Finnish Armoured Division

Finnish Armoured Division

The Finnish Armoured Division (Finnish: "Panssaridivisioona", PsD or Ps. D) was a Finnish armoured division during the Continuation War.


The Finnish Supreme headquarters ordered the foundation of an armoured division on 28 June 1942 and the actual foundation was on 30 June 1942. The division consisted of the newly formed Armoured Brigade and the old (1st) Jaeger Brigade. The Cavalry Brigade was also part of the division until January 1943. The division artillery consisted of the 14th Heavy Artillery Battalion. The division commander was Major General Ruben Lagus. During most of the war, the division was located at Petrozavodsk, but in the spring of 1944 it was moved to the Karelian Isthmus to form the reserve of the headquarters.


*Battle of Kuuterselkä
*Battle of Tali-Ihantala
*Battle of Vuosalmi

Order of battle 1944

* HQ of the Armoured Division
** Armoured Brigade
*** 1st Armoured Battalion (T-26, T-26E), Armoured car company with FAIS and BA-10s
*** 2nd Armoured Battalion (T-26, T-26E, heavy company with KV-1s, T-28s and T-34s)
*** Armoured AA Battery (Landsverk Anti II)
*** Assault Gun Battalion (StuG IIIG)
*** Armoured Training Battalion (older types and a few T-26s)
** Jaeger Brigade
*** 2nd Jaeger Battalion
*** 3rd Jaeger Battalion
*** 4th Jaeger Battalion
*** 5th Jaeger Battalion
*** Armoured Jaeger Battalion (towed 50 mm and 75 mm AT guns)
** 14th Heavy Artillery Battalion
** 6th Signals Battalion
** 2nd Pioneer Battalion
** Separate Armour Company (BT-42)


The Armoured Division was disbanded during the Lapland War on 30 December 1944.


* Jäntti, Lauri: "Kannaksen suurtaisteluissa kesällä 1944 - "Kesäsodan" taustaa, tapahtumia ja lähikuvia patterinpäällikön näkökulmasta, 3. painos", WSOY, 1956
* [ Robert Brantberg: Tank General Ruben Lagus]

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