Advanced Medical Optics

Advanced Medical Optics

company_name = Advanced Medical Optics
company_type = Public (NYSE: [ EYE] )
foundation = Santa Ana, California (2002)
location = Santa Ana, California
key_people = James V. Mazzo Chairman, President and CEO
Michael J. Lambert CFO
industry = Ophthalmology
products = Ophthalmic pharmaceuticals
Surgical equipment
Contact care products
num_employees = 3,800 (2007)
homepage = []

Advanced Medical Optics, Inc., (nyse|EYE) (known as AMO) is a global medical device leader focused on the discovery and delivery of innovative vision technologies that optimize the quality of life for people of all ages. Products in the ophthalmic surgical line include intraocular lenses, laser vision correction systems, phacoemulsification systems, viscoelastics, microkeratomes and related products used in cataract and refractive surgery. AMO is based in Santa Ana, California, and employs approximately 4,200 worldwide. The company has operations in 24 countries and markets products in approximately 60 countries.


AMO was spun off from Allergan in 2002.
AMO bought Irvine-based IntraLase Corp. for $808 million in January 2007. This allowed AMO to combine IntraLase technology for cutting a flap in the cornea with AMO technology for reshaping the cornea. The combination of these complementary technologies has made “all-laser LASIK” possible. [ [ Article - Money - Laser-surgery firms merge ] ] NASA later approved this all-laser LASIK for use on astronauts. [ Advanced Medical Optics - OC Business News - ] ]
In August 2007 the company donated $2.5 million to UC-Irvine’s Department of Ophthalmology to boost the university’s planned Eye Institute.

Voluntary recall

AMO volunatrily recalled some of their products in 2006 due to a bacterial contamination in the factory process which would have compromised sterility. Non-sterility of a contact lens solution may have serious health consequences, including eye infection and microbial keratitis. The voluntary and limited recall was caused by an isolated production line problem that affected two of the four production lines in the AMO facility, not because of a formulation issue. [ [ News: AMO contact lens solution is recalled - ] ]

This happened in the midst of a recall scare period caused by Bausch & Lomb's worldwide product recall, after eye care doctors in Singapore traced 90% of their patients' eye infections, some to the serious extent of causing blindness, to B&L products. In fact, no reports of adverse health effects due to the suspected-affected batch of products were made to AMO.

In some countries, there were initial confusion between B&L's product dangers and AMO's voluntary recall.

Mandatory Recall

In May 2007, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention linked AMO MoisturePlus eye solution to Acanthamoeba keratitis infections. [ [ Money: Local contact lens solution tied to eye disease - ] ] AMO announced a recall on Complete MoisturePlus contact lens solution on May 28th, 2007. [] The solution has been linked to cases of an eye infection (keratitis) caused by an organism of the genus "Acanthamoeba". [] The Company was sued in June 2007 by Michael Connolly, who claimed to have developed a keratitis infection after using AMO's MoisturePlus solution. [ [ News: Advanced Medical Optics sued over lens solution - ] ]

Consumer products

All-in-one Systems for soft contact lenses

*COMPLETE Blink-N-Clean Lens Drops
**COMPLETE Moisture PLUS 120ml+lens case
**COMPLETE Moisture PLUS 24ml
**COMPLETE Moisture PLUS 360ml+lens case
**COMPLETE Moisture PLUS half Year packages
**COMPLETE Moisture PLUS Duo Pack
**COMPLETE Moisture PLUS lens case

Hydration Solutions

*Blink Contacts 10ml
*Blink Contacts 20*0.35ml
*Blink Eyedrops 10ml
*Blink Eyedrops 20*0.35ml

Systems for formstabile, permiable contact lenses

*Totalcare All-in-One
*Totalcare Solution
*Totalcare Cleaner
*Totalcare Tablets
*Totalcare Lens case

Protein Removers

*Ultrazyme Tablets

Multipurpose Solutions

*COMPLETE Moisture PLUS Lubricating and Rewetting Drops

Peroxide Systems

*Oxysept 1 Step 1 Month
*Oxysept 1 Step 3 Months
*Oxysept 1 Step 6 Months
*Oxysept 1 Step Tablets
*Oxysept 1 Step Lens case
*UltraCare Disinfecting Solution/Neutralizer
*Ultrazyme Enzymatic Cleaner

urgical Products

* Sovereign system with WhiteStar technology, (performs phacoemulsification cataract surgery)
* Sovereign Compact


External links

* [ Official website of AMO]
*See [,8599,1626478,00.html An Eye on Contact Lens Solutions] on
* [ South East Asia website of AMO]

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