Side Basher

Side Basher

SB-913V Side Basher is a fictional transforming, artificially intelligent support mecha for Kamen Rider Kaixa seen in the 2003- 2004 Japanese television series Kamen Rider 555. It is a support mecha seen in the series, and can transforms into either a sidecar-type motorcycle (Vehicle Mode) or a bipedal walker-type battle Mech (Battle Mode). Neither form offers any significant protection to the driver.

Like the Autovajin, the Side Basher also has limited A.I. and is programmed to help and protect the user of the Kaixa Gear. On a side note, Side Basher's A.I. seems less advanced than Autovajin's, as rare are the occasions where it is seen acting on its own. The Side Basher is the only Rider support vehicle that survived through both the end of the series and the movie, although its user did not. Its ultimate fate in the two cases is unknown however.

Vehicle Mode

The main form of the Side Basher is a sidecar-attached motorcycle as the name suggest. It rarely leaves this form during both the series and the movie. In this form, it can travel through rough terrain safely and its light can shine up to 50 meters ahead and make the road as clear as if is under the daylight. The side car can be detached from the motorcycle and move on its own. The tires are made of Sol Rubber (a stronger version of Sol Foam) and the main chassis and plating are made from a similar substance to that of the Kamen Rider Gears.

Length: 2370mm

Width: 1960mm

Height: 1170mm

Weight: 425kg

Engine: Photon Generator

Power: 950 Horses

Top Speed: 360 km/h

Battle Mode

While saying “BATTLE MODE”, the Side Basher transforms into a walker-type battle Mech. The sidecar becomes the unit's legs, while the vehicle's wheels transform into arm-like appendages. The fork becomes the right arm; sporting the four-barreled Photon Vulcan, and the double pincered Heat Point capable of generating temperatures up to 2000°C during grappling attacks. The Swingarm becomes the left arm with the exhaust pipes becoming the X-zap Buster that can fire 6 Smart Brain multistage sidewinder mini-missiles, that in turn split into a further 8 micro-missiles (48 in total) with a range of 2400 meters. Despite the transformation of the forks, the handlebars remain connected to the main frame and become the mech's main controls.

Though surprisingly fast and mobile for a machine of its size and shape (it is seen jumping up onto a motorway overpass and leaping over an incoming missile barrage), the Side Basher lacks maneuverability in Battle Mode. It has difficulty tracking more agile targets, and can only attack targets that are in front of it; weaknesses that were exploited by knowledgeable opponents (such as Takumi Inui).

Length: 2370mm

Width: 1650mm

Height: 2450mm

Weight: 425kg

Top Speed: 120km/h

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