Relocking device

Relocking device

A relocking device (RLD) (a.k.a. "external relocker") is an auxiliary locking device intended to be activated during an attempted burglary of a safe or vault. Such a device will keep a safe or vault locked even if the primary lock is defeated. This independent mechanism is designed to maintain the locked state of a safe even if the lock itself is destroyed. This auxiliary locking device usually consists of a spring-loaded bolt of some type, held in check by a bracket or cable that is rigged to release the mechanism in a burglary attempt. The device will either block the main boltwork from retracting or block the door from opening.

Thermal relocking devices

Designed as a defense against torch attacks, these are simply relocking devices equipped with a fusible link designed to melt and release the relocking device if the temperature inside the door exceeds a certain temperature (usually 65°C), as would happen in a torch attack.

Glass relocking devices

A glass relocking device is a piece of glass, usually tempered, placed where it might be expected to break in a burglary attack. It is attached, usually with wires, to one or more spring-loaded bolts, which are often randomly located. A drill or torch may break the glass, releasing the bolts.


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