Watumull Institute of Electronic Engineering and Computer Technology

Watumull Institute of Electronic Engineering and Computer Technology

Infobox University
name = Watumull Institute of Electronic Engineering and Computer Technology

established = 1984
type = University of Mumbai (Bombay)
city = Worli, Mumbai
state = Maharashtra
country = India
undergrad = 1,200(approx)
faculty = 200
website = http://www.watumull.edu
The Watumull Institute of Electronic Engineering and Computer Technology is an engineering college in Worli, a neighbourhood of Mumbai, India. The college, set to receive an 'A' grade from the N.A.A.C., is constantly ranked as one of the best engineering colleges affiliated to the Mumbai University. It has been approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)

WIEECT was specifically established in 1984 as post graduate three year integrated engineering degree B.Sc.(Tech) for B.Sc.(Physics/Maths/Electronics) student. Since 1984 this institute produced excellent technocrates who created WIEECT's identity in top notch industries in India and abroad.

From year 2004 onwards WIEECT offers a four year bachelor of engineering courses in Computer, Electronics & Telecommunication, Bio-medical and Instrumentation streams. Its active student community hosts branches of several professional societies including IEEE, CSI, IETE, ISA etc.


The Watumull Institute of Electronic Engineering and Computer Technology is located at Worli, a posh locality in south Mumbai. It has an incredible location, with its imposing structure towering over the Arabian Sea.

Getting Admission

Students can join the college for the First Engineering (F.E.) batch, based on the following two criteria,
a) A high score in the MHT-CET (for Maharashtra students)
b) A high score in the AIEEE (for others).
Watumull also has SE admission for diploma holders (D.E.).


The Watumull Institute has a highly qualified team of professors and lecturers. The present Principal of the Institute is Mrs. [http://www.watumull.edu/index_files/Page1695.htm Sandhya Desai] .For the entire list of faculty members, click [http://www.watumull.edu/index_files/Page1051.htm here]



The Watumull Institute functions from a single eight-storey building, which is currently undergoing renovation and plans are afoot to add another two floors to the buillding for additional laboratories and other facilities.


The college has no open grounds. However, it does have other sporting facilities for playing Table Tennis, football, cricket and carrom.


The Watumull library provides a vast collection of books and periodicals, which include university prescribed text books and reference material. It is one of the best libraries associated with the Mumbai University. The library subscribes to all major technical journals and magazines and some major non-technical magazines as well. The library has recently been digitally catalogued, thereby making it simpler to locate a book. Apart from books, the college also has thousands of CDs and DVDs pertaining to engineering.



The Electronics & Telecommunication Department comprises 8 Laboratories -
* Electronics Lab
* Digital & Microprocessor
* Communication
* Image processing
* Microwave & Fiber optics
* Digital Signal processing
* Industrial Electronics
* Basic Electrical & Electronics

All the Laboratories are well equipped with the Advanced Experiment Setups as required by the university.
Software such as OrCAD & MATLAB, circuit makers, all analog & digital electronics equipment & components , electrical machines, electronic & digital communication apparatus, antenna based experiments, etc. are provided by the college.


The Computer Department comprises 4 Laboratories
* Hardware Laboratory
* Graphics Laboratory
* Design Laboratory
* Programming Laboratory

All the laboratories are fully equipped with Sun machines, P4 machines, Local Area Network, Internet connection. Using OS like SUSE Linux 10.0, Solaris 10, Windows XP and now Windows Vista.

Software packages like Oracle 10g, OpenGL, Java, XML, etc. are available to the students. The computers are all strictly firewalled and monitored to prevent anti-social activities.


Biomedical Department has relevant systems based on Biomedical Engineering.
* Ultrasound machine(Wipro GE): Watumull college being the "first" one to have it.
* Arrhythmia Simulator
* Cardiac monitor
* ECG and EEG machine
* Surgical diathermy machine
* Shortwave diathermy
* pH meter
* Ultrasonic therapy units
* Haemometer
* Nerve stimulator
* Defibrillator
* Pulmonary function analyzer
* Conductivity meter
* Pressure sensor
* Sensors like LDR


Instrumentation Department has relevant systems based on process measurement and control line
* Flow process trainer
* Festo pneumatic trainer
* Simulation Software for hydraulic, pneumatic system
* Microprocessor trainer kits
* Microcontroller trainer kits
* Heat exchanger systems
* PID controllers and trainers
* LVDT trainers
* Sensors of different types like loadcell, strainguage, Temperative sensors, pressure sensor etc.The Instrumentation Laboratories are well equipped with computers also.


The construction of a world-class auditorium, seating over 2000 people is currently under-way on the ground floor of Watumull.


Here are a few of the societies in Watumull:
* [http://www.ieeewatts.org] IEEE-WATTS
* RSW (Robotics Society of Watumull)
* CSW (Cultural Society of Watumull)


Watumull holds an annual festival, ENSEMBLE, which highlights the achievements of the college and its students. It is generally held after the conclusion of the first term of the year. It consists of events like rappeling, wall-climbing, robotics, a virtual stock exchange, mock detective games, treasure hunts,base games, crystal mazes and various personality contests.

External links

* [http://www.watumull.edu/ Official site]

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