List of British television channels

List of British television channels

This is a list of TV services available on digital terrestrial, satellite, internet streaming and cable systems in the United Kingdom. Some channels have a "timeshift" service, i.e. the same programming (and usually advertisements as well) broadcast one or two hours later to give viewers another chance to catch a favourite programme. These channels are shown underneath the original channel number. Channels shown in bright green are available without a subscription, and are therefore free-to-air. Those which are in a paler green can only be accessed via a viewing card.










Future channels

*KidsCo [cite news
title = KidsCo to launch in the autumn
publisher = Digital Spy
date = 3 April 2007
url =
accessdate = 2007-09-07
*The Queer Channel - Jamie Bennetts New Channel
*Sky Sports 4 - to cater for the demand of live sporting rights BSkyB have.

Defunct channels

Defunct ITV Franchises in the UK

*ABC in North England & Midlands
*TWW in Wales & West of England
*WWN in Wales & North West of England
*ITSWW in Wales & West of England
*ATV in Midlands
*ATV in London
*Associated-Rediffusion in London
*Thames TV in London
*Southern TV in South & South East England
*TVS in South & South East England
*Westward TV in South West England
*TSW in South West England

Channels With Former Names

*Big Game TV now The Daily Quiz!
*The Family Channel now Challenge
*Fox Kids now Jetix
*Front Row Digital now FilmFlex
*The Horror Channel now Zone Horror
*Player - now Bravo 2
*Live XXX TV now Sex Station
*Reality TV now Zone Reality
*Artsworld now Sky Arts
*UK Living now Living
*UKTV Drama now Alibi
*UKTV G2 now Dave
*UKTV Gold now G.O.L.D
*Sky Travel now Sky Real Lives
*Sky Travel Extra now Sky Real Lives 2
*Sky Travel Shop now Sky Travel
*The Sports Channel now Sky Sports 1
*The Movie Channel now Sky Movies Premiere +1
*Sky Mix (formerly Sky One Mix) now Sky2
*Legal TV now Red TV
*XLEAGUE.TV now Pulse
*AnimeCentral now Showcase TV and broadcast as a block from 12am-3am.

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