2006-07 PBA Philippine Cup Finals

2006-07 PBA Philippine Cup Finals

The 2006-07 PBA Philippine Cup Finals was the championship series of the 2006-07 PBA season's 2006-07 PBA Philippine Cup of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA). The series was a best of seven affair and was the 92nd championship disputed in the league. The teams competing are first-seed Barangay Ginebra Kings and the second-seed San Miguel Beermen, two of the four San Miguel Corporation-owned teams.

San Miguel won the first two games of the series, with Game 2 going down the wire; Ginebra then won the next two games with 30-point leads. On the pivotal fifth game, the Beermen faltered on the end game as the Kings lead the series for the first time. With their backs against the wall, San Miguel managed to lead with a big margin on Game 6 but the Kings cut the lead and eventually came from behind to win the game, and their seventh championship, with Ginebra point guard Jayjay Helterbrand winning Finals Most Valuable Player honors.


*Barangay Ginebra Kings
**Finished tied for first with San Miguel at the elimination round; tied broken over games between tied teams with a points difference of +1 in favor of Barangay Ginebra.
**Earned bye up to the semifinals.
**Won semifinals against Talk 'N Text, 4-2.
*San Miguel Beermen
**Finished tied for first with Barangay Ginebra at the elimination round; tied broken over games between tied teams with a points difference of +1 in favor of Barangay Ginebra.
**Earned bye up to the semifinals.
**Won semifinals against Red Bull, 4-3.


an Miguel Beermen

Barangay Ginebra Kings

San Miguel's Danny Seigle is the younger brother of Ginebra's Andy Seigle. Both Ginebra and San Miguel are owned by San Miguel Corporation (SMC). Ginebra coach Jong Uichico was San Miguel's coach when they've last won the championship; Uichico was transferred to Ginebra when Chot Reyes was hired by SMC as the new Beermen coach, after Reyes coached the SMC-backed national team and the Coca-Cola Tigers, another SMC-owned PBA team. Siot Tanquincen, Ginebra's head coach, was demoted to assistant coach capacity; he was previously Uichico's assistant at San Miguel.

eries scoring summary

Game summaries

Game 1

date = February 9, 2007
time = 19:30
report =
team1 = Barangay Ginebra Kings
score1 = 94
score2 = 118"'
Q1 = 23-29
Q2 = 19-33
Q3 = 30-27
Q4 = 22-29
team2 = "'San Miguel Beermen
points1 = Caguioa 30, Hatfield 22, Tubid 12, Abarrientos 12, Helterbrand 6, Salvacion 5, Reavis 4, Mamaril 2, Macapagal 1, Holper 0, Seigle 0
points2 = Tugade 27, Seigle 22, Peña 18, Tenorio 12, Calaguio 10, Wilson 7, Racela 7, Hontiveros 6, Adducul 5, Espinas 2, Gonzales 2
place = Araneta Coliseum, Quezon City
series = San Miguel leads series, 1-0.
Prior to the game, the new perpetual trophy was presented.

The Beermen had an unconventional starting lineup, with Olsen Racela sitting on the bench being replaced by L.A. Tenorio, which caused Jayjay Helterbrand's offensive game to start badly as Tenorio kept tight defense. Red Bull transferee Lordy Tugade, on his third straight Finals appearance, converted three pointers as Mark Caguioa wasn't able to get support from his teammates.

The Beermen, especially Dorian Peña were able to convert several "and one" conversions. Ginebra fell behind by 20 points by halftime and weren't able to catch up. [ [http://archive.inquirer.net/view.php?db=1&story_id=48624 Beermen strike first, whip Kings] by Musong R. Castillo, "Philippine Daily Inquirer". Published on February 10, 2007.]

Game 2


date = February 11, 2007
time = 19:00
report =
team1 = "'San Miguel Beermen
score1 = 104"'
score2 = 101
Q1 = 27-30
Q2 = 29-26
Q3 = 27-17
Q4 = 21-32
team2 = Barangay Ginebra Kings
points1 = Seigle 31, Hontiveros 22, Tugade 19, Racela 11, Tenorio 9, Adducul 5, Calaguio 3, Wilson 2, Peña 2, Espinas 0, Gonzales 0
points2 = Caguioa 32, Hatfield 20, Helterbrand 12, Reavis 10, Salvacion 7, Mamaril 6, Tubid 4, Menk 4, Abarrientos 4, Macapagal 2
place = Araneta Coliseum, Quezon City
series = San Miguel leads series, 2-0.
On the second game, the Kings managed to keep the scores close up to halftime. By the third quarter, SMB unleashed a run to lead by 14 by the end of the third quarter. The Kings, crept up to tie 99-all in the final two minutes. Danny Seigle converted a lay-up from an Olsen Racela pass to put the Beermen up, 101-99.

After a Ginebra timeout, Rafi Reavis was fouled on the inbounds play. Reavis, a poor freethrow shooter, missed both freethrows. Wilson split his own charities on the other end as the Beermen almost bungled a 2-0 series lead. [ [http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/inquirerheadlines/sports/view_article.php?article_id=48858 Beermen take 2-0 lead: Unconventional play helps SMB nip Ginebra] by Musong R. Castillo, Philippine Daily Inquirer. Published on February 11, 2007, accessed April 25, 2007.]

Game 3


date = February 14, 2007
time = 19:00
report =
team1 = "'Barangay Ginebra Kings
score1 = 131"'
score2 = 101
Q1 = 23-26
Q2 = 33-29
Q3 = 43-26
Q4 = 32-20
team2 = San Miguel Beermen
points1 = Hatfield 28, Caguioa 26, Tubid 19, Helterbrand 14, Reavis 13, Menk 12, Salvacion 9, Abarrientos 6, Holper 2, Mamaril 2, Macapagal 0
points2 = Seigle 26, Tugade 25, Wilson 10, Racela 10, Tenorio 8, Calaguio 8, Peña 7, Hontiveros 5, Adducul 2, Espinas 0, Gonzales 0
place = Cuneta Astrodome, Pasay City
series = San Miguel leads series, 2-1.
Ginebra outclassed San Miguel as the Kings notched their first win in the series with a 30-point blowout held at the Cuneta Astrodome as the Araneta Coliseum was used for a Valentine's Day concert.

Ginebra outscored San Miguel 43-26 in the third quarter in which the Kings pulled away for good as six Kings scored in double figures. The Kings prevented a San Miguel series sweep as they stopped a two-game losing streak. [ [http://www.philstar.com/philstar/show_content.asp?article=302197 Back-in-form Kings overwhelm Beermen] by Nelson Beltran, The "Philippine Star". Published February 15, 2007, accessed April 25, 2007]

Game 4


date = February 16, 2007
time = 19:00
report =
team1 = San Miguel Beermen
score1 = 111
score2 = 146"'
Q1 = 24-32
Q2 = 25-39
Q3 = 29-45
Q4 = 33-30
team2 = "'Barangay Ginebra Kings
points1 = Caguioa 25, Helterbrand 21, Salvacion 20, Menk 15, Hatfield 14, Abarrientos 11, Tubid 9, Macapagal 8, Mamaril 7, Reavis 7, Holper 5, Seigle 4
points2 = Hontiveros 20, Seigle 18, Peña 18, Calaguio 15, Racela 10, Ildefonso 6, Adducul 5, Espinas 4, Tugade 4, Wilson 4, Gonzales 2
place = Araneta Coliseum, Quezon City
series = Barangay Ginebra ties series, 2-2.
Prior to the game, Mark Caguioa was named as Best Player of the Conference besting San Miguel's Danny Seigle, teammate Rudy Hatfield, Alaska's Willie Miller and Sta. Lucia's Kelly Williams.

With the game starting as a close affair, the Kings pulled away at the second quarter to finish with another blowout of the Beermen. Five technical fouls were called in the game.

Ginebra's 146 points is the most points scored by a team in a game in the current conference.

Game 5


date = February 18, 2007
time = 19:00
report =
team1 = "'Barangay Ginebra Kings
score1 = 94"'
score2 = 82
Q1 = 25-25
Q2 = 17-12
Q3 = 30-31
Q4 = 22-14
team2 = San Miguel Beermen
points1 = Caguioa 28, Helterbrand 26, Salvacion 12, Hatfield 10, Menk7, Tubid 5, Reavis 4, Mamaril 2, Abarrientos 0
points2 = Seigle 24, Tenorio 17, Hontiveros 11, Racela 10, Tugade 9, Peña 4, Adducul 3, Gonzales 2, Ildefonso 2, Wilson 0, Calaguio 0
place = Araneta Coliseum, Quezon City
series = Barangay Ginebra leads series, 3-2.
Ginebra and San Miguel broke off the three straight blowout wins as they engaged themselves in a close affair, with Ginebra mostly taking the upper hand.

By the fourth quarter, the Kings began to pull away, leading by as much as 11 points. San Miguel cut the lead, thanks to back-to-back three-pointers by Lordy Tugade. With Ginebra suing for time, and the Beermen trailing by five points, the Kings pounded the lane as the Beermen, already in the penalty situation, surrendered fouls.

The Kings converted most of their freethrow attempts as they wrestled the game and the series lead against San Miguel.

Game 6


date = February 23, 2007
time = 19:00
report =
team1 = San Miguel Beermen
score1 = 94
score2 = 96"'
Q1 = 23-22
Q2 = 23-12
Q3 = 21-27
Q4 = 27-35
team2 = "'Barangay Ginebra Kings
points1 = Hontiveros 19, Seigle 16, Racela 14, Gonzales 10, Peña 10, Tugade 9, Ildefonso 8, Adducul 5, Tenorio 3, Wilson 0
points2 = Helterbrand 20, Salvacion 18, Caguioa 17, Tubid 12, Hatfield 11, Reavis 8, Mamaril 7, Abarrientos 3, Menk 0
place = Araneta Coliseum, Quezon City
series = Barangay Ginebra wins series, 4-2.
attendance = 17,975
Facing elimination, the Beermen broke away from the tightly-contested first quarter to lead by 12 points at halftime.

Beermen Chot Reyes benched Best Player of the Conference runner-up Danny Seigle at the start of the third quarter; Ginebra then managed to cut the lead with plays from Helterbrand and Caguioa. With Ginebra rallying and the Ginebra crowd getting louder, Seigle suited back up for the Beermen at the middle of the third quarter as they managed to keep safe distance between them and the Kings.

At the start of the fourth quarter, Ginebra leaned on Johnny Abarrientos and NCAA MVP Sunday Salvacion to cut the lead; Reavis and Mamaril struggled from the foul line even though Beermen generally struggled from the field with Ginebra's zone defense. Ginebra led 92-91 but Lordy Tugade held off Ginebra's advances, with a three-pointer to lead 94-92. Salavacion, who scored eight points in the payoff period, converted a long two-pointer to tie the score, 94-all.

Dondon Hontiveros then missed a lay-up on the other end. San Miguel then grabbed the offensive rebound, with Tugade missing the three-pointer. Helterbrand, on his way out of bounds, caught the ball and called a time-out.

With Kings coach Jong Uichico drawing the play, Reyes put defensive specialist Willy Wilson into the game for the first time. After the inbounds pass, Helterbrand drove towards to the basket. Although Helterbrand missed the lay-up attempt, Wilson was called for a shooting foul, which caused Helterbrand to shoot two freethrows, with 2.9 on the clock.

Helterbrand converted both freethrows as San Miguel sued for time. On the inbounds pass, Olsen Racela passed to a tightly-guarded Tugade at the corner; Tugade missed the three-pointer; Racela rebounded the ball as time expired when his putback off the glass, which could have sent the game into overtime. [ [http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/inquirerheadlines/sports/view_article.php?article_id=51332 Gin Kings close out Beermen for crown] by Musong R. Castillo, The "Philippine Daily Inquirer". Published February 24, 2007; accessed February 24, 2007]

Finals Most Valuable Player

*Jayjay Helterbrand (Barangay Ginebra Kings)

Broadcast notes

"The PBA on ABC" broadcasted the games nationwide on primetime; The Filipino Channel will broadcast the series internationally.

Commentators included Ed Picson, Quinito Henson, and Tommy Manotoc; courtside reporters included Eric Reyes and Jason Webb.


External links

* [http://www.pba.ph Philippine Basketball Association official website]

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Conference 2=Fiesta Conference

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