Sardine v

Sardine v

Sardine v (or just Sardine) was an Australian post-punk band, formed by Ian Rilen (ex-X , Rose Tattoo) and Stephanie Rilen (aka Stephanie Russell Falconer) APRA Works search:] in Sydney in 1980. They broke up in 1983 and Ian Rilen went back to playing with X.

The band formed after Ian bought a keyboard for his children. "I didn't know [Stephanie] played until I bought a keyboard for the kids and I was writing songs in my room at the house. She just walked by and played a line on the keyboards. I said: 'Do that again'." []

Although hard-working and popular live (playing to crowds of 800-1000), the band's recordings were never up to suitable quality and they failed to make it big. A video of 1982 version of Sardine performing "Sudan" (written by Falconer) ] on ABC-TV's "Countdown" is available on YouTube [] and shows Ian Rilen on guitar, Stephanie Rilen on keyboards and lead vocals, Johanna Pigott on bass guitar.

Their influence was still felt. Hunters & Collectors covered "Stuck On You" (written by I Rilen, S Falconer) ] on their 1986 album "Human Frailty" and added it to their set [] , and both tracks from the single featured on compilation albums. The Deadly Hume covered "I Hate You" on the Phantom Records tenth anniversary compilation "Assorted Desecrations And Magnificent Mutations" (1988).


*Ian Rilen — guitar, vocals (1980-83)
*Stephanie Rilen — keyboard, vocals (1980-83)
*Phil Hall — bass (1980-82)
*Greg Skehill — drums (1980-81)
*Barton Price — drums (1981-82)
*Johanna Pigott — bass (1982)
*John Lloyd — drums (1982)
*Stuart Dunlop — bass (1982-83)
*Craig Rossi — drums (1983)


* "Sabotage"/"Sudan" 7" single (White Label Records, 1982) — produced by Lobby Loyde
*"I Hate You" mini-LP (Phantom PH-18, 1983)
*"Stuck On You" (track on "Fast Forward" FF008/009, 1982)
*"Sabotage" (track on "The Mushroom Story: The Hits Of The Eighties Vol 2", Mushroom MUSH33136.2, 1998)
*"Sudan" (track on "Tales from the Australian Underground: Singles 1976-1989", 2003)


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* [ Hunters & Collectors: Stuck On You] (lyrics)

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