Business history

Business history

Business history is the branch of economic history that deals with the history of business organizations, methods, government regulation, labor relations, and impact on society. It also includes biographies of individual companies and entrepreneurs.


Business history was founded by Professor N. S. B. Gras, at the Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration, starting in 1927. He defined the field's subject matter and approach, wrote the first general treatise in the field, and helped Harvard build a tradition of scholarship as well as the leading library in the field. itioners, and to give it status in the academic world. He edited a series of monographs, the Harvard Studies in Business History. He also served as editor of the Bulletin of the Business Historical Society (1926- 1953), a journal which later became the "Business History Review" (1954-date).

Some of the leading scholars include:
*Hon. Prof. Brian Fu


Textbooks and surveys: USA

* Mansel G. Blackford. "A History of Small Business in America" (Twayne's Evolution of Modern Business Series) (ISBN 0805798242) 1992)
* Mansel G. Blackford and K. Austin Kerr. "Business Enterprise in American History" (ISBN 0395351553) (1990)
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* Williamson, Harold F. and Arnold R. Daum. "The American Petroleum Industry: The Age of Illumination, 1859-1899," 1959: vol 2, "American Petroleum Industry: the Age of Energy 1899-1959," 1964. The standard history of the oil industry.

Textbooks and surveys: World

* Mansel G Blackford. "The Rise of Modern Business in Great Britain, the United States, and Japan" (1998)
* Chandler, Alfred D., Jr. "Shaping the Industrial Century: The Remarkable Story of the Evolution of the Modern Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries." (Harvard Studies in Business History, no. 46.) 2005.
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* Franco Amatori and Geoffrey Jones, eds. "Business History Around the World" (2003)
* Louis Galambos; "American Business History." Service Center for Teachers of History. 1967, historiographical pamphlet. [ online version]
* Gras, N.S.B. and Henrietta M. Larson. "Casebook in American Business History" (1939), with short biographies, company histories and outlines of the main issues
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* Barry Emmanuel Supple. "Essays in British Business History" 1977
* Kenneth Arthur Tucker. "Business History: Selected Readings" 1977

External links

* H-Business: daily H-Net Discussion Network 2006. [ online]
* [ "Business History Review" is online at JSTOR.COM] and has published for 80+ years
* [ the journal "Enterprise & Society: The International Journal of Business History" seeks original, imaginative research on the historical relations between businesses and their larger political, cultural, institutional, social, and economic contexts.]

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