Won't Get Fooled Again (Farscape episode)

Won't Get Fooled Again (Farscape episode)

Infobox Television episode
Title =Won't Get Fooled Again
Series =Farscape

Caption ="Earth"
Season =2
Episode =15
Airdate =August 18, 2000
Production =| Writer =Richard Manning
Director =Rowan Woods
Guests =Kent McCord (Jack Crichton);
Wayne Pygram(Scorpius);
Lani Tupu (Bialar Crais);
Carmen Duncan (Leslie Crichton);
Murray Bartlett (DK);
Thomas Holesgrove (Grath the Scarran)
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"Won't Get Fooled Again" is an episode from the second season of the American television series "Farscape", written by Richard Manning and directed by Rowan Woods.


After a short montage of the disastrous last minutes of his module experiment from the "Premiere" episode, Crichton wakes up on a medical examination table on earth. A doctor, who looks exactly like Aeryn Sun, explains to him that his module experiment did not go well, and he was injured in the crash. John's father Jack comes in, and John attacks him, swearing that he won't get fooled again by the Ancients, who had tricked him with another earth simulation in the Season One episode "A Human Reaction". Crichton then goes from scene to scene, repeatedly trying to expose what he is experiencing as a delusio or a hologram, but with no luck. Things become stranger and stranger, with Zhaan playing the role of a psychiatrist he sees, D'Argo acting completely out of character as an arrogant new IASA astronaut, Rygel being in charge of the space program, Chiana being an astronaut groupie, Crais a policeman wearing red pumps, and Scorpius and Pilot playing drums in a bar band. A second "Scorpius" also appears, only he actually talks and acts like the original Scorpius. He attempts to corner and talk to John, but John repeatedly brushes him off, convinced that Scorpius is the cause of his predicament to begin with.

John begins to lose it when he encounters his dead mother. Eventually John confronts the second "Scorpius", who explains that he is actually a "personality clone" produced by a chip that Scorpius put in John's brain while he was in the Aurora chair, designed to extract wormhole information from John's brain without John being aware of it. John dubs him Harvey, after the imaginary white rabbit in the classic film of the same name starring James Stewart. Harvey explains that John has been captured by Scarrans on a commerce planet, as they want to know why the Peacekeepers are interested in him. They are currently inducing these hallucinations to break John mentally, after which they will be able to get any information from him that they want. Harvey tries to explain how John can escape, but is forced away.

The hallucinations become wilder and more disturbing, and eventually, John collapses and finds himself in a small room with a Scarran who is dictating notes on John's apparent death. John kills the Scarran, and Harvey explains that he had to stop John's brain functions momentarily so the Scarran would think he was dead. John vows to get Harvey out of his head, but as he says this, he contorts, and then forgets entirely about Harvey's existence, while Harvey tenderly says he will remain with John, keeping him safe.

Guest stars

*Kent McCord as Jack Crichton
*Wayne Pygram as Scorpius/Harvey
*Lani Tupu as Bialar Crais
*Carmen Duncan as Leslie Crichton
*Murray Bartlett as D.K.
*Thomas Holesgrove as Grath the Scarran


*Crichton: And you are a psychiatrist?
Dr. Kaminski: Mmmhmm.
Crichton: I don't think so. On Earth, psychiatrists don't come in blue.
Dr. Kaminski: Do you have a problem with people of colour?
Crichton: I have a contextual problem: you're an alien.
Dr. Kaminski: Yes, that's true, but I do have a green card.
*Crichton: " [during psych evaluation] " So what's the game?
Dr. Kaminski: I wish I could help you, Mr. Crichton.
Crichton: Strange, I miss Moya. A shipful of aliens becomes so normal.
Dr. Kaminski: There is, of course, another interpretation for your confusion.
Crichton: Yeah, I'm still on Moya......I'm gibbering, I'm drooling! And everyone's wondering what finally made me snap.
Dr. Kaminski: That is one possibility.
Crichton: " [wistful] " ....maybe.
*Crais: Have you have any idea how much trouble you're in?
Crichton: " [slowly] " Yeah, do you?
Crais: I like your style, hombre, but this is no laughing matter. Assault on a police officer, theft of police property, illegal possession of a firearm, five counts of attempted murder. That comes to $29.40: cash, cheque or credit card?
" [flourishes ticket] "
*Rygel: " [in full leather bondage gear, with flogger] " All you bitches out now, Crichton is mine! This is for calling me "Sparky"!
" [flogs Crichton's leg] "
Rygel: And this is for "Fluffy".....
" [repeats] "
Rygel: And this is for "Buckwheat", whatever that means!
" [laughs and repeats] "
*Crais: " [wielding pistol, and wearing red high-heel shoes] " Freeze! You're under arrest. You have the right to the remains of a silent attorney. If you cannot afford one, tough noogies! You can make ONE phone call. I recommend Trixie: 976-triple-5-LOVE. Do you understand these rights as I have explained to you? Well do you, punk?
Crichton: " [bewildered] " No.
Crais: .....then I can't arrest you!
" [knocks Crichton out] "
*D'Argo: " [with campy accent] " John, I really need to just unburden myself on you.
Crichton: What?
D'Argo: Well, lately I've been thinking about you in a very different way.
Crichton: Uh huh....
D'Argo: Mmmhmmm, and I was wondering if you wouldn't mind participating with me in a little Luxan bonding ritual. Here's the thing, okay? What we need are some chains, uh, my Qualta blade, just a little squirt of Luxar oil and....oh, Chiana!
Crichton: Chiana?
D'Argo: Yeah....she wants to watch.
Crichton: Oh no.
D'Argo: " [normal baritone voice] " Oh yes!


*There are many references to The Wizard of Oz in this episode.
*The title is a reference to a famous song by The Who There is also a reference to the song's lyrics. In Rygel's office, Crichton says: "Meet the new boss, not the same as the old boss", a paraphrase of the song lyrics.
*This episode is one of only a few in the entire series that do not take place on either Moya or Talyn (the others being Crichton Kicks,, , Lava's a Many Splendored Thing, , and
*Crichton is the only main character to make a 'real' appearance in this episode.

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