Stockmann, Tapiola

Stockmann, Tapiola

The Tapiola Stockmann department store is a department store located in the Tapiola district of Espoo, Finland. It was opened in 1981 and is located in the very heart of Tapiola, at Länsituulentie 5. There is a parking hall in connection to the department store, with driveways from Länsituulentie and Itätuulentie. The Academic Bookstore is located at Länsituulentie 10.

Departments and services at the Tapiola Stockmann

The Tapiola Stockmann consists of four houses, which are "Kantatalo", "Sampokuja", "One Way ja musiikki" and "Kodin tavaratalo". Near the main entrance is a Wayne's Coffee café, opened in December 2006.

Kantatalo (main house)

The first floor of the "Kantatalo" sells food ("Herkku"), footwear, cosmetics and ladies' wear. The first floor also has an Alko store.

The second floor has the children's, men's and ladies' fashion departments, Café Stockmann, and a nursery.

The third floor has a nursery, a service desk, and the Tempo Buffet restaurant.

The bottom floor sells electronics, cameras, bags, radios and televisions and sports equipment.


Sampokuja includes the Stockmann Deli café and kiosk. Sampokuja also contains other stores, including A-Linssi, Suomen Matkatoimisto and Etola.

One Way ja musiikki

The "One Way" and music house contains CDs and DVDs, games and youth fashion ("One Way").

Kodin tavaratalo (home store)

The "Kodin tavaratalo" sells home equipment, magazines, toys, gardening equipment and interior design. The "Kodin tavaratalo" also has a photography service desk, a kennel and a nursery.

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