Hinduism in Ghana

Hinduism in Ghana

Hinduism in Ghana

Hinduism is a minor religion in Ghana.

Hinduism is spread to Ghana actively by Ghana's Hindu Monastery headed by Swami Ghananand Saraswati and Hare Krishnas.

Sathya Sai Organisation, Ananda Marga and Brahma Kumaris are also active in Ghana.

wami Ghanananda Saraswati of Ghana

Swami Ghanananda Saraswati is the head of Ghana's Hindu Monastery.

Of the 12,500 Hindus in Ghana, 10,000 are, like Swami himself, indigenous Africans.

Swami Ghananand Saraswati had set up five temples in Ghana and one temple in the neighboring country of Togo.

It was proposed that the Accra national body could be the coordination center for Togo, Benin, Burkina Faso, Niger, Mali, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Senegal and Chad. [Refer Hinduism Today]

ISKCON in Ghana

ISKCON currently has a national population of about 5,000, since its introduction into Ghana in 1981.

The movement assembled in the centre of the city, near the Mokola Market, sang, danced and educated invited guests and bystanders about the Krishna faith, which was a branch of Hinduism from India. [http://www.wwrn.org/article.php?idd=5759&sec=28&cont=3 WWRNews]

ISKCON Centres in Ghana

ISKCON has 7 Centres in Ghana

Centre 1- Accra, Samsam Rd, Off Accra-Nsawam Hwy, Medie, Accra North (mail: P.O. Box 11686)

Centre 2- Kumasi, P.O. Box 101, U.S.T

Centre 3- Nkawkaw, P.O. Box 69

Centre 4- Sunyani, South Ridge Estates, P.O.Box 685

Centre 5- Takoradi, New Amanful, P.O. Box 328

Centre 6- Tarkwa, State Housing Estate, Cyanide

Centre 7- Rural Community at Eastern Region, Hare Krishna Farm Community, P.O. Box 15, Old Akrade

Indians in Ghana

In a country of 19.4 million inhabitants, Ghana has a relatively small Indian community of barely 4,000 persons. Some of them have acquired Ghanaian citizenship, which is generally granted without any discrimination. Most members of the local Indian Diaspora are well off. They are either independent businessmen with branches also in neighbouring countries, or employees of various local companies.

The Indian Diaspora in this country has been quite active socially. In Accra, it has set up anIndian Association and an Indian Social Centre, both of which function from the premises of anIndian temple that has been constructed by the community in Accra.

Various social and cultural programmes are organised there, as well as festivals to mark important religious days. Every Thursday and Sunday, community members gather there for kirtans and poojas. The temple also hosts a Yoga Centre and Radhasoami (Beas) satsangs. There is no Indian school in Ghana. Well-to-do Indian families send their children to the Ghana International School, while others prefer less expensive schools. Some members of the Indian community even send their children to India or to some other country for their education.

Social interaction between the Diaspora and the local people is fairly widespread. There arepartnerships between them in some business deals and also some mixed marriages. Ghanaiansfreely attend Indian social and cultural functions. The Indian community makes occasionaldonations to various worthy causes. The mainstream Ghanaians are quite appreciative of the rolebeing played by them in the overall development of the country, and also for their culture andunderstanding towards others [http://indiandiaspora.nic.in/diasporapdf/chapter8.pdf Indians in Ghana]

Ananda Marga in Ghana

Ananda Marga is active in Ghana.

In Ghana the Mafi-Zongo water project remained the focus of AMURT’s efforts.

Brahma Kumaris in Ghana

Brahma Kumaris has a Centre in Ghana.

Address- 4 West Loop, Behind Tesano Sports Club, Tesano, PO Box Ct 1529, Cantonments, Accra


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