Poker Tour Finnkampen

Poker Tour Finnkampen

The Poker Tour Finnkampen is an annual poker tournament established in 2006.

Sweden and Finland have a long tradition of good competitions regardless if it is athletics, ice hockey or motor sports. Now with the addition of Poker the excitement is completed. The first tournament, held in Stockholm, with Finland ending up a clear winner by achieving a victory in all three competition categories; individual ranking, terminator achievement and country total player points.

The competition is played as No Limit Texas Hold’em tournaments with 100 players representing each country. For 2008 all tournaments will be held at the largest casino in Tallinn, Reval Park Hotel & Casino.

The Tournament is conducted in English, but relevant information is available in three languages:English: www.finnkampen.euSwedish: www.pokerfinnkampen.comFinnish:

Poker Tour Finnkampen Champions

*2007: Team Finland
*2007: Individual Dino Dinler, representing Finland
*2007: Terminator Dino Dinler, representing Finland

*2006: Team Finland
*2006: Individual Ilari Salasalmi, representing Finland
*2006: Terminator Martin von Zweigbergk, representing Finland

Poker Tour Finnkampen Event Winners

Event I 24-25 of May 2008
*2008-I: Team Finland
*2008-I: Individual Janne Pitko, representing Finland
*2008-I: Terminator Janne Pitko, representing Finland

Event II 13-14 of September 2008
*2008-I: Team Sweden
*2008-I: Individual Magdalena In de Betou, representing Sweden
*2008-I: Terminator Gusten Sjöberg, representing Sweden

Event I 2-3 of March 2007
*2007-I: Team Finland
*2007-I: Individual Panu Palomäki, representing Finland
*2007-I: Terminator Niko Lehmonen, representing Finland

Event II 12-13 of May 2007
*2007-II: Team Finland
*2007-II: Individual Janne Raevaara, representing Finland
*2007-II: Terminator Christer Hemphälä, representing Sweden

Event III 1-2 of September 2007
*2007-III: Team Sweden
*2007-III: Individual Mikael Bredenberg, representing Sweden
*2007-III: Terminator Dino Dinler, representing Finland

Event IV 1-2 of December 2007
*2007-IV: Team Finland
*2007-IV: Individual Dino Dinler, representing Finland
*2007-IV: Terminator Dino Dinler, representing Finland

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