Midnapore, Alberta

Midnapore, Alberta

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established_date = 1977
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established_date2 = 1961
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population_total = 7276
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website = [http://www.calgarycommunities.com/communities/midsun.php Midnapore Community Association]
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Midnapore is a community within the city of Calgary in the province of Alberta, Canada.

It was once its own town with its own train station, but as Calgary grew larger, it was annexed into being part of that city in 1961. Midnapore was established as a neighbourhood in 1977. It is bounded to the north and east by Fish Creek Provincial Park, to the south by Sun Valley Boulevard and to the west by Macleod Trail.

Nearby Fish-Creek Lacombe station of the C-Train, located along Macleod Trail, is designed with the former Midnapore train station in mind, it is an active replica that it used as part of Calgary's Light Rail Transit system.


Midnapore has a mall, the Midnapore Mall, a community centre that it shares with the adjacent community of Sundance, as well as many fast food restaurants including McDonalds, Wendy's, Tim Hortons, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut. The community also has its own man-made lake which is popular with residents in the summer as well as winter as its provides a skating rink and toboggan hill. Some houses in Midnapore border onto the lake and towards the northern part of the community, houses border onto Fish Creek Provincial Park. It is not uncommon to see wildlife such as deer, foxes and coyotes wandering around this area of the community.

Midnapore also has a large business section with a Re/Max office, Tri-Services station (police, EMS and Fire), Wingate Inn, Beverly Centre elderly facility, a private elementary and junior high school, Kingdom Hall of Jehovah Witness's, and offices for H & R Block, Genstar, and a medical clinic. Midnapore has two elementary schools: Mother Teresa (separate-Catholic) and Midnapore Elementary. Midnapore is also the home to St. Mary's University College and Father Lacombe Nursing Home. Midnapore is served by a number of transit bus routes that feed to Somerset-Bridlewood, Shawnessy, and Fish-Creek Lacombe train stations.


In 2006 the neighbourhood had a population of 7,276.Cite web| url= http://www.calgary.ca/DocGallery/BU/cityclerks/popcomparisonbycomm.pdf | author= City of Calgary | title= Community Population Comparison | year=2006 | accessdate= 2007-05-11] Residents in this community had a median household income of $62,067 in 2000, and there were 10% low income residents living in the neighborhood.Cite web| url= http://www.calgary.ca/docgallery/bu/cns/community_social_statistics/ward_14_profile.pdf | title=Ward 14 Profile| author=City of Calgary| year=2004| accessdate= 2007-05-11] As of 2000, 12.3% of the residents were immigrants. A proportion of 14.3% of the buildings were condominiums or apartments, and 25.8% of the housing was used for renting.Cite web| url= http://www.calgary.ca/docgallery/bu/cns/community_social_statistics/midnapore.pdf| title= Midnapore Community Statistics| author= City of Calgary | year= 2006 | accessdate= 2007-05-11]


The community is served by Midnapore Elementary and Fish Creek Elementary public schools, as well as by Mother Teresa of Calcutta Elementary and Father James Whelihan Elementary and Junior High (catholic).

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* List of neighbourhoods in Calgary


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* [http://www.calgarycommunities.com/communities/midsun.php Midnapore-Sundance community association]

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