Chupacabras (album)

Chupacabras (album)
Studio album by Phideaux Xavier
Released 2005
Recorded NYC & LA
Genre Progressive rock
Psychedelic rock
Length 48:34
Label Bloodfish Music
Producer Gabriel Moffat
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Phideaux Xavier chronology
Ghost Story

Chupacabras is the third album released by composer Phideaux Xavier.

While recording "Fiendish" in 2002, Xavier had begun work on an epic song called "Chupacabras". This song was not completed in time for inclusion on Fiendish, and instead, formed the basis for what would become the album Chupacabras. This album was made up of tracks that had been begun for the previous two albums but had never been finished. It took Xavier further into the progressive rock style with multi-part epics ("Ruffian on the Stairs" and "Chupacabras"), and resurrected a song from Xavier and drummer Rich Hutchins previous band, Satyricon, called "Titan".


  1. "Okay" (02:06)
  2. "Chupacabras" (20:41)
  3. "Party" (05:17)
  4. "Fortress of Sand" (05:05)
  5. "Ruffian on the Stairs" (02:59)
  6. "Sunburnt" (02:50)
  7. "Return of the Ruffian" (04:17)
  8. "Titan" (05:14)