The Feds (telemovie)

The Feds (telemovie)

"The Feds" is a series of Australian television films starring Robert Taylor, which was first broadcast on the Nine Network in 1993.

The Feds revolves around the activities of the Australian Federal Police, who protect the national interests from crime in Australia and overseas. Nine telemovies were produced in the series.

Regular Cast

* Robert Taylor as Dave Griffin
* Angie Milliken as Jo Moody
* John Bach as Rainer Bass
* Brian Vriends as Michael Skinner
* Nell Feeney-Connor as Rose Dell'oro
* Marcus Eyre as Blocker
* Amanda Jane Bowden as Tina McLean
* Zoe Bertram as Sarah Griffin
* Benjamin Keatch as Brett Griffin

The Feds (Pilot)

First Aired: 1993

Guest Starred:
* Sigrid Thornton as Christine McQuillan
* Bruno Lawrence as Larry Porter
* Nicki Wendt as Melita Reale
* Rachel Griffiths as Angela Braglia

The Feds: Terror

First Aired: 1993

Guest Starred:
* Colin Moody as Hans Holder
* Nicholas Hammond as Milton

The Feds: Obsession

First Aired: 1994

The Feds: Abduction

Firs Aired: 1994

Guest Starred:
* John McTernan (actor) as Alan Guinnane
* Anne Tenney as Suzi Plummer
* Lani John Tupu as Idris Karya

The Feds: Seduction

First Aired: 1994

Guest Starred:
* Peta Toppano as Brandy
* Petru Gheorghiu as Mendosa
* Jonathan Elsom as Justin
* Peter McCauley as Chad
* Richard Moss as Senator North

The Feds: Suspect

Guest Starred:
* Paul Sonkkila as Commander Rock
* John Higginson as Superintendent Pappas
* Kevin Summers as Sen Sgt Del Re
* Mark Neal as Det Const Barnes
* Shannon McNamara as Niki Webster
* Andrew Blackman as Ponytail

The Feds: Deception

First Aired: 1995

Guest Starred:
* Rachael Beck as Judy Taylor
* Nadine Garner as Tammy Warren
* Daniel Lapaine as Tony Waterman
* Nicholas Bell as Stephen Garrard
* Stephen Whittaker as Glen C Warrender
* Teo Gilbert as Jak Waterman

The Feds: Vengeance

First Aired: 1995

The Feds: Deadfall

First Aired: 1995

The Feds: Betrayal

First Aired: July 24, 1996

Guest Starred:
* Peter Phelps as Brian Petrie
* Tammy MacIntosh as Nicky Bass
* Chris Haywood as Daniel McIntyre


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