Kaktus Mantras

Kaktus Mantras

Kaktus Mantras was an industrial/noise/punk rock/ ambient band. Formed 1990 in Queensland, Australia and played their last show to date in 1997, the band went through many line up changes in their 7 year run, and ended up playing live and recording with a drum machine. The core of the band, Cristina and Scott D., remained true and focused on creating music that went in a dozen different directions at once and in as many genres as they could, no pre-determined style or concept, just creating music for the sake of it.

"In trying to think of one word that would capture tonight's set, the noun that comes to mind above all others is freedom". "Here we have three people apparently off in their own little world of music, yet all together enough to create a soundscape that held the audience in a gaze". The Drum Media- Sydney. and "No one could accuse Kaktus Mantras of playing it safe: their song 'Easy' does indeed sound like a mantra...one that's being chanted in a wind tunnel!" "Eastern Exotica meets riffery, and they get on fine!" Rolling Stone.After countless tours and 3 full releases Kaktus Mantras called it quits in 1997, Cristina Calero went on to work with Carmen Rizzo, a Grammy-nominated producer, in Los Angeles with the 'trip-hop' project POVI, the album 'Life in Volcanoes' [2000 Nettwerk Records] was the fruit of their labor.

Kaktus Mantras Releases:

*'yess' 1992 Fire Water Records
*'Angel' jjj's Big Backyard compilation
*'Not Enough' 1994 Purzine Fanzine compilation
*'everything' 1995 Ciccada Records
*'Easy' 1995 Feedback compilation Phantom Records
*'Easy' 1995 Arostotle's Box compilation
*'Happens' 1997 Fire Water Records

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* [http://www.myspace.com/kaktusmantras Kaktus Mantras] at MySpace

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