1874 in Australia

1874 in Australia

"See also:" 1873 in Australia, other events of 1874, 1875 in Australia, Timeline of Australian history.


*January 8 - Arthur Macalister becomes Premier of Queensland for the third time.
*March 10 - Ernest Giles discovers and later names (March 12) the Petermann Range.
*April 1 - John Forrest leads an expedition from Geraldton, Western Australia across the Gibson Desert to the Peake telegraph station in South Australia.
*June 15 - Brisbane's first Victoria Bridge opens; it is lost when the Brisbane River floods in 1893.
*July 31 - George Kerferd becomes Premier of Victoria.
*September 28 - Victorian Humane Society established; it later becomes the Royal Humane Society of Australasia.
*November 6 - University of Adelaide established by act of the South Australian Parliament; it opened in 1876.

Arts and Literature

*Marcus Clarke's "For the Term of his Natural Life" is published in book form


*Southern Rugby Union is established; remaned New South Wales Rugby Union in 1892
*"Haricot" wins the Melbourne Cup


*March 2 - Gregan McMahon
*March 3 - Ada Crossley
*September 17 - Walter Murdoch
*October 17 - Lionel Lindsay


*February 1 - Alexander Harris
*May 17 - Sir Roger Therry


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