Eraser (disambiguation)

Eraser (disambiguation)

Eraser may refer to:

* An eraser, a tool for removing pencil marks.
* "Eraser" (film), a 1996 movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.
* "Eraserhead", a 1977 movie directed by David Lynch.
* "The Eraser", an album by Thom Yorke.
* "Eraser", a song from Nine Inch Nails' 1994 album "The Downward Spiral".
* "Eraser", a song from Hypocrisy 2004 album "The Arrival".
* Eraser, a Windows software tool for securely deleting files from magnetic media such as floppies, USB thumbsticks, and hard drives.
* Eraser (song), a song by the LA Noise Punk duo "No Age".

ee also

*Erasure (disambiguation)

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