Queen's Truncheon

Queen's Truncheon

The Queen's Truncheon is a ceremonial staff carried by the Royal Gurkha Rifles that serves as the equivalent of and is carried as the Colour. It is made of bronze and silver. The top represents the minaret of Delhi Palace with three Goorkhas standing on it supporting the Queen's crown above their heads. The minaret contains a pair of crossed kukris and carries the inscription "Main Picqet Hindoo Rao's House, Delhi 1857". The Truncheon is a unique emblem upon which recruits swear allegiance to the Regiment and the crown.

The Truncheon was awarded to the Sirmoor Gorkha Battalion for its service in the relief of Delhi during the Indian Mutiny. The Sirmoor Battalion eventually became the 2nd King Edward VII's Own Gurkha Rifles (The Sirmoor Rifles), retaining possession of the Truncheon until 1994, when it was amalgamated with the other three British Gurkha regiments as the Royal Gurkha Rifles. The new regiment took possession of the Truncheon on permanent loan from the 2nd Gurkhas, and maintains the tradition of using it in place of Colours.

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* [http://www2.army.mod.uk/brigade_of_gurkhas/rgr/index.htm Royal Gurkha Rifles] , Ministry of Defence website

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