Job Feeds

Job Feeds

Job Feeds are a method of serving employment oriented web content via standard RSS technology.

Typically, the vacant positions are published as a single RSS item. The job title appears as the RSS title with a summary of the vacancy in the RSS description. Often, the RSS link hyperlinks to the vacancy's full listing together with the ability to apply online.

The primary benefit in using RSS technology to search for jobs is that the vacancy is delivered to your desktop (or mobile device), rather than traditional web browsing.

How to use it

As with standard RSS Feeds, you need a feed reader—this is a tool like an email program. It's like getting an email every time one of your subscriptions updates their content, except no email address is required. There are many feed readers—some are online (like a webmail account), some are offline (you download the program to your computer), some are free and some aren't.

You may have come across feed readers already. If you use personalized home page services like My Yahoo! or My MSN, you have a feed reader—that's how content like news, weather and stock quotes appear on your personal page. You can also add content from any site with feeds to your page to get updates. Internet Explorer 7 has an inbuilt RSS aggregator.

New technology: semantic web for job feed

Semantic web is emerging as a new layer in the web, where any information such as job opening can be coded in machine-readable object. Standard languages like RDF and OWL are used to present these data objects. With semantic web technologies, data feed becomes more powerful because data and relationships between data can be described in any level of details. This new approach, particularly RDF feed, has just started to be applied to job feeds as well. For example, [ Ufeed] , a free online data feed service, allows user to create job feed in RDF format in addition to RSS2.0 format. Since job opening information in RDF feed represents every attributes of job description in separate fields, such job feed enables much more fine-grain search and comparison at search engine that consumes the job feed.

ee also

* Atom (standard)
* RSS (file format)
* Web syndication
* Data feed
* RDF feed

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