Chrono Numbers

Chrono Numbers

The Chrono Numbers (also known as"Toki no Bannin or Chronos Time Guardians") are a group of characters in the anime and manga Black Cat.

ephiria Arks

Sephiria Arks is the head of the Chrono Numbers. Jenos Hazard is the only one of the Chrono Numbers that calls her 'Sephi-nee.'

;Sephiria Arks in the manga

Number I. Her weapon, 'Christ', is a saber of unparalleled sharpness, made of the extraordinarily durable Orichalcum metal. Despite her gentle looks and young age, her swordsmanship is undisputed, with such precision and swiftness that her strokes produce no sound and movements that leaves after-images in her wake. She is young but very charismatic, and genuinely cares for life. She can also see through a person's soul, it is said, as she can guess exactly a person's feelings. As a result of that skill, she often manipulates others, such as Train Heartnet. While she can be cruel and hurtful in her ambition, she is not a mean-spirited person. No matter if it's a friend or a foe, she hates seeing anyone sacrificed - though in a battle with Creed Diskenth, she would have given up her own life (via an explosive bracelet) to destroy Creed, if Train hadn't intervened. In the final tankouban of Black Cat, she mentions that her body possesses an enhanced recovery time because she was "born to live for Chronos" and "wouldn't die so easily". She is also a master swordsman, knowing all thirty-six moves of her style, the ultimate being 'Apocalypse' which completely reduces a target to nothing. Also, in the final chapter of the series, she is seen not in her uniform, implying that she has resigned from the Chrono Numbers (because of her promise to Rins back in chapter 70).

;Sephiria Arks in the animeanime voices|Kikuko Inoue|Lydia Mackay Sephiria holds much animosity towards Train for leaving Chronos, and is generally more aggressive than her Manga counter-part. Her appearance looks younger as well, and she seems to be near Train's age. Her manipulativeness is also played down in the Anime, and she is more forthright than sneaky. She decides to help Train in fighting Eden to rescue Eve when Train defiles her pride. In these battles she demonstrates her superior fighting abilities. At the end of the Anime, she leaves to rebuild Chronos from scratch.

Belze Rochefort (also known as Berze Rochefort)

Belze Rochefort is Chrono Number II.

;Belze Rochefort in the mangaBelze is the Chronos Numbers member Number II. Sephiria has trusted him since Train left the Chronos Numbers. His weapon is a spear named "Gungnir." While Belze is Sephiria's right hand man and second in command of the Numbers, it is worth noting that the rest of the Numbers' hierarchy don't seem to follow a strict order. It has been stated in Belze's profile page from the manga though that the Number I represents Commanding Officer and II represents Vice Commander.

;Belze Rochefort in the animeanime voices|Hideyuki Hori|Mike McFarland There is no noted difference between Belze in the anime and in the manga, except he didn't battle Kyoko or Charden.

Emilio Lowe

Emilio Lowe is Chrono #3 in the animated series. Though a third member of Chronos is mentioned in the manga series, he/she does not make an appearance.

anime voices|Susumu Chiba|Orion Pitts Emilio acts as Chronos #3, who is called upon to assist in the raid of Kraken Island. After Creed is defeated, he and several other members of Chronos reveal themselves as members of the Zero Numbers, the main antagonists in the anime. During the fight on Eden, Emilio faces off against Chronos #1, Sephiria Arks, but is defeated. However, he later revives thanks to a combination of nanomachines and Tao connected to Eden, and continues to fight against Chronos and the Sweeper Alliance until Train successfully severs the connection between Eve and Eden, killing him instantly. He uses an Orichalcum bow and arrows as a weapon, and is able to fire them at an amazingly fast rate.clear

Kranz Maduke

Kranz Maduke is Chrono number IV

;Kranz Maduke In the Manga

In Number IV, Kranz, was raised as an assassin for Chronos from birth, and, like Baldor, is extremely violent. Since losing his eyesight in a battle several years ago, he wears a helmet that conceals his eyes, and has learned to fight through sensing sound and movement. His weapon is a knife named "Mars." When Mars's switch is pressed, its blade will vibrate and become extremely sharp. He, together with Baldorias, is sent to capture Kyoko after she leaves the Apostles Of The Stars, and eventually engages in battle with Train in his Lucifer-changed child form, and later with Sven, when they confess they do not intend to let them hurt her. When Jenos appears to stop the fight and tell them the plan was cancelled, Baldorias does not react in a happy way, and even attacks Jenos himself.

;Kranz Maduke in the Anime

anime voices|Atsushi Kakehashi|Viktor Walker Kranz has only appeared briefly in the anime, in the preparations for the Clarken island attack and the attack itself, but he does not play any kind of role in the part where Train is changed into a child, as Kyoko is not pursued by the Chrono Numbers in the Anime. After Creed's defeat in Clarken Island Kranz shows himself as one of the Zero Numbers Mason gathered, together with Baldorias and Emilio.

Nizer Bruckheimer (also known as Naizer Bruckheimer)

Nizer Bruckheimer is Chrono Number V.

;In the MangaThe leader of the Chronos Numbers elite assassination squad Cerberus, in charge of the close-range attacks, Nizer wields a pair of tonfas named "Dioskouroi" which he wields with incredible skill, as he shows when he has to destroy a human turned into a werewolf through the Lucifer nanomachines, that can regenerate any part of its body as long as a single piece of it remains - He can even regenerate his head, causing Nizer to need to completely pulverize it. He holds a personal vendetta against Creed Diskenth for the death of Number X, his old partner Ash. He is unable to participate in the attack at Clarken Island due to grave injuries caused by Creed's Imagine Blade and a gunshot from Echidna.

;In the Animeanime voices|Hisao Egawa|Daniel Penz In the attacks in the manga, Nizer suffers grave injuries and is unable to participate in the attack at Clarken Island. However, in the Anime the scene where Jenos reports the Cerberu's mission results to Belze does not take place, Jenos states that Nizer was killed in the assault on Creed's castle(he died by holding Creed while Beluga shot at him with a bazooka shot a should be fatal hit on Creed blew a hole through his chest but with his tao powers and nano technology he simply regerated and shows Nizer dead in a plie of broken stones), later saying that Beluga and Nizer have both been killed while having a conversation with David IX. Also, in the Anime the scene where Creed kills Ash and injuries Nizer is shown, contrary to the manga where it is just mentioned.


Anubis is Chronos #6 in the animated series. In the manga, there is neither an appearance nor a mention of Chronos #6.

Anubis is the only Chronos Number who is not human; instead, he is a huge black wolf with a long, mechanical tail made of Orichalcum. His tattoo, VI, is carved onto his face above his left eye. Like Eathes in the manga series, he is capable of human speech, though it is unknown how he came to be able to talk. He rescues Sephiria and Belze on Kraken Island when they are attacked by the Zero Numbers, and follows them and the other Numbers into battle against Eden. He escorts Train and Sven to the entrance of Eden, and then fights and defeats Shiki, only to have his adversary resurrect later. As well as using his Orichalcum tail as a weapon, he has his natural arsenals of claws and teeth. He and Train seem to have met previously during Train's years as a Number, as Train calls him by name when he offers the sweeper his assistance.

Jenos Hazard (also known as Janus Hazard)

Jenos Hazard is Chrono Number VII.

;Jenos Hazard in the manga Jenos is the Chronos Numbers member Number VII. Among the Chronos Numbers, he probably is the best looking, and is a bit of a womanizer. However, he does not just flirt with girls, as he actually falls in deep love with every single one of them, Rinslet Walker being one of his favorite candidates through the story. Jenos's weapon is a glove named "Excelion," which has indestructible Orichalcon wires attached to it, and can be used to cut very deeply or grasp something very tightly. Along with Naizer and Belga, he is a member of Cerberus, being the middle-range attacker. He stops Belouga from executing Nizer's suicide plan to finish Creed off, resulting in a risky escape from the castle where Belouga dies to hold a huge ceiling tile while Jenos escapes carrying Nizer unconscious. He also plays the role of trying to stop Baldorias and Kranz from fighting Train and Sven (even though he's not very warmly received), and brings Kyoko to Sephiria for their meeting, where Sephiria wishes to test Kyoko. In the final attack on Clarken Island, he tags up with Lin, who he shows great ease in getting along with.

;Jenos Hazard in the anime anime voices|Takahiro Sakurai|Troy Baker Even though on the Manga he shows a friendly alignment to Train and Sven's sweeper team, in the anime, he shows a neutral attitude at the start, mainly because Eve was his target once, saved by Train. However, he develops a supporting attitude towards Train's group as of the Eden incursion. He also has a different role, as he parttakes in many missions he did not in the manga. For example, he watches the World Conference in a helicopter and is also given the mission of taking out Eve or take her to the Chronos headquarters at the start. In the Anime, he also is always accompanied by a Chronos eraser, that aids him. His relation with Lin is not of old acquaintaces, as it is more strict and formal. Also, it would seem his feelings towards Rinslet are of love, even though it's not known if he's just a flirt.He always finds opportunity to express his feelings to Rinslet at tight situations even though they are just words. However, they are closer than they are in the Manga.

It is fairly obvious that Jenos has a crush on Rinslet but there is a chance that it is a bit more than a crush since both he and Rinslet have worked with each other quite a few times during the series. He also risks his own life to save her, seen when Rinslet is held hostage in the keep with Creed. He cut up a falling rock that was about to hit Rinslet and even got thrown off the cliff in the process. When he fell Rinslet yelled after him in worry that he could be killed. Although she convinced herself that he wouldn't die from something like that, implying she was worried about him.

Jenos is often joking that he is in love with her or that he wants a date with her. She often dismisses this in an annoyed fashion but never denies her wanting one. During the last few episodes of the series Rinslet is shown to worry and care about Jenos even telling him during his fight with the Zero Numbers that "You can't lose to people like them." Jenos yelled out to Rinslet that when the Eden battle was over he was going to take Rinslet out on a date. Although she responded that "Well then you can expect a knuckle sandwich from yours truly." She never denied wanting the date and her outburst seemed worry driven and relief that Jenos was confident enough that he would stay alive. In the last episode, Rinslet is talking on the phone with him. During Rinslet's last conversation seen on the phone with Sven it is heavily hinted that she and Jenos are in fact a couple. going so far for Sven to say "So, how are things going with Jenos? [laughs] Come on, you can't hide it anymore."

Incidentally, it's worth noting that Jenos' number is 'Lucky 7' the opposite to Train's 'Unlucky 13'. As such, his 'VII' mark is also on his chest, but on the opposite side from Train's. But overall, Jenos was never said to be lucky even if he was the "lucky VII."

Baldorias S. Fanghini (also known as Baldor S. Fanghini)

Baldorias S. Fanghini is Chrono number VIII.

;In the Manga Number VIII of the Chronos Numbers, Baldor was raised as an assassin from birth. His loyalty to Chronos and violent tendencies are thus extremely strong. He wields the rocket-boosted flail "Heimdall," and frequently chews bubble gum. He, together with Kranz, participates in a mission to capture Kyoko (As stated above). He is extremely vicious and aggressive, as shown by the way he tries to kill Train in his mission, and by the way he violently smashes a group of Shooting Star soldiers on Clarken Island's castle.

;In the Animeanime voices|Anri Katsu|Justin Cook Baldor has only briefly appeared in the final part of the anime, but he does not appear in the mission of capturing Kyoko because in the Anime it does not take place. He is one of the Zero Numbers, that along with Mason plan on using Eve in the Eden Project.

David Papper

anime voices|Takaya Kuroda|Daniel Drumm David Papper is Chrono Number IX and does not appear in the manga. His weapons are gambling cards. In the battle on Clarken Island, he fights against Maro, but a final attack from the latter seriously injures both, killing him. He is buried by Jenos after No. I and II face the Zero Numbers.


Ash was Chrono Number X.

;Ash in the manga Former Chronos Number X and partner as well as best friend of Naizer. He never actually appeared in the volumes, but it was explained that he was killed by Creed Diskenth.

;Ash in the animeanime voices|Taketora|David Wilson-Brown (Ash was illustrated exclusively for the anime by creator Kentaro Yabuki) Ash actually does appear in the anime, and it's shown that his weapon is a cane (name unknown), having the ability to split the ground with one hit. Another notable detail is that Ash has an "X-shaped" scar between his eyebrows, which is covered by his bandana although his chrono's number is printed on his chin. Like in the manga, he was killed by Creed, but the scene is actually shown.

Lin Shaolee

Lin Shaolee is Chrono Number X.

;Lin Shaolee in the manga Ash's replacement as Chronos Number X. Before entering the Chronos Numbers, his idol was Train Heartnet, due to his unique style of completing his missions. A master of disguise, he can change his appearance in a split second, and is nicknamed "Magician." His weapon, "Seiren", is a hagoromo, or a feather mantle, that is lined with orihalcon wires. This allows it to block attacks, or cut through metal with its edges. Despite his appearance of innocence, Lin is a very capable fighter, able to crush his enemies quickly and mercilessly enough to startle Jenos. He plays a major role in two distinct parts of the story: The first one is when he, under disguise, convinces Train to head for the Apostles of The Stars' hideout, as Sephiria thinks that the Cerberus team should have support from Train, not by helping them, but as Sephiria thought that Train would want to eliminate Creed when he saw him. Unlike Sephiria's plan, Train, upon entering the castle, leaves Cerberus and the Apostles battling withouth making an intervention, and only rescues Rinslet. Also, in the Sweeper Alliance part, Lin disguises himself as "Grin", a character which is the founder of the Sweeper Alliance and plans to take the sweepers to Clarken Island to eliminate Creed, but actually he wants to use them as a diversion so that the Chrono Numbers can actually attack the headquarters unexpectedly. He created a video game that he distributed to every sweeper, which contained various intellectual and other tests, and only those who passed it should know the address of their final meeting where they would depart for Clarken Island.

;Lin Shaolee in the anime anime voices|Mitsuki Saiga|Jerry Jewell In the anime, Lin did not appear until the Sweeper Alliance, and his role was different: He merely summoned the sweepers and granted them a place in the trip to Clarken Island instantaneously. He also attempted to persuade Train into rejoining Chronos once his identity had been revealed, a scene which occurred in the anime (Ep 17). He also shows a "darker" personality in the Anime, as in the manga he was an innocent Number who admired Train and just wanted to fight for world peace, but in the anime his admiring for Train is more directed to "admiring his power", and he has no problems in offending the sweepers many times. He also accuses them of fighting without receiving nothing in return, which makes him sound a bit materialistic. But it seems his personality evolves as he shows a more sympathic side, which appears to start when he says, precisely, that sweepers are idiots for fighting without getting anything in return, but after a chat with Train, when they're helping townsfolk, Train asks him if he isn't one of those fools, and he answers smiling "You might be right".

Beluga J. Heard (also known as Belouga/Belga J. Hard)

Beluga J. Heard is Chrono Number XI.

;Beluga J. Heard in the manga Number XI of the Chronos Numbers, he is Cerberus Unit's long range attacker. He wields a bazooka named "Verethragna." The bazooka can also change into a large hammer thereby making it into a weapon after he has fired his shots. He dies helping Jenos and Naizer escape from the Apostles of the Stars' collapsing hideout after a failed attempt on Creed's life due to Jenos's thoughtless intervention.

;Beluga J. Heard in the animeanime voices|Kouji Ishii|Gordon Holey Belouga is identical to his manga counterpart, except in the Anime it isn't told if he dies or not in the escape, but is presumed so as he does not appear in the story after the attack on the castle. The last we see of him is an effort by himself and Naizer to attack Creed, the Camera shot pans to give us a view of the ruined castle, and a large explosion can be seen.While fighting through the Castle, he engages Shiki in a battle. Shiki thinks he is simply wasting his attacks and firing wildly, but realises too late that his true target was the supporting walls of the castle, leading the building to collapse.In a later episode it shows Beluga fighting against the Apostle of the Star's soldiers ending killing them all but at the cost of his own life, Jenos finds him still standing although dead and places his sun glasses back on his face before shouting out in sorrow.

Mason Ordrosso

Mason Ordrosso is Chrono Number XII.

;Mason Ordrosso in the manga Chronos Number XII. Mason is the eldest member of the Time Guardians. Although he never participated in a single battle in the series itself, he is the most wise and experienced out of all the Time Guardians. It is explained in the manga that he was the lone survivor the last time the Chronos Numbers fought against Tao-users. He only appears in the final part of the manga, witnessing from afar the explosion of the castle with Belze.

;Mason Ordrosso in the animeanime voices|Rokuro Naya|Randy Tallman In the anime, Mason is radically different because he is later revealed to be working against Chronos in secret. He takes part in the planning the Chrono Numbers' missions from the start of the series, but is not particularly important until the final part of the story, when he reveals that he has been planning a conspiracy against Chronos for 20 years, since the end of the Taoshi War. During the war, Mason turned to the side of the Taoshi and learned the Ultimate Tao Technique from a Sacred Taoshi (though this seems to only be a powerful energy blast). He plans on using Eve to activate Eden to achieve "World peace", which actually involves absorbing all mankind into Eden to fuel it. Mason is the leader of the Zero Numbers, who are comprised of Emilio Lowe, Baldorias S. Fanghini, Kranz Maduke, Shiki, and Kanzaki (Doctor) (The latter two were originally from the Apostles of the Stars). Mason's unnamed Orihalcon weapon appears to be a golden suit of armor that covers every inch of his body except his face, and also includes two large swords. He is possibly the most powerful fighter in the anime series, as he defeated Sephiria and Train easily, and even Creed struggled against him, although during Mason's fights with Creed and Train, he was protected by the power of Eden. It is most likely, but not fully confirmed, that Mason was killed by Creed at the end of the anime.

Train Heartnet

;Train Heartnet was Chrono Number XIII

;Train Heartnet in the mangaThe former Chrono Number XIII was Train Heartnet he was the most feared of all the Chrono Numbers with his Hades. His is the first and only Chrono Number XIII. During the time he was in the Chrono Numbers he was very well respected not only among his fellow Chrono Numbers, but also among the younger erasers as well. Lin Shaolee the current Number X being one of them. Until he met Saya he had always killed his target with out any hesitation (save for the mission right before he met Saya were hesitated because the target's child was in the room. This mirrored his childhood, however Creed states even before he met Saya he never killed a woman or a child). After he met Saya he stop killing his targets, but completed his missions as he stated to the elders, but they the elders view them as failures and had him locked up for two weeks. In that time Creed planned to kill Saya before Train was released, however Sephiria released him before the two weeks were up allowing to interfere before Creed could deliver the final bow, but Saya's wounds were too deep, and she dies. Train leaves the Chrono Numbers after Saya's death and becomes a Sweeper in her memory. Despite the fact that the Chrono elders view him as a threat and want him "erased" they keep giving him his "last chance" to come back to the Chrono Numbers saying his skills are to great to be a "lowly sweeper". Although he has left the Chrono Numbers he seems to be on good terms with most of his former fellow Numbers that he knew.

;Train Heartnet in the anime

Save for the time line changes his role in Chronos is the same however his relationship with the Chrono Numbers is slightly different and they are not as close as in the manga.


Willzark is Chrono Number 0.

;Willzark in the mangaAlthough superior to the Chrono Numbers, Willzark is the Zero Chrono Number himself (Note: Do not mistake for the Zero Numbers in the Anime plot). He is the leader of the Elder Statesmen that rule Chronos and order the Chrono Numbers. He has not been seen either in the manga or in the anime in person, as he only communicates with the Chrono Numbers through a holographic screen.

;Willzark in the animeanime voices|Seizou Katou|R. Bruce Elliott Same as in the Manga. Willzark, together with the other Elder Statesmen, is murdered by the Zero numbers in the end of the series, along with the Chrono Headquarters being destroyed.

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