Deep Throat (The X-Files)

Deep Throat (The X-Files)

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The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati
The Truth (archive footage)
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Deep Throat is a fictional character in the television show "The X-Files", played by Jerry Hardin. The character is named after the Watergate scandal's Deep Throat (later revealed as W. Mark Felt). In the episode, "Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man", it is suggested that Deep Throat's real name may be Ronald.

Deep Throat first appears in the episode "Deep Throat", warning agent Fox Mulder of the danger he is in, and later offers to help him. He subsequently becomes Mulder's covert information source. Whenever Mulder needs Deep Throat's help, Mulder places a black light lamp in his window. This is similar to how Bob Woodward would "call" the real-life Deep Throat, in which he claimed to move a potted plant on his balcony a certain way to signal a meeting.

Character History

During the first season of "The X-Files", the paternal-like Deep Throat provided Mulder and Scully with information they would have been otherwise unable to obtain, leading to some interesting investigations. Being a member of the then unseen Syndicate, he was in a position to know a great deal of information. Generally, Deep Throat used his power to help Mulder, though without jeopardizing his own security, and so his information was sometimes vague and needed to be decoded by Mulder. Deep Throat felt that the truth that the Syndicate kept secret from the public needed to be known, and he expressed to Mulder that he believed Mulder was the one capable of doing so. However, Deep Throat had at least once provided Mulder with false information in order to divert him, later explaining that he believed the public was just not ready to know some truths.

During the Vietnam War, and while still part of the Syndicate, he worked for the CIA. A UFO was spotted over Hanoi by the US Marines, who shot it down. The surviving EBE was brought to Deep Throat who, following Syndicate policy, executed the alien. He later recounted this to Mulder and explained that his helping Mulder is his way of clearing his own conscience after that haunting experience and to atone for what he had done. He has also stated that he was "a participant in some of the most insidious lies and witness to deeds that no crazed man could imagine". He became disillusioned with the Syndicate, though unlike Bill Mulder or Alvin Kurtzweil, he remained a member.

In the first season finale of "The X-Files", The Erlenmeyer Flask, Mulder was taken hostage by a group of Men in Black operatives, following his investigation into an alien-human hybrid program. Fearing for Mulder's life, Deep Throat secured access for Scully to enter a high containment facility, where she managed to secretly remove a cryogenically preserved alien fetus, which would then be used as collateral for Mulder's life. In the subsequent meeting between the operatives and Deep Throat, who would not allow Scully to make the exchange, he was gunned down by a Syndicate assassin, the Crew Cut Man, on orders from the Cigarette Smoking Man. He was buried at the Arlington National Cemetery.


Episode 102 - "Deep Throat":
*Mulder: "They're here, aren't they?"
Deep Throat: "Mr. Mulder, "they"'ve been here for a long, long time." Episode 110 - "Fallen Angel":
*Deep Throat: "... but his occasional insubordination is in the end far less dangerous."
McGrath (FBI Division Chief): "With respect, sir - less dangerous than what?"
Deep Throat: "Than having him exposed to the wrong people - what he knows ... h'm ["smiles"] , what he thinks he knows."
*Deep Throat {quoting Machiavelli's "The Prince"}: Always keep your friends close. But keep your enemies closer.Episode 117 - "E.B.E.":
*Deep Throat: "Mulder... if a shark stops swimming, it will die. Don't stop swimming."
*Deep Throat: "A lie, Mr. Mulder, is most convincingly hidden between [makes quotation sign] two truths".Episode 124 - "The Erlenmeyer Flask":
*Deep Throat (dying): "Trust no one."Episode 407 - "Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man":
*Deep Throat ("handing the Cigarette Smoking Man a firearm"): "I'm the liar. You're the killer."
Cigarette Smoking Man: "Your lies have killed more men in a day than I have in a lifetime. I've never killed anybody."
Deep Throat: "Maybe I'm not the liar."


After "Season 1", Deep Throat appears primarily in flashbacks, but also once as a ghost and also in a dream.

Deep Throat Appears in the Following Episodes:

"Season 1"

* Deep Throat
* Ghost in the Machine
* Fallen Angel
* Eve
* Young at Heart
* E.B.E.
* The Erlenmeyer Flask

"Season 3"

* The Blessing Way (as a ghost)
* Talitha Cumi (A shape-shifting alien assumes Deep Throat's form.)

"Season 4"

* Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man (Flashback, possibly a fictionalised account by the Cigarette Smoking Man)

"Season 7"

* (in a dream)

"Season 9"

* The Truth (Flashbacks)

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