List of Copts

List of Copts

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group = Copts
AqbaUnicode|ṭ أقباط
Coptic|ⲛⲓⲣⲉⲙ'ⲛⲭⲏⲙⲓ 'ⲛ'Ⲭⲣⲏⲥⲧⲓ'ⲁⲛⲟⲥ
ni.Remenkīmi en Ekhristianos

image_caption = Top row (left to right) Saint Mary of EgyptBoutros Boutros GhaliEster FanousSaint Maurice Bottom row (left to right) Makram Pasha EbeidMeriam George • Saint Paul the Hermit and Saint Anthony the GreatPope Cyril VI
population = 8,000,000 to 18,000,000 (estimates vary)
region1 = flagcountry|Egypt
pop1 = 7,500,000 - 16,600,000 (2008)
ref1 = lower| [ Official population counts put the number of Copts at around 6% of the population, while some Coptic voices claim figures as high as 15 to 20%. While some scholars defend the soundness of the official population census (cf. E.J.Chitham, The Coptic Community in Egypt. Spatial and Social Change, Durham 1986), most scholars and international observers assume that the Christian share of Egypt's population is higher than stated by the Egyptian government. Most independent estimates fall within range between 9% and 20%, for example the CIA World Factbook [] , or the Washington Institute [] . For a projected 83,000,000+ Egyptians in 2008, this assumption yields the above figures. ]
region2 = flagcountry|USA
pop2 = 300,000 - 1,000,000
ref2 = lower| [According to the National Council of Churches of the U.S.A., the Coptic Orthodox Church has at least 300,000 members (as of the year 2000), [] while US-Coptic Associations indicate 700,000 - 1,000,000 [] .]
region3 = flagcountry|Australia
pop3 = 70,000+ (2003)
ref3 = lower| [In the year 2003, there was an estimated 70,000 Copts in New South Wales alone: - cite hansard | url= | house=Parliament of NSW - Legislative Council | date= 12 November 2003| page=Page: 4772: - "Coptic Orthodox Church (NSW) Property Trust Amendment Bill"] lower| [ [ The Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Sydney & its Affiliated Regions - Under the Guidance of His Grace Bishop Daniel ] ]
region4 = flagcountry|Kuwait
pop4 = 65,000
ref4 = lower| [ [ Kuwait] ]
region5 = flagcountry|Canada
pop5 = 50,000 (2008 est.)
ref5 = lower| [ [ Canada Free Press: According to the Canadian Coptic Association, there are approximately 50,000+ Orthodox Copts in Canada.] ]
region6 = flagcountry|UK
pop6 = 25,000 - 30,000 (2006)
ref6 = lower| [Copts number at least 20,000 in Britain [] plus another 5,000 - 10,000 Copts who are directly under the [ British Orthodox Church (1999 figures)] ]
region7 = flagcountry|Jordan
pop7 = 8,000+ (2005)
ref7 = lower| [ [ King commends Coptic Church's role in promoting coexistence ] ]
region8 = flagcountry|Germany
pop8 = 3,000 - 5,000 (2005)
ref8 = lower| []
region9 = flagcountry|Austria
pop9 = 2,000 (2001)
ref9 = lower| [ [ Austria 2004] Religious Freedom news]
region10 = flagcountry|Switzerland
pop10 = 1,000 (2004)
ref10 = lower| [ [ Orthodox Copts open church in Switzerland] ]
region11 = flagcountry|France
pop11 =
ref11 =
region12 = flagcountry|New Zealand
pop12 =
ref12 =
region13 = flagcountry|Netherlands
pop13 =
ref13 =
region14 = flagcountry|Brazil
pop14 =
ref14 =
region15 = flagcountry|Italy
pop15 =
ref15 =
region16 = flagcountry|Sudan
pop16 =
ref16 =
region17 = flagcountry|Bolivia
pop17 =
ref17 =
rels = Predominantly: Coptic Orthodox Christianity.
Minorities include: Coptic Catholicism, Protestantism
scrips = Bible
langs = Liturgical: Coptic
In Egypt: Egyptian Arabic
In the diaspora: English, French, German and others

"This is a list of prominent Copts. For saints, please refer to "Coptic Saints"."

Being an integral part of Egypt's history, the Copts, the Christians of Egypt, have shared in all aspects of life and had many contributions to the Egyptian political, professional and spiritual activities.

It should be noted that a Copt is a native Egyptian Christian or any Christian with Egyptian origin. Therefore, this list also includes those individuals of Muslim or other backgrounds who converted to Coptic Orthodoxy or any other branch of Egyptian Christianity.

Actors and directors

* Dani Seif دانى سيف, Director assistant
* Nancy Kamal نانسي كمال, Director
* Samir Seif سمير سيف, Director
* Akmal Saleh أكمل صالح, Comedian
* George Sidhom جورج سيدهم, Actor
* Hala Sedki هالة صدقي, Actress
* Hany Ramzi هاني رمزي, Actor
* Khairy Beshara خيرى بشارة, Director
* Maged El-Kedwany ماجد الكدواني, Actor
* Mary Moneib ماري منيب, Actress
* Sanaa Gamil سناء جميل, Actress
* Sandra Nashaat ساندرا نشأت, Director
* Youssef Dawoud يوسف داود, Actor
* Youssef Chahine يوسف شاهين, Director


* Farid Stino فريد استينو
* Fayez Sarofim فايز صاروفيم, Billionaire Houston Financier
* Onsi Sawiris أنسي ساويرس, Founder of Orascom Corp.
* Naguib Sawiris CEO of Orascom Telecom, Richest man in Egypt, owner of Weather Investments
* Ragai Stino رجائي استينو
* Hani Iskander Founder of The Knowledge Group & Business Accelerator Ltd. Australian IT Entrepreneur.

Clergymen and theologists

* Pope Cyril VI قداسة البابا كيرلس السادس, the 116th Pope of Alexandria
* Origen أوريجانوس one of the world's most influential early Christian scholars
* Fr. Matta El Meskeen ابونا متى المسكين, controversial priest
* HH Pope Shenouda III قداسة البابا شنوده الثالث, the current Pope of Alexandria

ocial activists

* Nonie Darwish [] , Egyptian-American writer, public speaker and Anti-Islam activist. نوني درويش
* Nermien Riad [] , Founder and Executive Director of Coptic Orphans, a non-profit organization founded in 1989 with the goal of the long-term development of the physical and intellectual well being of children in Egypt.
* Wahba Ghaly [] وهبه غالي, winner of Union Square Awards [] to Grassroots Activists in New York [] and the founder of MENTORS [] An organization promoting Human Rights aspects for the Middle Eastern community in NYC [] .


* Alfy Fanous الفي فانوس, Prominent Civil Engineer; Pioneer in Coastal Engineering
* Hani Azer هاني عازر, Leading Civil Engineer
* Michel Bakhoum ميشيل باخوم, Prominent Professor of Structural and Consulting Engineer
* Nabih Youssef نبيه يوسف, Leading Structural Engineer
* Ramses Wissa Wassef رمسيس ويصا واصف, Architect, Winner of Agha Khan Award
* William Selim Hanna وليم سليم حنا, Minister of Housing; Prominent Structural Engineer
* Yousry Y. Azmy يسري يوسف عزمي, Head of the Department of Nuclear Engineering at NC State (effective June 1, 2008)

Historians and Coptologists

* Aziz Suryal Atiya Historian and Coptology pioneer.
* Gawdat Gabra Coptologist, lecturer, book writer and former director of the Coptic Museum.
* Habib Girgis حبيب جرجس, Coptologist, modern theologian, and a former dean of the reopened Theological School.
* Iris Habib Elmasry ايريس حبيب المصري, Author of the Story of the Coptic Church.
* Labib Habachi لبيب حبشي, Egyptologist
* Fr. Menassa Youhanna القس منسى القمص يوحنا, Historian and Theologian
* Severus Ibn al-Muqaffa الانبا ساويرس ابن المقفع, bishop, theologian, author and historian
* Nosshy Attia Anbary نصحي عطية عنبري , Author of The History of Copts in Port-Said. [ تاريخ إيبارشية بورسعيد website ]

Journalists and writers

* Adel Iskandar عادل إسكندر - Author
* Anton Sidhom انطون سيدهم - Journalist
* Edward Kharrat - Novelist ادوارد خراط
* Magdi Allam - Italy's most famous Islamic affairs journalist مجدي علام
* Magdi Khalil
* Magdi Wahba - University Professor
* Nonie Darwish - Egyptian American writer and public speaker
* Salama Moussa سلامه موسى - Journalist, Reformer, Philosopher and Social Critic
* Waguih Ghali وجيه غالي - Author
* Youssef Sidhom يوسف سيدهم - Journalist


* Mikhail Girgis El Batanouny المعلم ميخائيل البتانوني
* Halim El-Dabh, composer
* Ragheb Moftah راغب مفتاح
* Osama Mounir أسامة منير
* Joseph Tawadros, Oud Player and ARIA award winning musician in Australia

Painters and artists

* Adel Nassief
* Chafik Charobim شفيق شاروبيم, Painter
* Sobhi Gergis صبحي جرجس, Sculptor
* Ragai Karas رجائي كاراس, Painter
* Makram Henein مكرم حنين, Painter
* Margret Nakhla مرجريت نخلة, Painter
* Isaac Fanous ايزاك فانوس, Father of Modern Coptic iconography
* Engy Aflaton إنجي أفلاطون, Painter
* Evelyn Ashamallah إيفيلين عشم الله, Painter


* Adly Abadir, Coptic Activist
* Akhnoukh Fanous, Coptic Nationalist اخنوخ فانوس
* Boutros Ghali, Prime Minister of Egypt بطرس غالي
* Boutros Boutros Ghali, Former Secretary General of the United Nations بطرس بطرس غالي
* Charles Stino شارل رمزي استينو
* Dina Powell, Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs for the United States government دينا حبيب باول
* Ester Fanous إستر فانوس
* E. Kamel Ibrahim, Field Marshal, Former Head of Armed Forces, Head of Physical and Pyschological Training of Special Forces (Al Sa'Ka Regiment).
* Fakhri Abdel Nour Member of the Nation Party فخري عبد النور
* Georges Khayat جورج خياط
* Ibrahim El-Gohary المعلم ابراهيم الجوهري
* Kamal Stino, Former Vice Prime Minister of Egypt كمال استينو
* Makram Ebeid مكرم عبيد
* Michael Meunier, First American Egyptian nominated for a U.S. Office and a Coptic Activist مايكل منير
* Moheb Stino former minister of tourism and aviation, and vice-prime minister محب رمزي استينو
* Monir Fakhri Abdel Nour, Parliamentary منير فخري عبد النور
* Morcos Hanna, Member of the National Party and Coptic activist مرقس حنا
* Mourad Wahba, Supreme Court Judge
* Nazli Sabri, Queen consort of Egypt نزلي صبري نازلى صبرى‎
* Sadek Wahba, First Chamberlain to King Fuad and Egyptian minister to Italy and Belgium
* Sinout Hanna, Member of the Nation Party سينوت حنا
* Wassef Boutros Ghali واصف بطرس غالي
* Wissa Wassef, Previous head of the Egyptian parliament, Member of the National Party and Coptic activist ويصا واصف
* Youssef Boutros Ghali, Trade Minister of Egypt يوسف بطرس غالي
* Youssef Wahba, Minister of Finance, Foreign Affairs and Prime Minister of Egypt يوسف وهبه


* Dr Ihab R Aziz MD, ABFP, FAAFP. Director of Family Medicine Residency Program, Mount Sinai Hospital, Chicago,Illinois
* Dr Rafik M Ghobrial MD, PHD. Professor of surgery and director of liver transplant program, UCLA, California, USA
* Evone Ghaly ايفون غالي, Professor of pharmacy at University of Puerto Rico
* George Ramzy Stino جورج رمزي استينو, Pioneer Egyptian Agronomist
* Fahmy Ibrahim Mikhail فهمي ابراهيم, Professor of Mathematics , Faculty of science , Ain Shams University
* Ibrahim Fahmy Ibrahim Mikhail ابراهيم فهمي ابراهيم, Professor of Mathematics , Faculty of science , Ain Shams University
* George Attia, Director of UMIC and the Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at the University of Miami


* Hany Ramzy هاني رمزي, Soccer Player
* Nagui Asaad ناجي أسعد, African Athletic Champions gbrathletics website ] African champion in Shot Put, 1979, 1982.
* Hisham Greis هشام جريس, African champion in Hammer Throw, 1982.
* Alan Atallah الان عطاالله, Basketball player Member of the Egyptian Basketball team Champion ( Gold Medalist) of African Men's basketball Championship held in Egypt 1983.
*William Fahmi Pan Arab Games results]
*Farouk Tadros
*Sam Soliman International Boxer ranked No. 3 in the IBF


* Sir Magdi Yacoub مجدي يعقوب, Leading Cardiothoracic surgeon ; Knight
* Naguib Pasha Mahfouz نجيب باشا محفوظ, Pioneer in Obstetric Fistula; Father of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Egypt


* Emad Wagih عماد وجيه - The first coptic cadet who awarded the medal of martial duty 2006.
* Meriam George - مريام جورج Miss Egypt 2005.
* Mariam Amin مريم أمين - TV presenter in ESC and Dubai TV.
* Mohammed Hegazy - First Egyptian Muslim convert to Christianity to seek official recognition of his conversion from the Egyptian Government. محمد حجازي
* Anthony Hanna - Prominent and Well-Known media personality in Sydney, Australia. His presence has been made on radio stations and newspapers alike.
* Fathia Nkrumah - wife of Kwame Nkrumah the first president of Ghana

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