Quezon National High School

Quezon National High School

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Tayabas High School (now Quezon National High School) was founded in October 1902 when Aubrey Boyles, a Thomasite, organized a school in a convent of Lucena on the Northern side of Saint Ferdinand Parish Church (now Lucena Cathedral). Fifty students were exposed to the English language with nineteen American teachers. They were:

*Charlie Anderson
*Olive Anderson
*William Cantrel
*Eugene Carlson
*Mabel Carlson
*Mary Coleman
*Wilma Davies

*Alice Franklin
*Blanche Hall
*Robert Hall
*Grace Hawley
*Albert Haynes
*Reulah Kane
*Vinda Orata

*Wesley Refo
*Albert Searle
*Nell Searle
*Alice Shipley
*Lula Shipley
*Leonard Stever
*Margaret Taylor

*Russel Taylor
*Agnes Van Winkle
*Harold Van Winkle
*Hazel Wood
*Jennie Wright
*Mabel Zuigg
*Rober Zuigg

The increase in student population on March 1, 1903 made Henry Balch the new principal. A strong typhoon destroyed the convent on September 26, 1905 that forced the school to be transferred to a building at Granja Street.

A two-storey building was built on June 6, 1906. Since then, a number of principals have stood at the helm of the school. To name,

1902 - 1903Aubrey Boyle
1903 - 1911Henry Balch
1912 - 1917Carry Cland
1917 - 1919Vest Chas Wright
1919 - 1920Vaughn Lee
1920 - 1923John Carl
1923 - 1926George Lynan
1927Augustin Pañares
1927 - 1928Ricardo Castro
1928 - 1929Anacleto Agaton
1930 - 1934Gregorio Lardizabal
1934 - 1938Aurelio Argueller
1939 - 1942Angel Hornilla
1944 - 1950Jose Encarnacion
1950 - 1964Francisco Salazar
1965 - 1967Teofilo Baldovino
1968 - 1977Pacencia Daleon
1977 - 1978Francisca Abcede
1978 - 1980Leonor Sartin
1980 - 1999Abelardo Sevilla
1999 - 2000Eugenio Ramos

Jan. 2000 to Oct. 2000
Gerardo B. de Villa

Oct. 2000 to Nov. 2000
Fernando Valdoria

Nov. 2000 to Nov. 2001
Dr. Roman M. Salazar

Nov. 2001 to May 2005
Dr. Victoria S. Galang

Jun. 2005 "to date"
Mr. Emilio S. Ulpindo

When Japanese atrocities reached Atimonan, Quezon on December 23, 1941, students, despite the turmoil, continued to flock to Tayabas High School and all of them were automatically promoted. After a year, classes resumed at the Lucena Elementary School (now Lucena West) for girls and at the Trade School for boys. The Gabaldon Building (ruined by a fire) became the Provincial Hospital.

Classess were transferred to the Tong Ho School Building in 1944. The formal liberation of Tayabas Province on April 4, 1945 after which classess opened at Lucena Catholic Hall (now Maryhill College Building).

In June 1945, the high school was relocated at the Tayabas Provincial Capitol (now Quezon Provincial Capitol) and the Court of First Instance Building, whereby fifty-four students graduated, girls in "Balintawak" and boys in "Barong Tagalog" on July 28, 1945. President Manuel Roxas signed Republic Act No. 14 on September 7, 1946 renamed the province of Tayabas to Quezon thus, Tayabas High School became Quezon Provincial High School.

The Batas Pambansa No. 1820 renamed Quezon Provincial High School as Quezon National High School with Dr. Cesar Villariba as the author.

Progress brings about change and change brings forth numerous problems and problems brings QNHS to the frontline - where an adage works - "there is no gain without pain in the service of educating people".


Every Filipino youth shall enjoy a better quality of life due to access to quality secondary education, good moral life, economic stability, relevant cultural values, competitive work skills, strong sense of national identity and successful adjustment to rapid changing environment.


The school aims to produce students who are both academically inclined and substantially trained in the basic work skills making them globally competitive and value-oriented through relevant and responsive curriculum.

The Coconut / Ang Niyog

The then Tayabas High School published "The Coconut" in 1928 with Filemon Juntereal, Sr. as the first editor. The publication came out twice a month in a four-page tabloid. The magazine came as the graduation issue. The first Filipino adviser was Mr. Gabriel Tuazon.

The Lucena City-based publication of the school whose name had evolved to Quezon Provincial (later, National) High School amassed numerous awards in local and national press conferences with Miss Marie Delicia T. Unson as adviser. In the 1977 National Secondary Schools Press Conference, The Coconut reaped a golden harvest when adjudged second best high school paper in the Philippines for Bracket B, breathing on the neck of Baguio's The Pine Tree, as The Coconut garnered the most number of medals overall while The Pine Tree got the slimmest of margins in the gold medal tally.

The silver medal finish was the second best in the history of The Coconut, next only to the gold medal the 1972 powerhouse staff steered by editor-in-chief Samuel Organo took home. But not even that 1972 feat produced as many group medals as the big haul of the 1977 edition, which had Miss Normita Atienza as co-adviser and Ricardo J. Cueto, Jr as editor-in-chief. That year, The Coconut and The Pine Tree so dominated the competitions they practically divided the top group honors just between them.

The publication celebrated it's 75th anniversary in 2003 where previous and present staff writers and advisers joined together to party. Present in the celebration was writer Joseph Morong, now a GMA 7 reporter.

As of this school year, 2007-2008, the editor in chief of "The Coconut" is Kevin Villavicencio while "Ang Niyog"´s is Kria Nastassiah Lopez, together with:

Senior Staffers:

* Kevin Villavicencio (editor-in-chief English)
* Kria Nastassiah Lopez (editor-in-chief Filipino)
* John Nico Sales (cartoonist Filipino)
* Flory Cayboen (cartoonist English)
* Lara Joy Abued (cartoonist English )
* Manellin Nuera
* Kyra Alexa Inocencio
* Jan Lynoel Limpin
* Louise Anne Velandres
* Karl Phillip Avillo
* Bryan Angelo Pago
* Karl Suministrado
* Jarlo Nico Diocos
* Gene Emil de la Cruz
* Jungle-O Cris Paglinawan

Junior Staffers:

The mentors behind the success of the publication are Abner Pureza (Adviser), Aluinda M. Puno (Assistant Adviser), Mabelle E. Quesea (Trainer in Broadcasting), Cynthia Montemayor-Tadong, a former literary editor of The Coconut S.Y.1992-1993 (Critic in "The Coconut") and Elizabeth Zeta (Critic in "Ang Niyog").

Other staffers are Edgar Allan Ravanera and Nicole Fernandez (master cartoonists), Trisha Ann Reforma (news editor), Zypher Jude Regencia and Philip Planas (photojournalists), Hezron James Sedaria and Russel Alfeche (feature editors), and Christian John Formaran (sports editor).Almost all of them competed for the Division, regional and National Schools Press Conferences. With unity, bringing home the bacon becomes a legacy.

Centennial Anniversary

Quezon National High School celebrated it's 100th year founding anniversary October 2, 2002. From October 1 up to October 20 of that year, thousands of alumni came to celebrate and reminisce their years as high school students.

QNHS Alma Mater Song

Hear the call of Alma Mater
Bidding us to be together
Let her name stand forever
Symbol bright of shining luster

Hear the ardent call of duty
Give her loyalty eternal
Show your courage everybody
Hail and Cheer the Quezon High!

Altogether win the battle
Of our dear old Alma Mater
Altogether we will conquer
All the foes of Quezon High


"Most of the contents were acquired from QNHS Student HandBook (2006 Revised Edition)"

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