List of rivers of Ethiopia

List of rivers of Ethiopia

This is a list of streams and rivers in Ethiopia


Abay River - Adabay River - Akaki River - Akobo River - Alero River - Ataba River - Ataye River - Atbarah River - Awash River - Awetu River - Ayesha River


Balagas River - Baro River - Bashilo River - Beles River - Bilate River - Birbir River - Blue Nile - Borkana River


Cheleleka River


Dabus River - Dawa River - Dechatu River - Dembi River - Denchya River - Didessa River - Dinder River - Doha River - Dukem River - Durkham River


Erer River


Fafen River


Galetti River - Ganale Dorya River - Gebele River - Germama River - Gestro River - Gibe River - Gilgel Gibe River - Gilo River - Gojeb River - Gololcha River - Greater Angereb River - Guder River - Gumara River


Hanger River - Hawadi River


Jamma River - Jerer River - Jikawo River - Jubba River


Kabenna River - Katar River - Keleta River - Kersa River - Kibish River - Kulfo River


Lagabora River - Lesser Abay - Lesser Angereb - Logiya River


Mago River - Mareb River - Meki River - Mena River - Mille River - Modjo River - Mofar River - Muger River - Mui River


Neri River


Omo River


Pibor River


Qechene River


Rahad River - Reb River - Robe River


Sagan River - Shebelle River - Shinfa River - Sor River


Tekezé River


Usno River


Wabe River - Walaqa River - Wajja River - Wanchet River - Wari River - Weito River - Welmel River


Yabus River

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