Rimsø Runestone

Rimsø Runestone

The Rimsø stone or DR 114 is a runestone from the 10th century near Århus in Denmark. It is one of few runestones raised after a woman, and it is raised by her son who exclaims that losing one's mother is the worst thing that can happen to a boy.



Transliteration of the runes into Latin characters

  • A þuriR : bruþiR : ainraþa
  • B rai=sþi : stain : þonsi : ¶ uft : muþur : sina : auk : ¶ ... ku... ¶ ... -auþi : sam : uarst : maki

Transcription into Old Norse

  • ÞoriR, broþiR Enraþa,
  • B resþi sten þænsi æft moþur sina ok ... ... ... [d]øþi sum wærst mægi.

Translation in English

  • A Þórir, Einráði's brother,
  • B raised this stone in memory of his mother and ... ... ... death is the worst (misfortune) for a boy.


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