N64 Passport

N64 Passport
N64 Passport Plus III by EMS

The N64 Passport is an adapter cartridge for the Nintendo 64 video game console that was released by EMS [1]. Games for the N64 console have region lockout which prevents, for example, a European game running on a North American or Japanese system. The N64 Passport cartridge sits in between the system and the game allowing players to play games from different regions.[2] It requires a 'boot' cartridge (of the same region as the system being used) slotted into the back of it, and a game from a different region on the top. There are three different versions, with the N64 Passport Plus III being the final version released. The 'Plus' versions also have an Action Replay which allows custom cheat codes to be used.

Even though this allows certain PAL region version games (European games) to work on NTSC televisions and N64 consoles (and vice versa), certain games have an additional lockout screen that says, "Sorry, this Game Pak is not intended for use on this system." or "This game is not designed for use on this system." which the Passport Plus can't pass, even with the normal boot codes. Some of these special games that don't work with the Passport are:

  • Taz Express
  • Bust A Move 3 DX
  • Premier Manager 64
  • F-1 World Grand Prix II
  • Michael Owen's World League Soccer 2000
  • Worms Armageddon

Their other N64 product the GB Hunter, also has a cheat code type setup, which is called the "Golden Finger".


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