it’s their turn to win. Back at the dorm, Sano warns Mizuki not to join the Kibasen (Where 3 guys hold up 1 guy and the point is to run around in that position stealing other people’s head bands; in the English version of the series, it's translated as 'The Chicken Fight'). Mizuki, from America, doesn’t know what it is and Sano refuses to tell her. Sano Moment #11: Mizuki tickles him, trying to get him to tell her what it is, and he grabs her arms and pulls them forward to stop her tickling him, so that they’re in a position that looks like she’s hugging him from behind. They both reminisce about what happened at their summer job (Volume 3). The next day, it’s decided for Mizuki that she will enter the beauty pageant, though it will be all boys. We discover that Nanba is in a mess over some problem. Later at a drinking party, Nanba warns Mizuki to watch out for Kujou. We find out that somebody is planning to play dirty against everyone else, especially Mizuki, to win.

Chapter 18

It's the start of the school festival! Annoyed by Tennouji's huge ego, Mizuki participated in the Japanese calvary, an extremely rough and dangerous event. Meanwhile, Dorm-Two Leader Nanba is secretly meeting someone.

Chapter 19

Class 2-C turned out to be a pretty popular cafe, especially with its 'waitresses'. As Mizuki snuck away from all the excitement, she accidentally overheard Nanba arguing heatedly with a girl. Why had she returned?

Chapter 20

While Nanba took out his fustrations on the school's photographer, Sano is grappled with these new and uncertain feelings. At the same time, Mizuki went to seek advice from Umeda but he asked her a somewhat personal question.

Volume 5

Chapter 21

From out of sight, Nakatsu overheard a devious plot against Mizuki from the students of Dorm-One in their obsession to win the inter-dorm competitions. He sought Sano's help to look for Mizuki.

Chapter 22

Right in the middle of the beauty pageant, Mizuki was kidnapped to stop her fron entering the relay race. Sano confronted Kujou for answers but Kadoma confessed the identity of the real culprit.

Chapter 23

The 'Hell's 2000 Meter Relay' is the very last event of the school festival. But with Nakatsu injured, who would be fast enough to replace him? Though pumped and ready for the win, Mizuki noticed Sano watching her intently.

Chapter 24

Student life goes on in Ohsaka Academy with Mizuki's secret still intact. Sano invited Mizuki over to the athletics field to let her see him practise. Nakatsu, on the other hand, is having issues of his own.

Chapter 25

A sweet girl had just confessed her feelings to Nakatsu but why is he hesitating? Mizuki then meets Karasuma Kinuko, the meddlesome sports reporter who had been hounding Sano since junior high.

Bonus Chapter

When Mizuki was 13, she ran away from home because of peer pressure. This incident brought her to encounter Gilbert, a guy who dreamed of the mountains but was unable to pursue them because of his health condition.

Volume 6

Chapter 26

Jealous of Kinuko's enthusiasm, Mizuki asked Kujou for karate training in order to build up her spirits. Kinuko herself is very interested in this friend of Sano who had encouraged him to return to high jumping.

Chapter 27

For some reason, Kinuko was nearly shocked to death when she suddenly crossed paths with Umeda. At the same time, Nakatsu was having the time of his life with his new girlfriend, or so he thought.

Chapter 28

To keep Kinuko from further harassing Mizuki, Sano gave her a warning hint. Finally understanding the feelings he's having about his best friend, his best MALE friend, Nakatsu publicly declares his heart to Mizuki.

Chapter 29

A major school trip to Hokkaido has been scheduled, much to the delight of the students. Next to having revelations of Nakatsu's feelings upon her, Mizuki also greatly missed her best friend, Julia.

Chapter 30

Julia has come to Japan as an exchange student! But she's not too happy to find that Mizuki and Sano had only managed to establish a 'just friends' relationship. So what kind of plan is she hatching?

Bonus Chapter

Years ago, Nanba Minami fell in love with his junior high school tutor, before she mysteriously disappeared. This is his story of how he became a fool...

Volume 7

Chapter 31

All hell breaks loose in Dorm-Two after Julia announced to everybody that she's Mizuki's 'girlfriend'. Funnily enough, the only person unaffected by this is Sano, who had no idea that he's the actual target of Julia's plan.

Chapter 32

Mizuki discovered an unexpected side of Sano which made her worry about the upcoming school trip to Hokkaido, Sano's birthplace. His father has been hospitalized but Sano refuses to visit him. Why?

Chapter 33

The sights and sounds of Sapporo mesmerized Mizuki and the gang as the school tour begins. Even Sano appeared to be enjoying himself, though Mizuki wondered what he's really thinking about being back in familiar surroundings.

Chapter 34

By chance, St. Blossoms Girls' School and Ohsaka Academy are both having school excursions and staying in the same hotel! Rio and Julia are delighted to bump into Mizuki but Nakatsu was less than pleased.

Chapter 35

The whole group enjoyed a sight-seeing day in Otaru with the girls of St. Blossoms. Since the bath encounter, Sano and Mizuki mostly avoided each other but then Sano did something that caught Julia's attention.

Chapter 36

There's a reason why Sano never told Mizuki that he alone knew about her secret. Mizuki listened as Sano confessed to her of his childhood and she found herself falling even more deeply in love...

Volume 8

Chapter 37

Both Umeda and Julia are always anxious to know more, which really puts a strain on Mizuki's emotional state since the end of the school trip. As a concerned friend, Julia approaches Sano directly...

Chapter 38

While Sano grapples with Julia's inquiries, Mizuki receives worrying news from Sano's stepmother about Shin, Sano's younger brother. She wondered if that fight in Sapporo had anything to do with it.

Chapter 39

After giving Julia his honest answer, Sano is further troubled by reports of Shin, who had yet to return home. Meanwhile, Julia wonders if she should tell Mizuki the truth when she bumped into Umeda.

Chapter 40

Shin had been sighted near Ohsaka Academy! Mizuki suspected that he had wanted to see Sano. Julia then met up with Mizuki to tell the latter that she's surrounded with good friends. She also had something else to tell Mizuki...

Chapter 41

An impressive photo of Nanba, Sano and Nakatsu appeared in a female magazine, which caused girls, girls and more girls to gather around the school's entrances! However, the guys are not too enamoured of their sudden popularity.

Chapter 42

Because of the magazine, a photographer named Hara Akiha is asking the 3 guys to model for a new brand of fashion design. The temporary principal, Kitahama-sensei, also wants to say some words of his own to them as well.

Volume 9

Chapter 43

Nakatsu had been caught with notes during an exam but it wasn't his fault. However, Kitahama-sensei still assumed him as guilty. The guys tried their best to give him support but Sano believes that Nakatsu is really angry about this.

Chapter 44

Nakatsu was called again by Kitahama-sensei to defend himself or face possible suspension. Dorm-Two Leader Nanba reveals that the number of students punished severely for even the most minor offenses has increased.

Chapter 45

Without a doubt, Kitahama-sensei is on a witch-hunt and he's using Nakatsu as a scapegoat. As the Dorm Leaders continue to observe and plan a countering move, Sano reluctantly sought help from Akiha-san.

Chapter 46

All 3 Dorm Leaders joined forces to order the teachers to cease their bullying tactics upon the students' rights and clear Nakatsu's name. But this act of rebellion would cost them their positions...

Chapter 47

With the incident put past behind them, Mizuki found herself promising Akiha-san, who now visits Umeda every day, that she would attend his photo gallery. As it turns out, his pictures truly caught her full attention.

Chapter 48

In the studio, the guys agreed to do some test shots for modelling. Mizuki quickly recognizes Ebi the cosmetician as Akiha-san's model who was also his ex-wife. But during the shooting, Sano did something completely unexpected...

Volume 10

Chapter 49

After witnessing a sexy side of her idol, Mizuki steadies herself from a flood of new emotions evoked within her. Sano, on the other hand, chastises himself for being jealous of Akiha-san's attentiveness toward Mizuki.

Chapter 50

Akiha-san explained that certain signs exist that can accentuate a picture. While Mizuki and Ebi got further acquainted, the former discovered some hidden facets to the eccentric photographer.

Chapter 51

Sano realized that under Akiha-san's very observant camera lenses, Mizuki's secret has been seen. As excited rumours of the modeling shot spread throughout the school like wildfire, the guys discussed about the opportunity.

Chaper 52

Because Mizuki was still hesitant about modelling, Akiha-san took her out for a ride to make her feel more comfortable having him as a friend. This prompted Sano to realize just how overly obsessive he was about Mizuki.

Chapter 53

Mizuki, Sano, Nakatsu and Nanba are getting the hang of this modelling business for the new fashion concept, though Akiha-san's methods do tend to get somewhat 'aggressive'.

Chapter 54

The missing negatives had been found but they also had been viciously destroyed. Who could have done this and why? Undaunted, the group decided to take a second shooting and make it even better.

Chapter 55

Io's got a job for her little brother; cleaning up an isolated villa in the mountains. Umeda recruits Mizuki, Sano, Nakatsu and Kayashima to help out as well.

Volume 11

Chapter 56

Apparently, this villa is haunted by a ghost of a young boy, who had a friend named Mizuki. Kayashima identified the spirit that had possessed Nakatsu but there must be a way to put him to peace.

Chapter 57

Every 3 years, Ohsaka Academy and St. Blossoms Girls' School hold a formal Christmas Ball, which the students of both schools get a chance to meet and mingle. Since Mizuki's pretending to be a boy, how will she pull this one off?

Chapter 58

To balance the male-female ratio, St. Blossoms has requested a few chosen male students to be dressed up as girls on commission. With Sano's birthday present in mind, Mizuki accepted the risk.

Chapter 59

Sano had a hell of a shock when he caught Mizuki trying on a sexy miniskirt. Later, Rio invited Mizuki and the others to the Umeda family home that weekend to practise dancing the waltz.

Chapter 60

Swept in with the spirit of the upcoming event, Mizuki secretly wants to partner with Sano. And just when she thought she was getting used to being a guy, the event committee pulled out another surprise.

Chapter 61

Under all the activity, something's fishy is going on with that girl, Juri, which seem to involve petty tricks and mean looks. On the night before the ball, Mizuki made a shy request to Sano.

Volume 12

Chapter 62

It's the Christmas Ball at St. Blossoms Girls' School. Mizuki had really been looking forward to it but an unidentified rival had stained her dress! Would she still be able to dance with Sano tonight?

Chapter 63

It's the winter break and most of everybody's going home for the holidays. Stuck in the dorms, Nanba had just been given free tickets to a day on an ice-skating rink and invited Mizuki and her friends to join him.

Chapter 64

Mizuki was called to come back home to America! Is it an emergency? This chapter introduces the Ashiya family and the life Mizuki had growing up in Berkeley, California.

Chapter 65

Gilbert, the boy who rescued her when she once tried to run away from home, was Mizuki's first crush. He had come to spend the New Year's party with her family. It's been quite a while since they last met...

Chapter 66

In a twist of fate, Sano and Nakatsu are having a school trip to UC Berkeley and they bumped into Mizuki! How will she cope around them when they think she's a boy and everybody else knows that she's a girl?

Chapter 67

In return for their help, Mizuki's dad invited her Japanese friends over for dinner. Never before had the risk gotten so high about her secret boys' school life! Mizuki begged Gilbert for assistance.

Volume 13

Chapter 68

Mizuki's broke! Luckily, Akiha-san's looking for an assistant to help Ebi around the photo studio. Meanwhile, Sano's a bit aggravated by what Gilbert last said to him.

Chapter 69

Being an assistant in a photo shoot is no walk in the park. Trouble already on the first day, Mizuki discovered that not only is Alex a highly professional supermodel, he's also a big jerk!

Chapter 70

Akiha-san wouldn't let Mizuki defend Ebi from Alex's wrath. Pouring her frustrations into her cleaning work, Mizuki accidentally found an old locket on the floor. Is it Alex's?

Chapter 71

At school, Sano had made some new achievements in his high jump. This prompted Mizuki to work even harder in her job. Eventually, she realized that Alex's schedule in Japan was tight because he's searching for someone...

Chapter 72

Oscar M. Himejima is the Dorm-Three Leader and head of the school's drama club. While beauty and theatrical acting are the centre of his character, he also has a pair of younger twin brothers who idolize him.

Chapter 73

It was from bad experience that when Kayashima Taiki first entered Ohsaka Academy as a freshman, he wasn't enthusiastic about making friends. But with a roommate like Nakatsu, there was no avoiding having friends.

Volume 14

Chapter 74

Because of some renovations being made, students of Dorm-One would have to move into the other two dorms for some time. Thus, Mizuki now had to hide her identity from two roommates!

Chapter 75

After the near mishap with Kadoma, Umeda drilled into Mizuki a sterner warning about keeping her secret a priority. But it was Sano who was most provoked by Mizuki's carelessness.

Chapter 76

An irritated Sano nearly forced Mizuki into a kiss! Since then, they both avoided the incident for the sake of acting normally in front of Kadoma and the others but this act puts a strain on their relationship.

Chapter 77

12 years ago, Umeda Hokuto was an Ohsaka Academy student when he encountered fellow classmate and class-leader, Kijima Ryoichi. While everyone is in awe of the 'perfect student', only Umeda saw his true self.

Chapter 78

Kijima and Umeda became well-suited partners in organizing the upcoming school festival. But slowly, Umeda's curiousity about Kijima started to give way to a deeper feeling.

Chapter 79

Because of Masato's fraility, Kijima made himself as his caretaker. But while most people see it as a gesture of a loving adopted brother, Umeda knew that it was not the child who needed Kijima...

Volume 15

Chapter 80

Every since that near-kiss incident, Mizuki started to feel even more nervous around Sano... and more curious about his feelings toward her as well.

Chapter 81

Sano doesn't know for how long he could suppress his feelings for Mizuki, especially since Nakatsu had noticed something. What would Nakatsu do now? Also a long-time rival returns with some shocking news.

Chapter 82

A rising high jump star is rumoured to have emerged in Hokkaido and his name is Sano Shin! Without a doubt, Sano believes that his brother would want to compete in the national competitions.


Nakatsu isn't behaving his usual carefree self for some reason and everybody notices this. Sano thinks that it's his fault that his best friend is acting all confused.

Chapter 84

Nakatsu suspects that Sano feels the same way about Mizuki as he does. After an encounter with Umeda and Nanba, he decided to not let those feelings get in the way of his friendship with Sano.

Chapter 85

Stating to Sano about his wish to keep their friendship, Nakatsu was relieved to see that Sano wanted the same. After watching them both interacts as usual, Mizuki wondered what had caused their previous rift.

Volume 16

Chapter 86

When Mizuki had injured her hand, Nakatsu noisily dragged her to Umeda's clinic. Meanwhile, the returning Kinuko informed Mizuki of an upcoming friendly sports exhibition competition.

Chapter 87

Kagurazaka helped Mizuki and Nakatsu sneak into the exhibition, where Sano and Shin bumped into each other! How will these two estranged brothers face each other as competitive high jumpers?

Chapter 88

It's going to be a three-way face off between Sano, Kagurazaka and Shin in the high jump! Mizuki is eager to witness this suspenseful battle and so she snuck in once again into Toukyou Academy...

Chapter 89

To Mizuki's joy and relief, the Sano brothers seemed to be getting along nicely. But then she received some startling information that could tear apart the reunited siblings.

Chapter 90

When he saw Mizuki feeling depressed after seeing Sano had a fight with his brother, Nakatsu cheered her up. After a trip to Umeda and Akiha-san, Mizuki wondered what she could do to help Sano.

Chapter 91

Even Kagurazaka could see that Sano was out of sorts for some reason and this affected the latter's practise. Wanting to know more but not wishing to disturb him, Mizuki approached Shin instead.

Volume 17

Chapter 92

Though Mizuki managed to help Sano feel better by talking about it, knowing about his unsolved problems had caused her to become uneasy about what's going to happen next.

Chapter 93

Former high jump Olympian, Sano Takehiko, had been invited to the exhibition. Sano was quietly furious to find him unchanged but he vowed not to let his issues with his father affect his relationship with his brother, Shin.

Chapter 94

Sano is now more determined than ever to excel on the athletics field during the exhibition. But his father, what is he really up to? Mizuki then caught Shin trespassing into Ohsaka Academy's grounds...

Chapter 95

Goaded by his father's presence and his actions, Sano would not allow himself to ever show weakness. But as his grip on his temper slowly eroded, Sano saw that someone else was taking care of Mizuki now.

Chapter 96

After accidentally bumping into Sano Takehiko, Mizuki discovered that the man Sano hates had been hiding some regrets of his own. So what's the real story between father and son?

Chapter 97

Mizuki eventually put together the pieces of the family's troubled history. She tried to explain to Sano but the grudging wound within the latter was far too painful. In the end, Nakatsu offered Mizuki his shoulder...

Volume 18

Chapter 98

Hearing Nakatsu's declaration after Sano's outburst had made Mizuki's emotions to hit rock-bottom. Ashamed, Sano himself continued to immerse into the competitions but then Shin mentioned something.

Chapter 99

Despite his growing successes, Sano could only think of Mizuki. Nervous as she was to see Sano again since that last encounter, Mizuki met up with Shin. But something terrible had suddenly occurred...

Chapter 100

Hana Kimi's 100th chapter! The 3 Dorm Leaders have organized a treasure hunt game to fill in the last days of the winter break holiday. Dorm-Two have recruited Kayashima in the team.

Chapter 101

Ichijo Noboru of Dorm-Three, who claims to be Kayashima's equal in the mystic arts, declares that he'll use his 'divine' ferrets to win the game. Still, Kayashima is undaunted as the team looks for clues.

Chapter 102

The last 3 teams of the hunting game had each been given separate clues that point to only one thing... and one person! Would Mizuki and her friends outwit Ichijo and his ferrets for the win?

Chapter 103

It's been years yet how long are Sano Izumi and Sano Takehiko going to stay distant from each other? An unexpected incident had befallen upon one of them but will the other make peace before it's too late?

Chapter 104

Mizuki was so happy that the Sano family were slowly coming together again that she burst into tears. After Sekime confirmed some interesting news to the gang, Mizuki wondered about Nakatsu's feelings.

Volume 19

Chapter 105

The exhibition competition continues! Sano, Shin and Kagurazaka are in the semi-finals but there can only be one winner. Beneath their new-found playful rivalry, these top high jumpers mean business.

Chapter 106

The battle heats up for the last two high jump competitors and the conclusion is no less suspenseful than the way it had begun. As the sports meet draws to a closure, Sano made a confession to Mizuki.

Chapter 107

For the success of the sports exhibition, Dorm-Two is organizing a party, despite Sano's objections. While Mizuki is grappling with a new issue in mind, Sekime asked for Sano's opinion with a problem of his.

Chapter 108

Sekime's conflict in the athletics and in love caused Mizuki to dwell deeply on the current state of her relationship with Sano. If only she realized that Sano was thinking of the same thing...

Chapter 109

When Nakatsu bumped into Mizuki and Sano on the way home, he invited them along to his favourite okonomiyaki restaurant, where he closely observed how clueless the two of them are about each other.

Chapter 110

Feeling better after visiting Umeda, Mizuki then encountered and gave assistance to the most unusual lady ever to enter Ohsaka Academy's grounds... Nakatsu's mother! Nakatsu's mother came to Ohsaka Academy's grounds to have a meeting and also to meet his son who never had come home after he attend the Academy. Since Nakatsu's mother lost her purse, Nanba-Senpai allowed her to sleep in the dorm for a couple of days.

Chapter 111

After spending one night in Dorm-Two, Mrs. Nakatsu made herself quite friendly with the rest of the guys, much to her son's embarrassment. But really, what's her reason for coming here?

Volume 20

Chapter 112

It turns out, Mrs. Nakatsu had come to offer an ultimatum to her son. Knowing Nakatsu's dream of becoming a soccer star, Mizuki felt concerned and she approached the subject to Io for advice.

Chapter 113

Mizuki was worried about Nakatsu and his mother because she cared a lot about him as a friend. Yet because of this, she wondered if she's doing the right thing to Sano by hiding these feelings.

Chapter 114

Only after hearing Mizuki confess about Nakatsu did Sano realize how much being uncertain of her had bothered him. Seeing that Sano was hiding his upset, Mizuki wondered if he had discovered something of her secret.

Chapter 115

Secretly, Nakatsu is depressed about going against his mother's wishes for his future but Sano managed to cheer him up a bit. After Mizuki had told him what had happened, Umeda was incensed at her intepretation of Sano's words.

Chapter 116

Catching Nakatsu and his mother having a serious discussion, Mizuki and Sano snuck into hiding to eavesdrop on their conversation. Very quickly they both realize just how forceful Mrs. Nakatsu could be.

Chapter 117

Feeling more relieved, Nakatsu thanks Mizuki and Sano for their concern. Since Nanba is going to graduate soon, he's taking most of his time off to mingle with his juniors, including Nakao, his stalwart admirer.

Chapter 118

Mizuki could guess the feeling that Nakao was having, being in love with Nanba even though it could never be mutual. She later met with Io, who told her that it was natural for her to feel and behave 'girlish'.

Chapter 119

Between the graduation rehersals, the school is abuzz at the upcoming Valentine's Day. Nakao decides to confess his feelings to Nanba on that day, dragging Mizuki into a candy shop to help him buy chocolates.

Volume 21

Chapter 120

Even though Nakao had prepared himself for Nanba's answer, he was still grateful to have Mizuki beside him. This prompted Mizuki to waver on her part about giving Sano her chocolates...

Chapter 121

A small runaway girl named Miku showed up at the park, calling for her long lost dog. She's Yuujiro's previous owner! Even so, the distraction did not diminish the heavy weight of Sano's reply in Mizuki's heart.

Chapter 122

As the rest of the class recover from the aftermath of Valentine's Day, Kayashima shared some bowling tickets with the others. When Mizuki found herself teamed up with Sano for a match, her growing nervousness escalated.

Chapter 123

While everybody is having fun bowling, Mizuki could not stop thinking about that moment in the park with Sano. Despite all that, she was having a great time... until she found herself alone with Sano again.

Chapter 124

Mizuki gathered her courage to ask Sano about what exactly he had meant about his answer to receiving her Valentine chocolates. Feeling troubled, Sano firmly decides to get straight to the point.

Chapter 125

Instead of being reassured, the declaration had brought both Sano and Mizuki into a forced stalemate and left the latter even more confused because she had been hiding her true gender.

Chapter 126

Though life continued as normal on the surface, the thought of Sano possibly hating her had killed Mizuki's resolve to reveal to him her identity.

Chapter 127

They have finally exchanged feelings for one another after so long but Mizuki have yet to reveal her final secret to Sano. As long as this still stands between them, she could never be truly happy.

Chapter 128

Mizuki returned to practise karate under Kujou to build up her courage to confess to Sano. Seeing that she was still tensed, Sano did not force her on anything.

Chapter 129

Trouble! Dorm-One Leader Tennouji had just witnessed a GIRL changing clothes in the gym equipment's warehouse! Just to confirm that it wasn't a trick or an illusion, the 3 Dorm Leaders plan a stakeout.

Volume 22

Chapter 130

Mizuki is called forward to face the 3 Dorm Leaders over a suspicious incident; her true gender has been discovered by the first dorm leader. Nanba is asked by the other two dorm leaders to talk to Mizuki since it would be much easier.

Chapter 131

After suffering the secret she kept from Sano, the two of them are finally able to get rid of the fence between them. But the next problem is waiting beyond the door of the student's council room.

Chapter 132

In her defense, Sano says that coming to Ohsaka Academy was Mizuki's wish and he wishes to help her fufill it. In the end, the three dorm leaders make up an agreement in which Mizuki is allowed to stay in Ohsaka Academy. Relieved by that, they head back to the dinner where Sano carries Mizuki on his back.

Chapter 133

As the school prepares for the graduation ceremony for the seniors, Sano and Mizuki are trying to overcome a slight barrier of awkwardness. Meanwhile, a small gossip begins to form in St. Blossoms Girls' School...

Chapter 134

Mizuki wants to behave more like a girl whenever she's alone with Sano but some old habits die hard. Sano, on the other hand, discovers that Nanba can be extremely irritating. Unknown to them both, someone has been spreading rumours...

Chapter 135

A flood of whisperings have filled the boys' school about a girl posing as a student. This nearly chokes Mizuki on her breakfast. Who could have started it? Had someone else seen her?

Volume 23

Chapter 136

The truth that Mizuki is a girl was a secret that wasn't supposed to go beyond the 3 Dorm Leaders. But what about the rumour? Though many were joking about it, Mizuki obviously didn't think it's funny.

Chapter 137

The sophomores are busy for their part in the graduation event coming soon and they all want to make it memorable for their seniors who are leaving. Mizuki thought of an idea for the project.

Chapter 138

For extra pictures, the film group is taking photo shots of the ordinary daily activities of boarding school students. As they invaded the dormitories, Sano is reminded of how dense Mizuki could be of the danger.

Chapter 139

Other than the incident in Dorm-One's public bathrooms, Mizuki felt more grateful than ever to Sano for keeping her safe all this time. She asked Sano about his future after school and his reply made her wonder about her own.

Chapter 140

Just as the rumours of a female student was still flying about at school, Mizuki got herself injured at the worst possible moment and at the worst possible place...

Chapter 141

Though she was happy to have Nakatsu's support, Mizuki felt the eyes of the other students upon her as she and Sano returned to their dorms. The rumour had become more widespread than she initially thought.

Chapter 142

Although even as two of her best friends avoided her, Nanba told her to keep her head up and take precautions. As the malicious whisperings continued, it was from a most unexpected ally who took a stand on her behalf.

Chapter 143

Ever since she came to Japan, Mizuki had been both cute friend and fellow classmate to everybody of Class 2-C and they loved her for being herself. But the school administration may not be as agreeable.

Chapter 144

Months ago, Ashiya Mizuki made a decision to disguised herself as a boy and to meet Sano Izumi, the man who is now by her side. This time, he whispered a promise of his own to her as the whole of Ohsaka Academy wished her good luck.


Hana Kimi Special Ending

Ashiya Mizuki and Sano Izumi had been invited to the wedding of their great friend and former Ohsaka Academy classmate! It's the reunion of all the favourite characters and their lives since the end of the series.

Hana Kimi Kayashima Chapter

Kayashima Taiki, with his ability to sense auras, immediately knew from the start that Ashiya Mizuki is a girl posing in an all boys' school.

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