List of Seven Network slogans

List of Seven Network slogans

Seven Network's TV ad campaigns tend to follow NBC (mostly due to Seven's semi-close ties with the American network), but at times also used some imaging from fellow US network ABC.


*1970-February 28, 1975: "The Seven Revolution" "(based on "Promises Promises" by Burt Bacharach)"
*1974: "Looking Better Than Ever!" "(Sydney/Adelaide only)"
*1975: "Seven Colors Your World"
*1976-79: "The Color Machine" "(a.k.a. Seven/Who Colors Your World)"
*1981-82: "All The Best" "(Sydney/Adelaide only)" "(borrowed from NBC's 1976 slogan)"
*Summer 1981/82: "Lucky Seven" "(Sydney/Melbourne only)"
*1983: "Just Watch Us Now" "(Sydney/Adelaide/Perth only)" "(based on NBC's "We're NBC, Just Watch Us Now")"
*1984: "Be There" "(Melbourne/Sydney only)" "(again, based on NBC's slogan that marked NBC's rise in the 80s)"
*1985: "Channel Seven, Let's All Be There" "(Sydney/Adelaide only)" "(based on NBC's "On NBC, Let's All Be There")"
*1986: "Say Hello!" "(Adelaide/Melbourne/Perth only)" "(based on Frank Gari's "Hello News"; also used by TasTV)"
*1986: "Sail On" "(Sydney/Perth only)"
*1988: "Let's Celebrate '88" "(borrowed elements from "Come Home to NBC")"
*1989: "Only the Best on 7" "(borrowed from NBC's "Come Home to the Best, Only on NBC")"
*1990: "The Place to Be/In The Mood" "("The Place to Be" borrowed from NBC)"
*1991: "Yeah!" "(based on the "Mony Mony" by Billy Idol)"
*1992: "Good Vibrations" "(based on the song by The Beach Boys)"
*1993-94: "It Has to Be Seven"
*1995: "Handmade Television"
*February 1995-June 1996: "Discover It All" / "Get Lucky, Get Seven"
*June 1996-April 1999: "Everyone's Home"
*September 1996: "40 Years of Television"
*May 1999-September 14, 2003: "The One to Watch"
*Christmas 2002: Christmas is...
*2003 (September 14-November): "Lucky Number Seven"
*Summer 2003/04: "Brand Spankin' New Summer"
*2004: "7 NOW" "(based on FOX's 2002 slogan "FOX NOW")"
*Summer 2004/05: "7 Summer" "(based on "Summer of Love" by Black Cabs)"
*December 26, 2004-: "GOTTA LOVE IT"
*2006 (Aug-Sept): "TV Turns 50"


*1960: "You're on Seven, This is Herald-Sun TV"
*1964-65: "HSV7 Tops The Lot!"
*1966: "Melbourne's Sold on HSV Channel 7!"
*1967: "Look For The Seven"
*Christmas 1970: "Christmas in Melbourne"
*1971-72: "This is Seven, Looking Good"
*1973-74: "Seven, Something Special"
*1975: "SSSSSSS Seven Color Television" "(March 1-August 31, 1975)"
*1976: "Welcome to the Bright New World of 7" "(based on ABC's 1975 slogan)"
*1979: "You're on Seven" "(borrowed elements from NBC's "NB-See Us")"
*1980-81: "Seven is a Part of You"
*Summer 1981/82: "Summer is a Part of You"
*1982: "Take a Bow"
*1983: "Sevensational"
*1985-87: "Hello Melbourne"
*1986 (Nov.): "30 Years of Television"
*1989: "Nobody Knows Melbourne Like Seven"
*Early 1999: "Melbourne's Alive!"
*2005 (Aug. 22): "Melbourne is Seven"
*2005 (Nov. 4): "Our 50th Begins!"
*2006 (Aug-Sept): "7 Melbourne - 50 Years On"


*1956: "This is ATN Channel 7, Sydney"
*1968: "Seven is..."
*1979: "Seven's Reaching for the Stars"
*1980: "Channel 7's Proud in Sydney" "(borrowed elements from NBC's "Proud as a Peacock")"
*1985-87: "Let's All Be There" "(borrowed from NBC, even though NBC changed slogans in '86)"
*1986: "Sydney CBD" "(used alongside "Let's All Be There")"
*1986 (Nov.): "Thirty Years Together - Channel 7 and You"
*Summer 1986/87: "Summer is the Time, Seven is the Place" "(based on ABC (US)'s "Now is the Time, ABC is the Place")"
*1987: "You're Invited on a Journey"


*1959: "Start on 7 and You'll Stay on 7!"
*1961: "Station of the Stars"
*1965: "The NEW 7"
*1965-66: "You Can See It All on Seven"
*1967: "Brisbane's Liveliest Channel"
*Summer 1978/79: "Summer Fever!"
*1979: "Seven Fever!"
*Summer 1979/80: "Summer Fever!"
*1980: "Seven, You're Still Looking Hot!"
*Early 1981: "We're Doing It For You"
*1981: "Supercharged 7!"
*Summer 1981/82: "Shine on, Brisbane!"
*1982-87: "Love You Brisbane"
*1984: "25 Years of Television"
*1987: "7's On Your Side"
*1995-96: "Queensland's Great South East"
*1997-99: "The Great South East"
*1999: "7 - 1959-1999" "(used to celebrate 40 Years of BTQ7)"
*2002: "The Great South East"
*2007-08: "Love You Queensland"


*ADS-7 1959: "Seven is the Station"
*ADS-7 1960s: "You're in Tune When You're Tuned to Seven"
*ADS-7 1960s: "Seven Turns You On!"
*ADS-7 1967: "The Station with the Pleasant Australian Accent!"
*ADS-7 1975 (Jan-Feb): "Wow! Look At Us Now!"
*ADS-7 1984: "Adelaide is Seven"
*SAS-7 Late 1987: "On The Move"
*SAS-7 1989-Early 1990: "Adelaide's Channel 7" "(Bee Gees's "First of May" played through the background)"
*SAS-7 1997: "Adelaide's Home with Seven"
*SAS-7 2007: "Seven On the Move"


*1980: "21 Years of Television"
*1982: "We're With You, 7"
*1984: "You Can See It All on 7"
*1985-88: "Love You Perth"
*Summer 1986/87: "The Heat Is On!"
*1999: "Perth - 40 Years"

logans not used on air

"Welcome to the Bright New World of Seven"

"Bright New World" was created by HSV-7 Melbourne for use around Australia, but was not seen on air. It was used in a shopping centre promotion for "Phillips Natural Colour TV" during the period of colour test transmissions. The promotion involved TV sets on display with this Ident on a loop.

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