Eagle (disambiguation)

Eagle (disambiguation)

Eagle is a broad family of birds.

Eagle may also refer to:
*Eagle (name), a family name and given name (and list of people with that name)



*AMC Eagle, all-wheel drive automobiles
*Eagle automobile, an automotive brand of the Chrysler Corporation from 1988 to 1998
*North American Eagle, a vehicle intended to challenge the land speed record
*MOWAG Eagle, a lightly armored reconnaissance vehicle
* The mid-engined chassis design, created for the All American Racers and which would serve for both Formula 1 and Indycar racing


*HMS "Eagle", a series of Royal Navy warships
*USCGC "Eagle" (WIX-327), a United States Coast Guard school ship
*Eagle class patrol craft, a set of submarine chasers used by the United States in World War I
*USS Eagle 56 (PE-56), a World War I-era patrol boat that remained in service until its sinking during World War II


*F-15 Eagle, a fighter aircraft
*P-75A Eagle, a United States Army Air Forces fighter of World War II
*Rolls-Royce Eagle, a V-12 aircraft engine of World War I
*Rolls-Royce Eagle (1944), an H-24 aircraft engine of the late 1940s

Other vehicles

*Eagle Bus (1958-1993)
*Apollo 11 lunar module, the first manned Earth vehicle to land on the Moon
*South Devon Railway Eagle class, a type of steam locomotive
*, a fictional vehicle from the "Space: 1999" television series



*"Eagle" (song), a song by ABBA
*Eagle Records, a record label
*Where Eagles fly, a song by Van Halen


*Eagle (Middle-earth), of J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth


* "Eagle" (comic), a UK comic
* "", a manga by Kaiji Kawaguchi


*Eagle Electric
*Eagle Food Centers, a chain of grocery stores
*Eagle Insurance, a Chicago-based vehicle insurance company
*Eagle Supermarkets, a defunct chain of Lucky-owned grocery stores in Houston, Texas
* Eagle Pencils, now known as Berol

Groups and organizations

* Eagle Scout (Boy Scouts of America), the highest rank in the Boy Scouts of America
* Eagle Scout rank (Boy Scouts of the Philippines), the highest rank in the Boy Scouts of the Philippines
* Eagle Clan, a Tsimshian clan


*Eagle, Alaska
*Eagle, Colorado
*Eagle, Idaho
*Eagle, Michigan
*Eagle, Nebraska
** Eagle meteorite of 1946, which fell in Nebraska, United States (see meteorite falls)
*Eagle, New York
*Eagle, Wisconsin
*Eagle (town), Wisconsin
*Eagle, Richland County, Wisconsin
*Eagle Township (disambiguation)
*Eagle Village, Alaska
*Eagle, Lincolnshire, England
*Eagle (crater), the landing spot of the Opportunity rover on Mars


*Eagle (U.S. coin), a gold United States coin worth US$10.00
*American Gold Eagle, a bullion coin
*American Silver Eagle, a bullion coin
*American Platinum Eagle, a bullion coin

Computer software and hardware

*Eagle (program), electronic design automation software
*Eagle Computer, an early IBM-PC clone manufacturer
*Eagle Web platform, a CICS-to-Web development environment
*Fujitsu Eagle, a model of disk drive popular in the 1980s
*Eagle engine, a pixel art scaling algorithm


*Eagle (heraldry), an eagle which appears in a coat of arms
*Eagle (The American School in London Mascot), the mascot of The American School in London
*Eagle ray, a type of marine ray
*Desert Eagle, a powerful pistol made by Magnum Research
*Eagle Nebula (also known as "M16"), an astronomical object the subject of a famous Hubble Space Telescope picture
*Eagle, a score on a golf hole two strokes under par

ee also

*Eagles (disambiguation)
*The Eagle (disambiguation)
*The Eagles (disambiguation)
*Black Eagle (disambiguation)
*White Eagle (disambiguation)
*Blue Eagle
*American Eagle Outfitters, a clothing brand

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