List of recurring characters in Suikoden

List of recurring characters in Suikoden

This is a list of characters in the "Suikoden" series of video games who have appeared in more than one game of the main series (not including spin-offs). It is organized both alphabetically and by game of first appearance.


These are recurring characters whose first appearance was in "Suikoden".


Leknaat (レックナート, "Rekkunãto") is a blind seeress who has appeared in every main "Suikoden" game. She has generally appeared to the protagonist to advise him as to the nature of runes, fate, and the Stars of Destiny. She is also known as the "Keeper of Balance". She is the bearer of the back half of the Gate Rune, a true rune which has kept her alive for more than 387 years as of "Suikoden III".

Leknaat and her acclaimed sister Windy were born in the Village of the Gate Rune Clan. Upon the village's destruction at the hands of Harmonia, she lost her sight. She and Windy separated the Gate Rune and fled, going their separate ways.

She eventually came to reside on the Magician's Isle, just northeast of Toran, secluding herself from Windy, who sought to acquire True Runes in order to gain power. After the formation of the Scarlet Moon Empire, Leknaat offered her services to them as their seer in the form of monthly astrological forecasts. Leknaat also took in Luc after he escaped from Harmonia and took him on as an apprentice.

During "Suikoden", she appears often to Tir McDohl and the Toran Liberation Army in times of need. If all 108 Stars of Destiny are recruited, she also resurrects Gremio. Similarly, if all 108 Stars are recruited in "Suikoden II", she appears before Riou and Jowy Atreides in the ending in which all 108 Stars are recruited, and Jowy and Nanami are saved.

At some point in time, Leknaat and Luc free Sarah from the Circle Palace in the Crystal Valley and bring the child back with them to the Magician's Isle. Several years later, after the wars in Toran and Dunan, Luc leaves Leknaat. With Sarah, Yuber, and Albert Silverberg, Luc goes on to instigate the Second Fire Bringer War in an attempt to destroy his own True Rune. Leknaat declines to stop him, and after his death, she welcomes his soul back in the ending to "Suikoden III".

Leknaat has an unknown relationship with Zerase, a black-hooded figure with ties to the Sun Rune in "Suikoden V". There, Zerase converses with Leknaat when explaining the Stars of Destiny to the Prince.


Viki (ビッキー, Bikkī) is a clumsy girl with a talent for magic and teleportation who appears in each of the five main "Suikoden" games (and "Suikogaiden Vol. 2") as the Chitatsu Star. A similar character named Viki, usually referred to as Young Viki, also appears in "Suikoden III". She has generally accidentally warped near the protagonist of each "Suikoden", and requested their aid and protection in exchange for her services in teleportation.

Viki bears a Blinking Rune, which allows her to warp people to any location that they have already been before. While other characters are capable of using Blinking Runes, only Viki has demonstrated the ability to use it for long-range and wide-scale teleportation. In "Suikoden IV", she is even able to teleport entire fleets of warships over considerable distances. However, she has a strange tendency to unwillingly warp things, people, and even herself to random locations, particularly after sneezing. [For instance, to a locked storeroom in the Ceras Lake Ruins in "Suikoden V".] Little is known of Viki's past; she describes her home as a “magical land” with a surreal landscape located in an unknown region of the planet, filled with unexplainable phenomena in which space seems to twist over itself, with doors and windows floating in mid air and strange endless corridors. [Depicted in "Suikogaiden Vol. 2".]

Viki has not appeared to have aged during the course of the series. It is not clear as if this is due to her bearing a True Rune, or if Viki has been teleporting through time as well. Richmond’s investigations in "Suikoden II" say that Viki warped directly from the victory feast at the end of "Suikoden" to the forest in which Riou found her, lending credence to the "warping through time" theory. Additionally, in "Suikoden V", she suddenly appears within the Twilight Forest Ruins along with Nash Latkje, breaking a hole through the ruins’ roof because of an accidental transportation (which serves to free Lorelai and Killey from a booby trap). Viki and her companion both disappear shortly thereafter. However, Viki (the one which joined the Prince's group outside the Ceras Lake Ruins) claims not to remember breaking the roof of the ruins, nor having seen Lorelai before. This would be consistent with teleporting back and forth through time if the two events occurred in reverse order from her perspective. Viki's apparent missing of the victory feast in "Suikoden" becomes something of a running joke in the series; in "Suikoden III", "IV", and "V", she mentions having "missed another meal."

During Suikoden IV, she believes she has seen Jeane before; in "Suikoden V", she is sure of it and mentions having "Encountered her lots of times in the past."

"Suikoden III" introduces an additional Viki who warps into the same mountains that Viki is found at in "Suikoden III". She has a similar appearance, albeit a slightly shorter one. While her appearance suggests that she should be younger, her behavior and manners are far more mature than the older Viki's, as she lacks any of the clumsiness and obliviousness that characterizes her counterpart. Her abilities as a magician are at the very least equal to Viki’s. Beyond this, she offers no further information on herself or her relationship with the older girl.


Jeane (ジーン, "Jīn") is a mysterious runemistress who has appeared in each of the five main games of the "Suikoden" series as the Chiketsu Star. She also appears in "Genso Suikogaiden Vol. 1" and "Suikoden Tactics". Very little has been revealed about her past or background in the games so far. While the series has spanned over centuries in-game, she appears to not have aged. The creators of "Suikoden" have said in an interview that "All of Jeane's family look alike," though this appears to have been said in a humorous light. Nonetheless, it is not clear whether Jeanes with similar appearance and personality traits (giggling frequently, answering questions evasively, and knowing a great deal about runes) exist, or if they are one ageless person. Many recurring characters, including Viki, Nash, and Futch, seem to believe she is the same person; Nash notes that she "never seems to change." In "Suikoden V", Genoh perceives her to be of great age, but is confused by her youthful appearance which appears to be no more than thirty.

Many of the games have featured a "detective" who can investigate your characters. However, none of these investigations of Jeane have revealed anything beyond the obvious, as the detectives seemingly become confused or intimidated. "Suikoden IV" has "confessionals" instead of investigations; Jeane "confesses" nothing but seems amused by the scenario.

Jeane bears a Charm Rune which has an unclear effect; it may cause men to be fascinated by or attracted to her, though she seems to manage to do that on looks alone. Some have speculated if it is the Charm Rune itself that causes her to appear so voluptuous and beautiful. In games which Jeane has a form usable in battle ("Suikoden IV" and "Suikoden V"), her Charm Rune sometimes causes enemies to protect her instead of attack. It is also important to note that the game's creators have noted that Jeane does not possess a True Rune in any way, shape, or form whatsoever, thus causing much speculation about the true nature of her mystery. Jeane's lack of a True Rune is also seemingly verified in "Suikoden III", when Lilly Pendragon is frustrated by her inability to find one anywhere on Jeane's body while they are in the bath house.

In "Suikoden V", Jeane was given a deeper role to play within the game and participates to a small degree in the plot. She appears to have met Zerase before, who seems to respect Jeane's considerable power as a runemistress. Jeane can apparently "force" some runes onto a bearer that usually can only be possessed by a person whom the Rune chooses (i.e., the Twilight Rune). She is unable to do this with the Sun Rune however. She also seems to have a connection to very ancient ruins in Falena which used to be from the Old Armes Kingdom, which was destroyed by the Sun Rune a long time ago. The designers also chose to change Jeane's hair color - normally silvery-white - in "Suikoden V" so as not to get her confused with the Falena family, the members of whom possess silver hair as well - in this game, her hair is pink instead.

In-game, Jeane's primary role has been to serve as the player's Rune Sage. She sells runes and can remove and equip them from party members. In "Suikoden V", she also can convert runes into spell scrolls, a service provided by different characters in other games. Jeane was able to join parties as a support character in "Suikoden III", where she was able to improve spellcasters' casting times, and as a character in battle in "IV" and "V". Aside from her permanently affixed Charm Rune, she also bears a (removable) Lightning Rune and has strong affinities for other runes as well. She uses a rod for physical combat.


Apple (アップル, "Appuru") is a strategist and historian who took part in the conflicts of each of the first three "Suikoden" games. She is only a 15 year old student in "Suikoden"; by "Suikoden III" she is 33 years old and an experienced historian.

Apple studied strategy under Mathiu Silverberg and aided Mathiu during the Gate Rune Wars. Three years later during the events of "Suikoden II", Apple helps Viktor's mercenaries fight against the Highland army. However, her lack of experience and the long odds faced prevent her from being an effective strategist. As a result, she approaches Shu, a fellow student of Mathiu, and begs him to take on the role of chief strategist for the Dunan Unification Army. Apple thereafter assists Shu as a secondary tactician.

After the Dunan Unification War, Apple traveled the world with Sheena, a friend she met during the Gate Rune Wars. Apple would go on to take Caesar Silverberg, a young relative of Mathiu's, as her own student and to follow in Mathiu's footsteps. With Caesar, Apple continues to travel in order to compile information to write a biography on her master. She also briefly marries and divorces soon after.

When Apple and Caesar eventually arrive in the Grasslands, they become involved in the Second Fire Bringer War. While Caesar becomes the chief tactician of the new Flame Champion and the Champion's allied forces, Apple continues to assist him alongside Salome Harras, the strategist of the Zexen Knights. Following the war and after the completion of her book, Apple goes on to open a school in her hometown.


Luc (ルック, "Rukku") is magician and the bearer of the True Wind Rune. He appears in Suikoden, Suikoden II, and Suikoden III. During the first two games, he acts as Keeper of the Tablet of the Stars, on which the names of the 108 Stars of Destiny are inscribed, and he is the primary antagonist in the third game.

Luc was born as a clone of High Priest Hikusaak with his sole purpose in life being to bear the True Wind Rune. Originally raised in Harmonia, he was rescued by Leknaat and lived on the Magician's Isle as her apprentice. He later became acquainted with Tir McDohl and Ted and joins the Toran Liberation Army at Leknaat's urging. Three years later, he agrees to aid Riou during the Dunan Unification Wars, though only at Leknaat's behest. He explains the nature of Beast Rune and the fate of the citizens of Muse to Riou and actively attacks the Harmonian reinforcements granted to Highland, and their leader, Bishop Sasarai.

Sometime after the Dunan Unification War, Luc began receiving visions from the True Wind Rune of a bleak and lifeless future stagnated as order overpowered chaos and became bitter at his fate as Hikusaak's puppet. Resolving to change this future by destroying the True Wind Rune and realizing full well that his own death will result from this, Luc leaves Leknaat's service after telling her how much he hates her. To achieve his plan, Luc recruits the aid of a powerful magician, Sarah, whom he had rescued from Crystal Valley as a girl, and strategist Albert Silverberg, who furthers aids Luc by summoning Yuber. To succeed, Luc requires the five elemental True Runes: the True Fire Rune, True Water Rune, True Lightning Rune, the True Earth Rune, and True Wind Rune. With Albert's help, he attains political rank within Harmonia as the Masked Bishop and instigates a war between Harmonia and the Grasslands, home of the Flame Champion and bearer of the True Fire Rune, just as a fifty year truce between the groups end.

While the Harmonian Army led by Sasarai begins an assault on the Grasslands, Luc, Sarah, Yuber, and Albert move through the Grasslands to obtain the True Runes and take advantage of the unsteady relationship with the Grasslands and the Zexen Confederacy. Yuber assassinates Chief Zepon of the Lizard clan and the Karayan Village is burned to the ground; the incidents are blamed on Zexen Knight Captain Chris Lightfellow. Luc moves on in search of the True Fire Rune in Le Buque and the True Water Rune in Alma Kinan; the attempts are thwarted by Geddoe and Chris Lightfellow respectively. When the seal on True Fire Rune is broken in the Chisha lands, Luc attempts to take the rune in the Flame Champion's hideaway but is unable to when the Flame Champion's spirit appears.

Unable to obtain the runes himself, Luc decides to join with Sasarai and the Harmonian Army to conquer the Grassland, obtaining the runes later. The attempt is successful until the new Flame Champion unites the soldiers of Zexen and Grassland. Luc pursues Jimba, the bearer of the True Water Rune; during their fight, Jimba is mortally injured, but destroys Luc's mask and reveals Luc's exact likeness to Sasarai before passing the rune to his daughter, Chris Lightfellow. Having failed to obtain the runes in the Grassland, Luc returns to Crystal Valley takes Sasarai's True Earth Rune and reveals to his "brother" the true nature of their births.

With two True Runes, Luc is confident enough in his position to wrest the runes from Grassland. Luc and Sarah take the remaining three True Runes and move to the Sindar Ritual Site near the Great Hollow to execute their final plan. He prepares for his own destruction until he discovers that Sarah and Yuber have been defeated in combat and Albert has betrayed and left them. Luc ends his own duel with Sasarai; although he hates Sasarai more than anyone else, Luc believes that Sasarai is the only person who can understand just who Luc really is. The other bearers of the True Runes arrive, having reclaimed their runes, and confront Luc in a final stand, where he summons the incarnation of the True Wind Rune along with 'phantoms' of the other elemental runes to do battle.

After his defeat, he lies dying and is joined by Sarah, who confesses her love for him and why she followed him without question. He thanks her, as her love has redeemed him and he finally believes himself to a human and having a soul. They die with each other as the ruins collapse upon them. After death, the souls of Luc and Sarah go to Leknaat, where the seer tells Luc she forgives him and blesses him.


Lorelai (ローレライ, "Rõrerai") is an investigator of the vanished Sindar civilization who appears in "Suikoden", "Suikoden II", and "Suikoden V". She considers herself rivals in this pursuit with both Killey and Zweig. She is 19 in "Suikoden V" and 28 by the end of "Suikoden II" (since "Suikoden V" takes place 6 years before "Suikoden", and "Suikoden II" takes place 3 years after). She only travels with people that are stronger than her, as to not be "slowed down."

Lorelai is encountered at the Ceras Lake Sindar Ruins in "Suikoden V". After being defeated in a duel by the Prince, she joins his forces as the Prince's Dawn Rune proves useful for opening previously sealed ruins, even though this means working with Zweig. After that war, she continued her investigations into the Sindar civilization. In "Suikoden", she was met by Tir McDohl's party in Kouan, where she shortly thereafter decided to join his army, though she never mentions anything to do with Sindar. In "Suikoden II", three in-universe years later, she is impressed that Riou has recruited Killey and that he "wouldn't join a fool's army." She joins that army as well.

Lorelai has used a number of weapons. In "Suikoden V" she wields a whip. Years later, upon traveling to the Northern Continent in "Suikoden", she uses a bow and arrows; which she again abandons in "Suikoden II", for a halberd owned by Kirke. She bears a Drain Rune (II, V) and a Lightning Rune (V).


Futch (フッチ, "Fucchi") is a Dragon Knight who appears in "Suikoden", "Suikoden II", and "Suikoden III". He is 11 in the first, 14 in "Suikoden II", and 29 in "Suikoden III".

A highly skilled Dragon Knight, Futch has been caring for dragons and fighting as a dragon knight his whole life. However, his membership of the Dragon Knights ceased temporarily when his dragon, Black, is attacked by the Court Magician Windy in "Suikoden".

In Suikoden II, Futch rescues a baby white dragon at Mt. Rakutei and adopts it as his own, both caring and nurturing it, therefore preventing it from becoming a renegade dragon. He names the dragon Bright after the Bright Shield Rune of Riou, the hero of "Suikoden II". Not long after the events of "Suikoden II", Futch ventures to the One Temple in Harmonia's Crystal Valley with Humphrey Mintz in search of information concerning dragons.

Several years later, Futch is promoted to the rank of Dragon Knight Regiment Commander and becomes the assistant of Dragon Knight Captain Milia. He is sent by Milia to find her wayward daughter, Sharon, and help the Flame Champion during the Second Fire Bringer War against the forces of Harmonia and Destroyers. Bright comes along as well.


Ted (テッド, "Teddo") is Tir McDohl's best friend in "Suikoden". Ted also appears as a flashback in "SuikoGaiden II" and in "Suikoden IV" as a playable character where he is one of the 108 Stars of Destiny. Due to bearing Rune of Life and Death, a True Rune, he is more than 150 years old in "Suikoden IV" and more than 300 years old in "Suikoden".

Ted was born in the "Village of the Hidden Rune." He was the sole survivor of an attack on the village by Windy, Neclord, and Yuber; since then, he has wandered the world with the Rune of Life and Death (previously borne by his grandfather), usually known as the Soul Eater due to its propensity to curse the bearer and those close to him or her. In the novels, parallel to when Tir McDohl travels back in time in "Suikoden", Ted's younger self makes a promise to live to meet Tir again and become friends. He sticks to it, though it is revealed by the time he meets Tir again he has forgotten about it. He does admit he was drawn to Tir for reasons he can't explain. During the events of "Suikoden IV" 150 years previously, Ted spends some time on the Fog Ship, where he relinquishes his rune to the ship's captain, and decides to spend eternity there. Eventually the Fog Ship came in contact with Lazlo, the hero of "Suikoden IV", and the ship's captain tries to convince Lazlo to give up his True Rune: the Rune of Punishment. Lazlo refuses, and Ted helps defeat the Fog Ship's Captain, returning the Soul Eater to him. Ted helps Lazlo throughout the rest of the war with the Kooluk Empire, and vanishes when the war ends. He makes it clear that he fears becoming too friendly with others on the ship. [Comment Box from Ted: "If you've got no business, don't come approach me. Please."]

During the Scarlet Moon Empire's war with Jowston, shortly before the events of "Suikoden", Teo McDohl found Ted in the battlefield. Mistaking Ted for a war orphan, Teo invited him to his household. According to the novels, Leknaat reveals at the end that just before Ted met Teo, and then Tir McDohl, that he was able to suppress the rune's curse, enabling him to make friends without fear. Most likely because of this and the promise Ted had made 300 years earlier, he and Tir became fast friends. Ted even accompanied Tir in his earliest quests when he joined the Scarlet Moon Empire Army's Royal Guards under Kraze. However, his rune was discovered by the Court Magician Windy when he used it to protect his friends. Ted suffers a heavy magical wound when he escapes from Windy's clutches. After arriving at the McDohl household, he passes the Soul Eater onto Tir while he himself stayed behind as a decoy. This in the end forced Tir to fight against the Scarlet Moon Empire. Despite this, Ted was kept alive by Windy. Through the progress of the game and in the novel, Tir travels through time and witnesses the destruction of Ted's village and makes a promise to be friends with Ted in the future. Afterwards, Tir has a vision of Ted. Later, Windy summoned Ted at Seek Valley and forced him to ask Tir to surrender his rune. However, due to the fact that the Soul Eater still considered Ted to be its owner, Ted was able to communicate to Tir through the rune. It is revealed once again in the novels that during all this time, the connection has allowed Ted to learn of the deaths around Tir and also send the vision to Tir earlier on. Then, Ted commanded the Soul Eater to take his own soul.

"SuikoGaiden II" reveals Ted is proficient in many weapons; aside from his rune, he uses a bow in battle.


Yuber (ユーバー, "Yũbã") is a mysterious Black Knight who frequently appears in the midst of conflicts. He openly states that he is not human and other characters who have come into contact with him remark on his inhuman traits. He bears the Hachifusa Rune, a very powerful rune. He also has the power to summon powerful monsters, such as the Bone Dragon which appeared in Greenhill during the Dunan Unification Wars. He feels no affection for his employers and works only with them to cause chaos. He harbours a deep hatred toward the True Runes and actively tries to destroy those who wield their power. Little else is known about Yuber or his origins save that he bears a connection to the Black Knight Pesmerga, who pursues Yuber throughout "Suikoden" and "Suikoden II" for unknown reasons.

Originally summoned by the sorceress Windy, he and vampire lord Neclord are taken by Windy as her subordinates as in her search for True Runes. They destroy countless lives for several centuries in the process, including those in the Village of Lycanthropes and the Village of the Hidden Rune. In "Suikoden", Yuber fights on the side of the Scarlet Moon Empire and after Windy's death, he apparently disappears.

During the Gate Rune War, Leon Silverberg takes note of Yuber's prowess and learns to summon him himself, which he does in the Dunan Unification War of "Suikoden II". In that war, Yuber fights for the Highland Kingdom, but deserts when it becomes clear that Highland will lose. Leon would later compile information on Yuber into a book given only to members of the Silverberg family. Albert Silverberg (Leon's grandson) would later use this book to summon Yuber in "Suikoden III" to further his and Luc's plans. Yuber willingly agrees to help Luc for the simple reason that Luc's plan will bring about mass chaos and death, both of which Yuber is fond of. After being defeated by the bearer of the True Lightning Rune he teleports away from the Sindar Ruins, once again abandoning his employers after their defeat is inevitable.

Yuber wields a single long sword in his first two appearances in the "Suikoden". In "Suikoden III", he wields a pair of long thin swords apparently concealed in his sleeves.


Pesmerga (ペシュメルガ, "Peshumeruga") also known as "He who chases death," is a mysterious Black Knight who is chasing after Yuber for undisclosed reasons. He appears in "Suikoden" and "Suikoden II".

Much like Yuber, Pesmerga is not considered a human and very little about his origins are known. He appears rather fixated on pursuing Yuber, joining both the Toran Liberation Army and the Dunan Unification Army to find Yuber. He finds his nemesis on only one of these two occurrences; following the Scarlet Moon Imperial Army's defeat at Gregminster, a duel between the two ensued with an inconclusive end.

It is rumoured that, in the early stages of Suikoden II's development, Lucia was meant to be recruitable. However, due to production timelines, this idea was cut short and Pesmerga was made recruitable instead.Fact|date=July 2007

In battle, Pesmerga uses a two-handed sword known to be imbued with runic powers.


Neclord (ネクロード, "Nekurõdo") is a vampire. He is in possession of the Blue Moon Rune during the time period of "Suikoden" and "Suikoden II", where he appears. He is more than 400 years old.

Neclord stole the Blue Moon Rune from the Village of the Blue Moon, killing a majority of the vampires, except for a few who decided to prey upon humans. The True Rune's previous bearer, Sierra Mikain, went on to end the lives of the surviving vampires and pursue Neclord in order to reclaim the True Rune and stop Neclord. Neclord eventually joined forces with the sorceress Windy and Yuber, and together they created wide-spread ruin in Windy's quest to acquire more True Runes. Notably, Neclord destroyed the village of Northwindow killing all of its inhabitants, save for Viktor, who was traveling at the time.

Neclord frequently abducts young maidens, and forces them to marry him. During "Suikoden", he takes over a fort in Lorimar and makes a request to the Warrior's Village to send a young girl to be his bride. Tengaar, the daughter of the village chief, is selected to be the sacrifice. After the vampire storms the Warrior's Village and kidnaps Tengaar, the town sets out to rescue her. With the help of Viktor and the Star Dragon Sword, Neclord is defeated by the hero's party, although according to "Suikoden II" only a doppelganger of Neclord was defeated. Tengaar goes on to join the Toran Liberation Army.

During "Suikoden II", Neclord appears in Northwindow again and starts to abduct young women. Viktor, with the help of the Star Dragon Sword and a vampire hunter named Kahn Marley, successfully force Neclord to retreat from Northwindow. Neclord eventually moves to the Tinto Republic and abducts a young Lilly Pendragon. With the combined efforts of Riou, Viktor, the Star Dragon Sword, Kahn and Sierra Mikain, Neclord is finally defeated. The Blue Moon Rune is then returned to the possession of Sierra.


Viktor (ビクトール, Bikutōru) appears in Suikoden, Suikoden II, and Suikogaiden Vol. 1 as a mercenary who aids the hero and the wielder of the Star Dragon Sword.

Viktor grew up in the fort of Northwindow and was raised by his mother, Helen, and grandmother, Martha, with his brother Wil and Daisy, a war orphan adopted by his family; his father died in a war. He is one of the few survivors of Northwindow's destruction at the hands of Neclord, who turned his family into zombies, save Daisy, who committed suicide believing Viktor had died and to avoid becoming Neclord's bride.

He goes on to live the life of a mercenary in pursuit of Neclord and becomes one of the original members of the Toran Liberation Army. He becomes a good friend of the swordsman Flik. Though not easily trusted by its members as a result of his rogue-like tendencies, Viktor is responsible for recruiting Tir McDohl in the army. During the final assault on Gregminster, Viktor and Flik survive and escape, though are believed by other members of the army to have perished.

The two traveled towards Dunan and form a mercenary group for the Jowston City-State of Muse, resulting from a promise that Viktor made with Anabelle, Muse's mayor, and establishes a new fort within Muse. His mercenaries become involved in the Dunan Unification War, offering their services to the Dunan Unification Army's leader, Riou after the fall of Muse. During the war, Viktor is finally able to destroy Neclord with the aid of Sierra Mikain and Kahn Marley. Following the war, he and Flik set out on a new adventure.

They end up aiding a young man named Edge to defeat vampires attacking his village; Viktor passes the Star Dragon Sword to Edge after lending it to the young man to defeat the head vampire. He leaves with Flik to go help fight against Harmonia in the Higheast Rebellion.

In Suikoden III, if the player loaded the save data from Suikoden II, a script called 'Neclord's End' will be available to be played in the Theatre, which has the role for Viktor, Flik, Riou, Sierra, Neclord and Narrator. And if the save data from Suikoden II has the Suikoden I save data, a script called 'Imperial Love' will unlocked, which has the slot for Barbarossa, Viktor, Flik, Tir McDohl, Milich, The Golden Hydra and Narrator.


Flik (フリック, "Furikku") is a swordman known as the "Blue Lightning" and Viktor's best friend. He appears in Suikoden I, Suikoden II and Suikogaiden Vol. 1.

Flik is one of the original members of the Toran Liberation Army and the lover of Odessa Silverberg, the leader of the army. When she dies protecting a child on a surprise attack within their hidden headquarters by Scarlet Moon Empire troops, Flik is visibly distraught and unable to forgive himself for not being there to protect her. During the Gate Rune Wars, he is responsible for the Liberation Army's disastrous attack on Scarleticia Castle, where Milich Oppenheimer kills thousands of their soldiers with poisonous pollen. Flik reluctantly joins the army again after Odessa's death and gradually accepts the new leader, Tir McDohl as he comes to see the same qualities that led Odessa to name Tir as her successor and becomes one of his most fiercely loyal followers. He and Viktor ensure Tir and his party are able to escape Gregminister after their final assault.

Following the Gate Rune Wars, Flik and Viktor remain missing for several years. Flik ends up helping Viktor form a mercenary force for the Jowston city state of Muse at the request of its mayor, Anabelle and establish a fortress as their headquarters. They become involved in the Dunan Unification Wars; Flik winds up commanding the mounted archers and is charged with several often discreet missions, such as spying in Greenhill and rescuing Riou and Teresa Wisemail in Muse.

When Highland is finally defeated, both Flik and Viktor resumed to their travels. During the Higheast Rebellion, they support Teresa Wisemail, the new president of the Dunan Republic, and Shu, in order to end the conflict.


Clive (クライブ, "Kuraibu") is a Knight Class Gunner in the country of Harmonia's Howling Voice Guild. He appears in "Suikoden", "Suikoden II", and "Suikogaiden Vol. 1"; he is 24 years old in the first, and 27 in the second.

Clive was born and raised in the "Tower", where the Guild takes up residence. He grew up alongside Kelley and Elza, who also trained as gunners under the Guild Elder, Master Sauro. The three became best friends, and as they grew older, occasionally lovers as well. The three of them also passed the Knight Class Gunner test at the same time, meaning that all three were potentially eligible for the position of Guild Master.

Feeling threatened, the existing Elders rigged a duel between Kelley, their choice for Guild Master, and Elza, who had gained the acceptance of the Guild Master's sentient rifle Sturm. The two were pitted against each other with the Guild's sacred dual pistols, Stern and Mond. The duel took place early in the morning, and Clive, who had spent the previous night with Elza, slept through it, unaware of what was transpiring. Clive later awoke to find Kelley dead, Elza missing, and the Elders telling him that one of his best friends was responsible for murdering the other.

Swearing vengeance, Clive then set off with the gun Sturm with the intent of finding Elza and killing her for her betrayal. During his search, he also acts as an agent for Harmonia. He monitors and aids the hero's forces in both "Suikoden" and "Suikoden II". In "Suikoden II", it is possible for the player to finish Clive's hunt for Elza as an optional sidequest. If done, Clive and Elza duel at Sajah, Elza's hometown. There he learns the truth from Elza as she lays dying. The guns in Kelley and Elza's duel had been rigged, with Stern loaded and Mond unloaded, and Kelley had been told by the Elders to take Stern. Unwilling to become their puppet, he took Mond instead. His dying words to Elza were "I loved you and Clive."

Similarly, Elza rigged the guns and chose Mond in her duel with Clive, seeking punishment for her crime. At least, that's what she says. Right after she says that, she points Mond in the air, and fires a bullet. She dies in Clive's arms while telling him to return to the Guild, as it is "the only place for (him)" and become Sturm's keeper. Eventually, he does, and becomes the new Guild Master.

Leon Silverberg

Leon Silverberg (レオン シルバーバーグ, "Reon Shirubãbãgu") is a military strategist. He appears in "Suikoden" as a Star of Destiny and in "Suikoden II" as an antagonist. He is 45 years old in "Suikoden".

A member of the famed Silverberg family, Leon is one of the most well-known strategists in the world. During the Succession War of the Scarlet Moon Empire, he became chief tactician to Emperor Barbarossa Rugner at the urging of his nephew, Mathiu. To legitimize Scarlet Moon's war against the Jowston region, Leon orchestrated the Kalekka Incident, where the entire town was slaughtered. Following Scarlet Moon's victory, Leon quietly withdrew from the public eye and took up residence in Kalekka, which lay in ruins.

Leon continues to live in Kalekka until he is approached by Mathiu during the Gate Rune Wars to aid the Toran Liberation Army in their attack on the fortress of Shasarazade. Following the Gate Rune Wars, however, he once again returns to his life as a private citizen in Kalekka.

Three years later, Leon is approached by Jowy Atreides Blight to become a strategist of the Highland Army during the Dunan Unification Wars and successfully orchestrates the death of Luca Blight. During the war, he summons the demon Yuber to aid the Highland. He escapes from L'Renouille after Highland's fall; it is currently not established what happens to him afterward.

Leon, as a strategist, strongly believes that a war should be ended as quickly as possible, regardless of how much suffering results, in order to reduce human casualties. To this end, he will take actions even of questionable morality and despises politics as they interfere with tactical decisions. However, despite his profession and ability, Leon despises being a member of the Silverberg family because they are only recalled in times of war.

His grandsons, Albert and Caesar, would go on to play key roles as tactical advisors during the Second Fire Bringer War.


Kasumi (カスミ, "Kasumi") is a character in "Suikoden" and "Suikoden II", with a light appearance in "Genso Suikogaiden Vol. 2". She is 16 in "Suikoden" and 19 in "Suikoden II".

Kasumi was born and raised in the ninja hamlet of Rokkaku in the border between the Scarlet Moon Empire and Jowston (later known as Dunan). Growing up under the guidance of Hanzo, the head of Rokkaku, she became friends with Sasuke, who had a crush on her.

When Rokkaku distanced itself from Scarlet Moon during the Gate Rune War, Teo McDohl’s forces were ordered to destroy the hamlet and kill all inhabitants. Kasumi managed to flee in the commotion and escaped towards Toran Castle to request help from the Liberation Army. Believing her comrades to be dead, she became a member of the rebellion, serving as a spy for Mathiu Silverberg and secretly developing a crush on the army’s leader, Tir McDohl.

Nearing the war’s end, she was reunited with Hanzo and the Rokkaku survivors that had been in hiding since the attack and was appointed as Vice-Chancellor of the village upon the battle’s completion to help in the reconstruction. Kasumi became a liaison between Rokkaku and the newly created Toran Republic government, although she was known to take occasional trips to Banner Village in Jowston, which Tir was using as a temporary home.

Three years later, she commanded Toran’s forces to support the Dunan Unification Army by President Lepant’s orders. She took two of her colleagues from Rokkaku with her, Sasuke and Mondo. Once the war ended, she settled in Rokkaku, apparently visiting Gregminster at least once a week.

Kasumi’s last appearance was shortly after the war’s end, when Nash Latkje witnessed her and Tir having a conversation under a tree.

Kasumi and Tir's relationship is a popular matter of speculation for many fans. During the games, she is too shy to reveal her feelings although she appears to keep in contact with him. One of the last scenes in Suikogaiden Vol. 2 shows both of them talking under a tree, with Tir talking about his childhood and Ted, which may suggest that they are at least close to each other.

In battle, Kasumi employs a pair of steel claws and a Shrike Rune.


Sheena (シーナ, "Shīna") is the son of Lepant and Eileen. He appears in "Suikoden", "Suikoden II", and "Genso Suikogaiden Vol. 2". He is 16 during "Suikoden", and 19 during "Suikoden II". In battle, Sheena uses a sword; in "Suikoden II", he uses the Kirinji sword his father passes down to him.

Sheena is a flirt who is constantly chasing after young women. He is skilled in both swordsmanship and magic, abilities which he inherited from his parents. His involvement in the Gate Rune Wars occurred when his father recruits him into the Toran Liberation Army after finding his son flirting with an inn maid in Seika. After the war, he leaves his parents to travel and improve his abilities.

During his travels, he winds up in the Jowston City-States. As the son of Lepant, he is able to offer the leader of the Dunan Unification Army the opportunity to forge an alliance with the Toran Republic. Lepant, the president of Toran since the end of the Gate Rune Wars, agrees to the alliance, though he requests that Riou puts Sheena to good use; Sheena ends up serving the army as one of its members until the end of the war.

After the events of "Suikoden II", he returns to his parents, but is soon sent off again by his father. Sheena travels towards the Crystal Valley with Oulan as his bodyguard and finds Apple along the way; Sheena decides to tag along with her, claiming that he is protecting her. After arriving in one village, he flirts with a girl named Jonah and goes on a date with her. She is unfortunately kidnapped by a renegade dragon and saved with the collaborative efforts of Sheena, Nash Latkje, Humphrey Mintz and Futch. Afterwards, he resumes his travels towards Crystal Valley.

Sheena is rumoured to be the husband Apple briefly married and divorced after he had an affair.Fact|date=July 2007

Hix and Tengaar

Hix (ヒックス, "Hikkusu") is a warrior-in-training from the Warrior's Village; Tengaar (テンガアール, "Tengaãru") is his fiancée and daughter of the chief of the Warrior's Village, Zorak. They appear in "Suikoden", "Suikoden II", and "Suikogaiden Vol. 1". Hix is three years older than Tengaar; he is 18 when she is 15 in "Suikoden". They end up joining the player's armies in both games, and aiding Nash in "Genso Suikogaiden".

Tengaar, as Zorak's daughter, is somewhat spoiled and nags Hix and forces him to do things for her. In truth, her constant nagging is her way of showing Hix affection and her wish for Hix to become a great warrior. As a fighter, Tengaar possesses strong magical abilities as a result of her lineage and from training to become a warrior herself.

Hix, by nature, does not like fighting, but does not hesitate to do so when Tengaar is kidnapped by Neclord, who intends to make her his bride. Hix, with Tir McDohl and Viktor, stands up to the vampire and defeats him. Reunited with Tengaar, they join the Toran Liberation Army and, after the Gate Rune Wars, travel around the world together as a rite of passage for Hix to become a true warrior.

During their travels, the pair become involved in the Dunan Unification War after Riou lifts the curse Tengaar supposedly received from a unicorn, though she had actually faked it in order to test Hix. They continue to travel after the war, with Tengaar hoping to become Hix's wife someday.

Hix uses a sword named after Tengaar, as is the tradition of the Warrior's Village to name their swords after what is most dear to them. Tengaar uses throwing knives.

Humphrey Mintz

Humphrey Mintz (ハンフリー ミンツ, "Hanfurī Mintsu") is a character in "Suikoden", "Suikoden II", and "Suikogaiden Vol. 2". Humphrey is one of the original members of the Liberation Army. He is 32 in "Suikoden" and 35 in "Suikoden II".

Humphrey was a lieutenant of the Scarlet Moon Empire's Elite Guards, but leaves after killing his superior during the Kalekka Incident. Since then, he has lived in the life of a fugitive and worked as a mercenary. He rarely speaks and maintains a fairly emotionless demeanor as a result of his grim past. He is one of the founding members of the Toran Liberation Army and places his trust in Tir McDohl when he becomes Odessa's successor as leader of the army. During the war, Humphrey is asked by Joshua Levenheit, an old acquiantance of his, to take care of Futch.

Several years later, Humphrey ends up joining the Dunan Unification Army while travelling to the "One Temple" in Crystal Valley with Futch. After the war, he leaves telling no one of his whereabouts.

In battle, Humphrey uses a two-handed sword, which he gives to Futch after retiring.


Valeria (バレリア, "Bareria") is a character in "Suikoden" and "Suikoden II". She is 26 years old in "Suikoden" and 29 in "Suikoden II".

Valeria was born in a small village in the Great Forest. She always wished to make it big in the real world and has been practicing swordsmanship since her youth. By luck she was able to study the Falcon Style Fencing under master Roundier Haia in Kanakan and perfected the style. After that, she entered the Scarlet Moon Army and was placed under Kwanda Rosman as a Lieutenant. However, when Kwanda started burning the forest with the Burning Mirror, Valeria decided to defect and tried to convince the Elves to stand up against him. However, she was instead captured and imprisoned by the elves. In prison she meets the Hero, Tir McDohl, and decides to join forces with the Liberation Army. The party escaped with the help of Sylvina and they were able to win the trust of the Dwarves. As the party was heading back to Toran Castle, they were ambushed by Imperial Soldiers. The soldiers demanded that the rebels hand over Valeria and Valeria volunteered to leave. However, the Imperial Soldiers broke the agreement and tried to capture the Hero. Just when all hope was lost, Mathiu Silverberg brought the Liberation Army with him to attack Pannu Yakuta. The Imperial Soldiers scurried off in terror. Valeria was freed and after the Liberation Army defeated Kwanda's army in battle, Valeria volunteered to enter Pannu Yakuta to defeat Kwanda Rosman. Shortly after, Pannu Yakuta was liberated.

Since then, Valeria was a powerful force within the Liberation Army and after they were victorious, Valeria was named as one of the new Six Great Generals for the Toran Republic. In her new capacity, she participated in Toran's war against Tinto and South Window and was also chosen as the general for the military aid sent to the Dunan Allied Forces by the orders of President Lepant. After she came to Dunan, she met with her rival, Anita. Anita was also a student of Roundier Haia and the two often got into fights due to their different ideas on being a swordmistress. However, they could always be found in the bar, drinking together. After "Suikoden II", Valeria went back to Toran to continue her duties.

Valeria uses a weapon similar to a rapier and a sword combined.


Maximillian (マクシミリアン, "Makushimirian") is a character in "Suikoden" and "Suikoden II". He was former leader of the Knights of Maximillian which rose to fame during the Succession War. Devoted to the highest standards of virtue, the knights were disbanded after the war by the Scarlet Moon Empire due to their anti-corruption stance. Despite this Maximillian did his best to continue to his best to fight evil, usually with the help of his sidekick, Sancho. He fought bravely in the events of both "Suikoden" and "Suikoden II" for the player's armies finally retiring; he was 62 during "Suikoden" and 65 in "Suikoden II". Some time between the end of the Dunan Unification War and the Second Fire Bring War fifteen years later, Maximillian died peacefully. His grandson, Fred Maximillian, appears in "Suikoden III" and continues to fight the good fight in his memory. His visual style, as well as his servant Sancho, seem to be inspired by Don Quixote, the fictitious knight in the book of the same name by Miguel de Cervantes.

Meg and Gadget

Meg (メグ, "Megu") is a trickster who appears in "Suikoden", "Suikoden II", and "Genso Suikogaiden Vol. 2"; she is 13 in the first, and 16 in the second. She wanted to learn her uncle Juppo's trade , whom she discovered had joined the Liberation Army during the Gate Rune War. Despite joining the army to be closer to him, Juppo never did teach his niece. Instead, he made a mechanical companion for her, Gadget, and told her to go traveling after the end of the Gate Rune War. Meg did so, and three years later, she joined the forces of Riou in the events of "Suikoden II". (Gadget only appears in "Suikoden II".)

After the Dunan Unification War, the two traveled to Crystal Valley with Millie. Gadget has the ability to locate itself using a satellite global positioning system, and could turn into "Super Karakuri Maru"--thanks to the combined efforts of Meg, Tenkou, Jeane, Adlai, Toni, and a few others.

In "Suikoden III", Gadget Z appears, a remodeled version of Gadget. It travels with Belle, thought to be the daughter of Meg by an unknown father.


As noted above, "Suikoden II" carried over a considerable number of characters from "Suikoden". As an easter egg for those with a clear file from the original "Suikoden" saved on the memory card, Tir McDohl, the main character of "Suikoden", is optionally recruitable in "Suikoden II" (though not as a Star of Destiny). Other minor characters appear as Stars of Destiny in both. Templeton (テンプルトン, "Tempuruton") is a cartographer who joins the 108 Stars of Destiny when found amongst the ruins of Toto Village. Vincent de Boule (ヴァンサン ド ブール, "Vansan do Bũru") is a foppish aristocrat. Hanzo (ハンゾウ, "Hanzõ") is the head of the ninja village of Rokkaku. Yam Koo (ヤム・クー, "Yamu Kũ") and Tai Ho (タイ・ホー, "Tai Hõ") are oath brothers and fishermen.

Stallion (スタリオン, "Sutarion") is an elf from Toran who seeks "to become the fastest person alive." [Stallion's ending in Suikoden II.] He bears the "True Holy Rune" (later re-translated as the Godspeed Rune in "Suikoden V") which allows him to move quickly.

Cameos in other games

Alen, Antonio, Cleo, Eileen, Grenseal, Kage, Lepant, Lester, Liukan, Lotte, Marie, Pahn, Sarah, Tesla and Varkas all make small cameo appearances in "Suikoden II"; their roles are much more pronounced in "Suikoden".

uikoden II

These are recurring characters whose first appearance was in "Suikoden II".


Lucia (ルシア, "Rushia") is the Chief of the Karaya Clan of the Grasslands. She is 21 years old in Suikoden II and 36 years old in Suikoden III. She is a Star of Destiny only in Suikoden III. She wields a whip in battle.

Lucia became chief of the clan after her father and previous chieftain, Kianu, was poisoned by Gorudo and Alec Wisemail during a peace meeting. In the middle of the Dunan Reunification War, she decides to join forces with Jowy Atreides on the condition that the Karayans would be granted land. Her ulterior motive, however, is actually to take revenge on those who murdered her father and works as an assassin for the Highland.

After the defeat of the Highland Army at L'Renouille, Lucia returns to the Grasslands. She eventually forgives Greenhill and Teresa Wisemail, Alec's daughter and current mayor of Greenhill, for her father's death. She later gives birth to a son, Hugo, who would eventually succeed her as the chief of the Karaya clan after her resignation.

Georg Prime

Georg Prime (ゲオルグ プライム, "Georugu Puraimu") is renowned throughout the Suikoden world as a skilled swordsman with a colorful past; he was once one of the Six Great Generals of the Scarlet Moon Empire, a member of the Ebony Moon Knights in the Grasslands, and also one of the Queendom of Falena's Queen's Knights. He is 29 years old in Suikoden V and 38 years old in Suikoden II.

During his career as a member of the Queendom of Falena's Queen's Knights, Georg was involved in an incident where he bore the responsibility as the one who assassinated Queen Arshtat Falenas. When Arshtat was driven insane due to the Sun Rune, her husband Ferid was unable to calm her and was incinerated in Arshtat's frenzied state. Georg, who had been specifically made into a Queen's Knight should Ferid be unable to restore the Queen's mental state, was forced to kill Arshtat to prevent her from destroying Falena. Although it is known to the royal family that the truth of the incident was that under Ferid's request, the fact remained that Georg had killed the Queen and his act would not be accepted by the general public. As such, Georg had to leave Falena and was considered missing until he appeared once again during the Dunan Unification War to lend his skill to Riou as one of the Infantry Generals. After the fall of Highland, he once again continued his travels his whereabouts unknown.

Georg is a practitioner of Iaijutsu (a form similar to Battoujutsu). With this form, he swiftly and accurately draws his blade and slays his enemy, then returning it to his saya (scabbard) in one clean, smooth motion. He only draws his blade when he is sure that his enemy will die. Although he wears a patch, his face and eye are actually completely unharmed. He tells the story of being saved by Ferid after taking a strike to his face near the left eye and explains that he only wears it to keep himself from becoming overconfident. He also bears a Killer Rune.

Oddly enough, he has a severe weak spot for cheesecake. In fact there are always six cheesecakes in his inventory whenever he joins the player.

The eyepatch and general combat capabilities seems to be based on that of Xiahou Dun from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Lilly Pendragon

Lilly Pendragon (リリィ ペンドラゴン, "Rirī Pendoragon") is the daughter of President Gustav of Tinto and an opinionated young woman who is always able to view events in a light most favorable to herself. She is 6 years old in Suikoden II and 21 years old in Suikoden III. She is a Star of Destiny only in Suikoden III.

During Suikoden II, young Lilly was kidnapped by Neclord and used as a hostage and to be raise as his bride. However, she was freed by Riou and Sierra. Several years later, she would meet Chris Lightfellow at a Zexen society ball.

By the time of Suikoden III, she is old enough to travel herself and is accompanied by two bodyguards, Samus and Reed. She is investigating rumors of the Fire Bringer's resurgence for Tinto in a somewhat decadent and budget-unfriendly fashion. She falls in with Hugo's band while in the Duck Clan village.

Offering payment, she travels with them to the Lizard Clan Great Hollow by way of an underground passage, where they meet the Masked Bishop, Sarah, Albert Silverberg, and Yuber. Lilly identifies them as evil based on sight, and advocates an aggressive posture towards them, after which Albert recognizes her and a battle with Yuber breaks out. At the Great Hollow, Lilly "remembers" that she does not have the funds available any more to pay Hugo, as it has all been spent on expensive hotels and the like. She heads to Budehuc Castle partially in an attempt to find a Tinto trader to collect the needed money from; there, she and Hugo meet Thomas and Caesar Silverberg. Lilly leaves again to find the money after escaping Budehuc, and Hugo eventually decides he can wait no longer for the unreliable Lilly to return.

Lilly later comes to Brass Castle to meet the new Flame Champion, where (if the Flame Champion is not Geddoe) she is surprised to find she already knows the Champion. She aids the allied Grassland/ Zexen forces afterward.

In combat, Lilly wields a rapier.


Sasarai (ササライ, "Sasarai") is a bishop of Harmonia and bearer of the True Earth Rune. He appears in both "Suikoden II" and "Suikoden III" leading Harmonian forces into neighboring territories. Despite his position, he is actually a fairly kind and nonchalant person. He is 17 years old in "Suikoden II" and 32 in "Suikoden III".

In the world of "Suikoden", a person cannot possess more than one True Rune at any given time. In order to bypass this limitation, High Priest Hikusaak, the spiritual leader of Harmonia, created clones of himself to use as living containers for the True Runes. Thus, Sasarai and his "brother" Luc were created to bear the True Earth Rune and the True Wind Rune, respectively, which Harmonia had acquired. Sasarai was trained from his early childhood to become a bishop of the Harmonian Church, a position of extremely high rank within the Harmonian theocratic government, yet was never told of his true nature.

In "Suikoden II", he leads Harmonian reinforcements intended to support Highland's campaign over the City States of Jowston. His involvement was short-lived however, as his forces were devastated by Luc when he used his True Wind Rune in a surprise attack, forcing him and his troops to retreat back to Harmonia. Shortly after, he became involved in the struggle for power within the Howling Voice Guild, where he aided Nash Latkje in his revenge against Zaj Quilos in the events of "Genso Suikogaiden".

Fifteen years later, in "Suikoden III", Sasarai leads an expeditionary force into the Grasslands following the rumor of the reappearance of the Flame Champion. The expedition quickly escalates into an invasion, egged on by the recently appointed Masked Bishop's actions during that time. Harmonian forces overwhelm the Safir Clan, but they are stalled at the Chisha lands after Sasarai loses a duel with Hugo of the Karaya Clan. Later on, though, both the Chisha and Duck clans fall to the Harmonian onslaught; they are stopped only at Brass Castle, and only due to withdrawing a large number of their forces to not risk them all being destroyed by the True Fire Rune.

Luc soon reveals his betrayal of Harmonia by forcibly taking Sasarai's True Earth Rune, as well as revealing their nature as clones of Hikusaak. Sasarai then allies himself and Harmonia with the new Flame Champion's forces to defeat Luc.


Killey (キリィ, "Kirī") is a researcher of the Sindar in "Suikoden II" and "Suikoden V" known for his affronting demeanor. He hails from a tribe that lives in northern Falena. His crimson clothing symbolizes the legendary red bird in his tribe. In his tracking of the Sindar he has crossed paths with Lorelai (a fellow Sindar-seeker) several times.

In "Suikoden V", a 21-year old Killey is one of the runeologists hired by Marscal Godwin to investigate the Sun Rune, but Gizel Godwin is suspicious of Killey upon his arrival. With good reason, as it is revealed that Killey only planned to stay near the Godwins long enough to steal whatever information on the Sindar they'd uncovered. Killey is seen alone in the Sun Chamber when the Sun Rune is returned. Eventually, the Godwin's suspicion of him catches up, and he is sent to Agate Prison, where the player may talk to him if they choose to before he escapes via picking the lock. Killey later appears near the Lake Castle, where Lorelai and Zweig recognize him. He is taken to see the Sealed Room, where he watches the Dawn Rune in action. He then leaves, describing the Prince, Lyon, Lorelai, and Zweig as "idiots". He later joins the Prince's forces anyway after meeting again at the Sindar Ruins in the west of Falena.

In "Suikoden II", Killey (now 30) joins the Allied Forces to interrogate Alex on his findings in the Sindar Ruins behind the White Deer Inn. Alex tells him what his treasure is, and Killey understands what Alex meant, that family, love and life are more important than any amount of gold. He continues his search for Sindar artifacts and his rivalry with Lorelai, heading to Kanakan after the events of Suikoden II. [Killey's ending text in "Suikoden II": "Journeyed to Kanakan south of the Toran republic in search of the mystery of the Sindar."]

Killey uses throwing knives as his weapon along with a Rage Rune in "Suikoden V". In "Suikoden II", however, he wields a pair of short swords with a Water Rune and Fire Rune.


Tuta (トウタ, "Touta") is a traveling doctor who appears in "Suikoden II" and "Suikoden III". In "Suikoden II", he apprenticed under Huan at the city of Muse. His tasks were mainly delivering medicine to Huan's clients and sometimes Tuta made very long journeys. At Muse, Tuta was told by Huan to join Viktor's Mercenaries in order to gain some experience. Since then, he became a part of the Allied Forces as a field medic.

After the war, he continued his apprenticeship under Huan. Upon finishing the apprenticeship, he journeyed throughout the world to small villages in search of people needing medical care. When the Harmonian Army invaded the Highland Region after losing Highland as a friendly nation, he went there to take care of injured soldiers on the battlefield. It was there that his operation wasn't enough to save the life of a nurse's husband. The nurse, Mio, became his student. His travels took him to the Grasslands for the events of "Suikoden III", where he joined the Fire Bringer with Mio. After the war, he and Mio accompanied Hallec to his village to give the residents medical care.

Cameos in other games

Beechum (ビッチャム, "Bicchamu"), Lucia's second-in-command, has an extremely minor role assisting her in both "Suikoden II" and "Suikoden III". Retso (レツオウ, "Retsuõ") makes a cameo appearance in Suikoden II at a cook-off with "Suikoden"'s Antonio and Lester; he is a Star of Destiny in "Suikoden V" as a cook. His daughter Shun Min (シュンミン, "Shunmin") (according to "Suikoden V") does not appear in "Suikoden II", but is referred to as "Shin Mun."


The "Genso Suikogaiden" side stories contain many characters that appear in "Suikoden II".

Nash Latkje

Nash Latkje (ナッシュ ラトキエ, "Nasshu Ratokie") is the main character of both volumes of "Genso Suikogaiden" as the titular "Swordsman of Harmonia". He appears in "Suikoden III" as well. He is 22 during "Suikogaiden" and 37 in "Suikoden III".

Nash is the eldest son of the powerful and well-known Latkje family of Harmonia. As a first class citizen, he grew up surrounded by everything he needed, including the love of his parents and his sister, Julie, alongside his aunt, Lena Suphina, who is only three years older than him. His family's strict views on education resulted in Nash being sent to the Howling Voice Guild for training under Master Sauro.

After enduring two years of intensive training, he enters the Temple Guards and masters the use of his family heirloom - the Double Snake Sword, "Grosser Fluss". His parents both die soon after from a mysterious illness, though Julie becomes engaged with Zaj Quilos, the adopted son of the Quilos family. Nash investigates his father's death, finding that he had been slowly poisoned by a squire-class gunner called "Zaj of the Black Moon". On the eve of Julie's wedding, Nash confronts Zaj, who admits to poisoning Nash's father to take over the Latkje household. Nash is forced to kill him and flees the Crystal Valley. The Latkje family falls from grace and Julie is taken under the protection of a Harmonian high priest.

Nash joins the Harmonian Southern Border Defence Force. In an investigation in Jowston concerning the True Runes, he encounters Sierra Mikain, who searches for Neclord and her former companion, Rean. He winds up aiding her in a fight against Rean, though she leaves him afterwards to pursue Neclord. While helping Teresa Wisemail of Greenhill fight against the Highland Kingdom, Nash discovers that Zaj is still alive and intends to kill him. He returns to the Crystal Valley to duel Zaj; after Nash wins, he disappears.

Sometime within the next fifteen years, Nash marries, or he claims to have in "Suikoden III". Although he frequently mentions his "missus", whom he considers a handful, she is never seen or mentioned by name. Speculation and hints from Nadir's play and Arthur's newspaper in "Suikoden III" suggest it may be Sierra Mikain.

As Nash Clovis, he resurfaces in the Grasslands and accompanies Chris Lightfellow at the request of Salome Harras as she searches for her estranged father. In truth, he is an agent of Harmonia, likely working for Sasarai, investigating the Fire Bringers, specifically Chris' father, the bearer of the True Water Rune, and the Masked Bishop.


*Gordon from Suikoden II and Gordon from Suikoden III have the same name, but are not the same character, the same also applies to Suikoden I and III's Hugo and Sarah.
*Viki, Jeane, and Leknaat are the only three characters that have appeared in every (main) "Suikoden" to date. Of these, Leknaat is the only one of them to not be a Star of Destiny.


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