"Gizmo" is a placeholder name for any small technological item. Other similar names are "gadget", "widget", "thingamajig", etc.Gizmo may refer specifically to:

In technology:
* The Gizmo or "Gizmotron", an effect unit for the electric guitar
* Gizmo key, found on certain flutes
* Gizmo5, a peer-to-peer Internet telephony and instant messaging software application
* Gizmondo, a handheld gaming console
* Gizmo, an OpenGL compiler used in Wavemetrics IGOR Pro software
* Gizmo, a bounding box used for manipulating objects in 3D modeling computer programs
* Gizmo, nickname of VoIP phone adapters that were used by SunRocket.
* Gizmo Pty Ltd, Australian IT Company based in major capital cities.

In entertainment:
* The Gizmos, a 1970s proto-punk band from Indiana
* Gizmo Williams, a former kick returner in Canadian Football
* "Gizmo!", a 1977 documentary film directed by Howard Smith
* "Gadgets and Gizmos", a Canadian television show about technological devices

In fiction:
* Gizmo (comics), a member of the H.I.V.E. Five in the "Teen Titans" animated series
* Gizmo (comic book), a 1986 comic book series created by Michael Dooney
* Gizmo Duck, a character in the "DuckTales" series
* "Gizmo", a main character in the films "Gremlins" and ""
* "Don Gizmo", a character in the "Fallout" computer game

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