Infobox Weapon
name= L98A2 Cadet GP

origin=flagcountry|United Kingdom
type= Assault rifle
service= UK Cadet Forces
manufacturer= Heckler & Koch/Royal Small Arms Factory
cartridge=5.56x45mm NATO
caliber= 5.56 mm
action= Gas-operated, rotating bolt
velocity= 940 m/s
range= 500m
feed= Various STANAG Magazines.
The L98A2 Cadet GP Rifle is a development for UK cadet forces. It is intended to be similar to the SA80A2 used by Her Majesty's Armed Forces but with the automatic capability removed but still maintaining the gas parts and the ability to fire semi-automatic. This is a step-up from the L98A1 currently used which is a single shot ability rifle.

Deliveries are expected to start around September 2008, with Combined Cadet Force units receiving the weapons first, followed by the Army Cadet Force, Air Training Corps and Sea Cadet Corps.

L98A2, the L98 Replacement

Reason behind the replacement of the current L98A1?

The L98A1 is based upon the L85A1, which is no longer used after being superseded by the L85A2, and so spares and qualified armourers are few in number. The rifle itself is plagued with problems; it is not robust enough, and cannot be fitted with a Blank Firing Attachment (BFA). The replacement rifle will be semi-automatic, eliminating the need to recock after every round fired. The weapon will not be capable of automatic fire and will not have a change lever. The large cocking handle extension of the Cadet GP will not appear on the A2 rifle. The working parts will be redesigned in accordance with the adaptations made by HK to the L85. This will reduce the number of stoppages for which this weapon is renowned, especially in wet weather.

What is the L98A2?

The L98A2 will be a new bulid by Heckler & Koch for cadet usageFact|date=September 2008. The rifle will have gas parts, but will not have a change lever , and will be slightly modified internally. The appearance will be very similar to the L85A2.

When will they be issued to the cadet forces?

The L98A2 will roll out within the next few months to Combined Cadet Force contingents with the process finishing by June 2009. The main reason for the delayed transition from the L98A1 to L98A2 for the cadet forces is that Heckler & Koch have a commitment to the various armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan to provide weapons, so serving personnel take an obvious priority.

Instructors are beginning training on the L98A2 presently.

Latest News

!! I would appreciate if others could add progress news !!

There is an A2 coming in 08/09, the cadet forces have signed contracts and been given budgets for the conversions.

April 08: Some CCF contingents are expecting delivery of a 'new rifle' within the next few months.In November 08 Eastern Area Sea Cadets are probably going to get the rifle.

August 08: Hants & IoW ACF are expecting the A2 to be arriving around December/January.

The issue of the L98A2 has just started as of September 2008Fact|date=September 2008. The weapons are going to be issued to the counties in the north of the country first and then the issue will be by counties heading south. Full issue should be done by June 2009Fact|date=September 2008.

South West London ACF have February 09 as the arrival date for the new weapon Fact|date=September 2008.

Royal Marine Cadets in London Area are getting the new weapons delivered October 2008 Fact|date=September 2008.Heres some more news, I've seen a few of the current issue weapons fitted with the new A2 Front Grips which are marked for the L98A2, so it looks like theres spare parts already being used.

Dundee and Central Scotland Wing, Air Training Corps, are due to see the arrival of the L98A2 around February 2008Fact|date=September 2008.

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