CLC bio

CLC bio
CLC bio
Type Privately held company
Industry Bioinformatics
Founded 2005
Headquarters Aarhus, Denmark
Products Software, hardware, and consulting

CLC bio is a bioinformatics solution provider based in Aarhus, Denmark. CLC bio's software workbenches have more than 75,000 users in more than 100 countries around the globe.



The company started out making a free desktop workbench for basic bioinformatics, CLC Sequence Viewer (originally called CLC Free Workbench), which was released in July 2005. Commercial workbenches for advanced bioinformatics have been added since. CLC bio's software is platform independent and can thus be used for both Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.


The company has also developed high-performance computing solutions, focusing on accelerating scientifically proven algorithms such as HMMER, Smith-Waterman and ClustalW. CLC Bioinformatics Cube [1] and CLC Bioinformatics Cell [2] have garnered considerable positive attention in independent industry publications such as Bio-IT World[1].

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