Flocculus is the diminutive form of the Latin word for a tuft of wool: floccus. It can refer to:

  • Flocculus (cerebellar): Either of a pair of small lobes on the posterior border of the cerebellum, forming part of the vestibular part of the cerebellum.
  • In Astronomical Science: (Solar reference), i.e.; A solar flocculus. Flocculus (pl. flocculi) - A highly illuminated sector or region of a solar surface as seen through observation in monochrome light of a chosen spectral line, in visible, or hyperspectral wavelengths, sometimes associated with, or identified with Solar prominences. Dark flocculi typically describes the appearance of Solar prominences when viewed against the solar disk in certain wavelengths.

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  • flocculus — [fläk′yə ləs] n. pl. flocculi [fläk′yo͞olī΄, fläk′yəlī΄] [ModL, dim. < L floccus, flock of wool: see FLOCCUS] 1. a small, woolly or hairy tuft or mass 2. Anat. a small lobe on the underside of each half of the cerebellum ☆ 3. Astron. a former… …   English World dictionary

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