1906 in the United Kingdom

1906 in the United Kingdom

Events from the year 1906 in the United Kingdom.


*Monarch - Edward VII of the United Kingdom
*Prime Minister - Henry Campbell-Bannerman, Liberal


* 8 February - The Liberal Party led by Henry Campbell-Bannerman win the general election with a large majority.
* 15 February - Representatives of the Labour Representation Committee in Parliament take the name Parliamentary Labour Party.
* 10 March - Bakerloo Line of the London Underground opened.cite book|title=Penguin Pocket On This Day|publisher=Penguin Reference Library|isbn=0-141-02715-0|year=2006]
* 15 March - Rolls-Royce Ltd. is registered.
* 22 March - First international rugby match. England defeats France 25-8.
* 26 May - opening of Vauxhall Bridge in London.
* 8 October - German inventor and hairdresser Karl Nessler gives the first public demonstration of his permanent wave machine in London.
* 23 October - Suffragettes disrupt the State Opening of Parliament.cite book |last=Palmer |first=Alan & Veronica |year=1992 |title= The Chronology of British History|publisher= Century Ltd|location=London|pages= 338-339|isbn= 0-7126-5616-2]
* 2 December - HMS "Dreadnought" commissioned, the first all-big-gun warship.
* 10 December - J. J. Thomson wins the Nobel Prize in Physics "in recognition of the great merits of his theoretical and experimental investigations on the conduction of electricity by gases." [cite web|url=http://nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/physics/laureates/1906/|title=The Nobel Prize in Physics 1906|accessdate=2008-02-03]
* 13 December
** Trade Disputes Act 1906 legalises picketing.
** Workmen's Compensation Act 1906 entitles workers to compensation for industrial injuries or disease.
* 15 December - Opening of the London Underground Piccadilly line.


* Richard Oldham argues that the Earth has a molten interior.


* Henry Watson Fowler and Francis George Fowler's book "The King's English".
* John Galsworthy's first Forsyte Saga novel "The Man of Property".


* 19 February - Grace Williams, composer (died 1977)
* 26 February - Madeleine Carroll, actress (died 1997)
* 16 March - Henny Youngman, English-born comedian (died 1998)
* 9 April - Hugh Gaitskell, British Labour politician (died 1963)
* 29 May - T. H. White, writer (died 1964)
* 20 June
** Catherine Cookson, author (died 1998)
** Robert Trent Jones, English-born golf course designer (died 2000)
* 27 June - Vernon Watkins, poet (died 1967)
* 30 June - Ralph Allen, footballer (died 1981)
* 5 August - Joan Hickson, actress (died 1998)
* 28 August - John Betjeman, poet (died 1984)
* 8 December - Richard Llewellyn, novelist (died 1983)
* 24 December - James Hadley Chase, writer (died 1985)


* 20 June - John Clayton Adams, artist (born 1840)
* 19 December - Frederic William Maitland, historian and jurist (born 1850)
* 30 December - Angela Burdett-Coutts, 1st Baroness Burdett-Coutts, philanthropist (born 1814)


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