Samuel Rutherford Crockett

Samuel Rutherford Crockett

Samuel Rutherford Crockett (September 24, 1860 - April 16, 1914), was a Scottish novelist, born at Duchrae, Galloway, the son of a Galloway farmer.

He was brought up on a Galloway farm, and graduated from Edinburgh University in 1879. After some years of travel he became in 1886 minister of Penicuik. In that year he produced his first publication, "Dulce Cor", a collection of verse.

He eventually abandoned the Free Church ministry for novel-writing.

The success of J.M. Barrie and the Kailyard school of writing had created a demand for stories in Lowland Scots when Mr Crockett published his successful story of "The Stickit Minister" in 1893. It was followed by a rapidly produced series of popular novels frequently featuring the history of Scotland or with his native Galloway.

Such are:
*"The Raiders", "The Lilac Sun-bonnet" and "Mad Sir Uchtred" in 1894
*"The Men of the Moss Hags" in 1895
*"Sweetheart Travellers" in 1895
*"Cleg Kelly" and "The Grey Man" in 1896
*"The Surprising Adventures of Sir Toady Lion" (1897)
*"The Red Axe" (1898)
*"The Black Douglas" (1899)
*"Kit Kennedy" (1899)
*"Joan of the Sword Hand" and "Little Anna Mark" in 1900
*"Flower o' the Corn" (1902)
*"Red Cap Tales" (1904)
*"Silver Sand" 1914

In 1900 Crockett wrote a booklet published by the London camera manufacturer, Newman & Guardia, endorsing the camera over the pen and pencil and explaining how he came across the N and G advertisement. ["British Journal of Photography", 20 July 1900, p. 450. ]


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