Apollo (disambiguation)

Apollo (disambiguation)

Apollo is the Greek and Roman god of the sun.

The name Apollo may also refer to:


*Apollo program, a series of American space missions that landed men on the moon and returned them to earth
*Apollo (crater), a basin on the far side of the moon
*1862 Apollo, a near-Earth asteroid discovered in 1932
*Apollo asteroid, one of a group of near-Earth asteroids named after 1862 Apollo
* APOLLO, the Apache Point Observatory Lunar Laser-ranging Operation, lunar observatory in New Mexico


*HMS "Apollo", ships of the Royal Navy
*USS "Apollo" (AS-25), a submarine tender of the United States Navy
*"Ducati Apollo", a prototype motorcycle of 1964
*Buick Apollo, an American compact car built from 1973 to 1975
*Apollo (1906 automobile), an American car made from 1906 to 1907
*Apollo (1910 automobile), a German car built from 1910 to 1927
*Apollo (1962 automobile), an American sports car built from 1962 to 1964
*Apollo (1971 automobile), a custom-built British sports car
*Armstrong Whitworth Apollo, a prototype airliner
* "Apollo", a steam locomotive of the West Cornwall Railway
*Apollo Bicycle, a manufacturer of bicycles
*"Apollo Pedal Car", a successful design of racing pedal car which competes in the British Pedal Car Championship


*Apollo Quiboloy, a Filipino televangelist based in Davao City.


*Apollo Hospitals, a healthcare group in India
*Apollo Alliance, a coalition working on a clean energy revolution in America
*Apollo Management, L.P., private equity firm
*Operation APOLLO, a military operation of the Canadian Navy in Afghanistan
*Apollo Computer, Inc. a workstation manufacturer, acquired in 1989 by Hewlett-Packard
*Apollo Group, a company specialising in adult education


*Apollo, Pennsylvania, United States
*The Apollo (Glasgow), a former music venue in Glasgow, Scotland
*Hammersmith Apollo, an entertainment venue in Hammersmith, London
*Most Apollo (Apollo bridge), a road bridge over the Danube in Bratislava
* Apollo, a town near Johannesburg, South Africa, location of static inverter plant of Cahora Bassa (HVDC)


*Apollo/Domain, a series of workstations made by Apollo Computer, Inc.
*Apollo Reservation System, the computerised central reservation system developed by United Airlines
*Gumpert Apollo, a German racing and high-performance sports car
* Apollo, a scent variety of Axe (Lynx)


Film and television

*Apollo Creed, a boxer played by Carl Weathers in the 1976 feature film, "Rocky"
*Captain Apollo, a character in the original "Battlestar Galactica" television series
*Lee "Apollo" Adama, a character in the 2004 re-imagining of "Battlestar Galactica"
*EAS Apollo, an EarthForce omega class destroyer starship in the "Babylon 5" universe
*Apollo Candy, a fictional candy bar in the "Lost" television series
*Apollo, a class of starship in the "Star Trek" television series
*Apollo, an X-304 (Daedalus class cruiser) starship in the "Stargate" Universe
* Apollo, a member of a race of god-like beings, played by Michael Forest in the 1967 "Who Mourns for Adonais?" episode of the "Star Trek" television series

Dance and music

*"Apollo" (ballet), 1928 ballet by George Balanchine to Stravinsky's "Apollon musagète"
*"Apollon musagète" musical composition by Igor Stravinsky
*Apollo (band), a Brit-inspired rock band from Southeast Michigan
*Apollo (disco band), a Motown disco band from the late 1970s
*Apollo 100, a British synthpop band of the same era as the above
*Apollo 440, a British electronic rock band from 1990s-present
*"", 1983 album by Brian Eno
*"", 2005 album by Coheed and Cambria
* "Apollo 18" (album), 1992 album by They Might Be Giants
* "Apollo", 2006 album by Stoner rock group Nebula (band)


*Apollo (magazine), a British arts magazine
*Apollo (comics), a member of in Wildstorm Comics' "The Authority"
*Apollo, a character in "The Amory Wars" comic book series
*Apollo (Saint Seiya), a character in the fictional universe of Masami Kurumada's manga, Saint Seiya

Record labels

* Apollo Records (1921) - a US based company
* Apollo Records (1928) - a US based company
* Apollo Records (1944) - a US based company
* Apollo Records (Belgium)
* Apollo Records (Seattle)

Theatres and cinemas

*Apollo Theater, a theater in New York City
*Apollo Theatre, a theater in London
*Apollo Cinemas, a chain of cinemas in the United Kingdom
*Apollo Theatre (disambiguation) - listing other theaters of this name

Other uses

*Apollo (butterfly), a species of butterfly that resides in the mountains of Europe.
*Apollo (submarine communications cable), a cable crossing the Atlantic ocean
*Apollo (Adobe), a cross-OS runtime system
* Apollo, a Coptic ascetic and martyr: see Abib and Apollo
*, the fourth in the series of "Ace Attorney" games for the Nintendo DS

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