Bill Britt

Bill Britt

Bill Britt is one of the most successful and well known Independent Business Owners (IBOs) in the Amway/Quixtar business. He started in the business in 1970. Amway co-founder Richard DeVos in his 1994 book "Compassionate Capitalism" said "Britt has gone on to become one of the greatest mentors in the history of our company". ["Compassionate Capitalism", Rich DeVos, Plume, September 1, 1994, ISBN 978-0452270510] Britt was a Diamond as of 1973 and Crown Ambassador as of 1996.Fact|date=February 2007

In 2002, together with his wife Peggy Britt, he qualified for the corporation's highest award; Founders Crown Ambassador. Fact|date=February 2007 As of 2007 he was serving as a Presidents Cabinet Representative on the Independent Business Owners Association (IBOA) International Board. [cite web | title=IBOAI site | url= | accessdate=2007-01-10 ]

Britt World Wide

Britt registered with Amway in 1970, in the downline of Dexter Yager. In the Amway business every new IBO is sponsored by an existing IBO. The downline of an IBO refers to the people sponsored by him, people sponsored by those he sponsored, and so on. Bonuses to an IBO are based on sales of his own as well as his those of his downlines.

In 1981 Britt split from the organization of Yager and started his own motivational organization called the [ Britt World Wide (BWW)] BWW, like other IBO Support Organizations, helps Amway/Quixtar IBOs in Britt's downline to grow their businesses, by providing them with training and motivation through books, tapes and seminars. A large number of people in his downline are in the downline of Indian Diamonds Kanti & Hemi Gala.Fact|date=February 2007 They have separated from BWW and started their own motivational organization called [ Winners International] .

Disputes & Controversies

Business Support Materials

A common characteristic of several IBO Support Organizations, including BWW, is that besides the bonuses on sale of Amway products, IBOs, after reaching higher levels receive bonuses on sale of motivational products like books, tapes, seminar tickets etc.Fact|date=February 2007 There are allegations that most income of some high level IBOs comes from this "support" business rather than the Amway business. [cite web | title=Dateline NBC | url= ] Other allegations of cult-like relationships being created in these organizations are made by exit-counselor Steve Hassan on his website [ "Freedom of Mind"] .

In 1991, Britt and Yager were the two main IBOs named in a Forbes magazine article criticizing the business for its cult-like characteristics and for making a few people rich at the cost of the rest. [cite news | title=The Power of Positive Inspiration | date=1991-12-9 | last=Klebniov | first=Paul | publisher=Forbes Magazine |url= ]

In 1994, Britt and Yager were served a class action lawsuit by five former IBOs who accused them of making false claims about potential income of IBOs, importance of motivational materials and links between Amway and other large corporations. [cite news | title=Amway Faces Class Action | publisher=Time Out | date=94-8-10 ] [cite news | title=Vendors File Class Action Suit Against Amway | date=1994-10-2 | publisher=The Legal Intelligencer ]

In the 1998 Woods v. Amway case number CV98-511 in the Circuit Court of Lauderdale County, Alabama, Amway and several of its IBOs including Britt are accused by David Woods and Yan Woods of fraud with the motivation business, breach of contract in Amway enforcing its rules, civil conspiracy in the tools business, and tortuous interference with business relationships. [ [ David Woods and Jan Woods v. Amway Corporation, Bill Britt and Peggy Britt et al] , Circuit Court of Lauderdale County, Alabama, 8/26/98, Case Number: CV 98-511]

Investment loss

In 2001, Britt invested $5 million with two securities dealers who promised him a 10 percent per month return on his money from investment in a "private placement program". In 2003, the two dealers were arrested in what was described as the largest financial fraud case in North Carolina history. [cite news | title=Scam goes down in Raleigh; exec loses $5M | url=
date=2003-8-8 | last=Weisbecker | first=lee | publisher=Triangle Business Journal

Skaggs Lawsuit

In July, 2007, a lawsuit was filed by International Business Solutions, Inc., a company operated by Emerald's Henry and Sue Skaggs, naming Bill and Peggy Britt, Paul & Leslie Miller] , Rocky Covington, Kevin and Beth Bell, and Britt WorldWide as defendants. The suit alleges that the Skaggs, having developed a software system to allow for direct order fulfillment of Business Support Materials (BSM) to their downline, received approval from Britt to continue the development of the software program for eventual rollout to all of BWW. During this time, the Skaggs state that they carried the burden of the development costs. According to the lawsuit, in 2005 Bill Britt rescinded the agreement. The Skaggs then claim they were "de-edified by their upline". The suit alleges breach of contract, racketeering, and intentional interference with economic relations [ [ International Business Solutions vs Britt WorldWide] ] .

In response, the defendants claimed that no contract was entered into and challenged the lawsuit on various other legal grounds. [ [ International Business Solutions vs Britt WorldWide, Response of Defendants] ]

The case was remanded to the Georgia State Court, and the defendants have reportedly defaulted. Judgment will be made by the Judge of District court, Columbus, GA.Fact|date=June 2008


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