Still camera

Still camera

A still camera is a type of camera used to take photographs. Traditional cameras capture light onto photographic film. Digital cameras use electronics, usually a charge coupled device (CCD) to store digital images in computer memory inside the camera, which can be transferred to a computer for later processing.

The still camera may be divided in a number of types (note that some cameras fall into more than one category):

* Autofocus camera
* Box camera
* Compact camera
* Digital camera
* Disposable camera
* Field camera
* Folding camera
* Instant camera
* Live-preview digital camera
* Pinhole camera
* Press camera
* Rangefinder camera
* Single-lens reflex camera
* Stereo camera
* Twin-lens reflex camera
* View camera
* Viewfinder camera

See also

* Photography
* PictBridge

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