Antelope (disambiguation)

Antelope (disambiguation)

Antelope are herbivorous mammals.

Antelope may also refer to:

In geography:

* Antelope, California, United States
* Antelope, Montana, United States
* Antelope, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
* Antelope, Oregon, United States
* Antelope, South Dakota, United States
* Antelope, Texas, United States
* Antelope, Wyoming, United States

In zoology:

* Antelope Jackrabbit, a species of North American jackrabbit
* Antelope squirrel, the genus Ammospermophilus
* Pronghorn antelope, the only surviving member of the family Antilocapridae


*, twelve ships of the Royal Navy
*, three ships of the United States Navy
* "Antelope" (packet ship), the first European ship to contact Palau
* "Antelope" (passenger train), a regular revenue train of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway
* Antelope (Eagle class), a 4-4-0 saddle tank broad gauge locomotive

In other fields:

* Running Antelope, one of four Hunkpapa Sioux chiefs who advised Sitting Bull

ee also

* Antelope Acres
* Antelope Canyon
* Antelope County
* Antelope Hills
* Antelope horns
* Antelope Mine
* Antelope Valley

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