The MEI HELLHOUND 40 mm Low Velocity Multi-Purpose Grenade is a fixed type ammunition designed to be fired from a 40 mm Grenade Launcher M79, M203 (attached to the M16 series of rifles or M4 carbine), or Milkor MK-1. The round consists of an A5 filled metal projectile body with a rotating band, a point initiating-base detonating fuze with Safe and Arm technology, and a cartridge case assembly. Upon impact with the target, the firing pin is driven into the detonator, which in turn initiates the spit backcharge, producing a jet which initiates the explosive train from the base forward, resulting in an armor piercing jet of molten metal and fragmentation of the projectile body.

Technical Information

* Type: High-explosive Dual Purpose (HEDP)
* Manufacturer: Martin Electronics, Inc. (MEI)
* Body Material: Steel
* Weight: 225 grams (88 grams A5)
* Fuze: SF801/M550
* Length: 110 mm
* Charge: A5
* Weapons: M79, M203, Milkor MK-1 launchers
* Penetration: 90 mm mild steel at normal impact with anti-personnel fragmentation
* Range: (Max.) 400 m (437.6 yds)
* Muzzle Velocity: 80 mps (262 fps)

See also

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