Alcippe (Greek mythology)

Alcippe (Greek mythology)

Alcippe or Alkippê was a name attributed to a number of figures in Greek mythology.cite encyclopedia | last = Schmitz | first = Leonhard | authorlink = | title = Alciphron | editor = William Smith | encyclopedia = Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology | volume = 1 | pages = 103-104 | publisher = Little, Brown and Company | location = Boston | year = 1867 | url = ]

*Alcippe, the daughter of Ares and Aglaulus. When Halirrhotius, son of Poseidon, raped her (or merely attempted to), Ares killed him, a crime for which he was tried in a court, the first trial in history, which took place on the hill near the Acropolis of Athens named Areopagus, named, according to this etiological myth, after Ares. He was acquitted in court by all of the other Olympian gods. [Pausanias, "Description of Greece" i. 21. § 7] [Apollodorus, iii. 14. § 2]
*Alcippe, a maiden (sometimes said to be a daughter of Hermes and Ocyrhoe) who had sex with her own brother, Astraeus, unwittingly. When Astraeus became aware of what he had done, he threw himself into a river, which received from him the name of Astrae­us, but was in later times called Caicus. [Plutarch, "De Fluv." 21]
*Alcippe, an Amazon who vowed to remain a virgin. She was killed by Heracles during his ninth labor. [Diodorus Siculus. "Library of History", [ 4.16.3] .]
*Alcippe, the mother of Daedalus by Eupalamus, son of Metion. [Apollodorus. "The Library" [] ]
*Alcippe, one of the Alcyonides, daughters of Alcyoneus. Along with her sisters she threw herself into the sea and was turned into a kingfisher. [ [ Theoi Project - Nymphai Alkyonides] ]
*Alcippe, one of the attendants of Helen. [Homer. "Odyssey", [ 4.120] .]
*Alcippe, daughter of Oenomaus. She married Evenus, son of Ares and Sterope and bore a daughter Marpessa. [Plutarch. "Greek and Roman Parallel Stories", [ 40] .]


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