Archery UK

Archery UK

Archery UK is a magazine devoted to the sport of archery in the United Kingdom. As the official journal of the Grand National Archery Society, it is distributed to every GNAS member, 4 times a year, with the costs of this being taken from the archer's affiliation fee. It is therefore the country's leading archery magazine.

The magazine is published by the Grand National Archery Society, based at Lilleshall National Sports Centre and its editors are Ann and Mike Shepherd.


The magazine was formed in 1997 and the first issue published in Summer of that year. It was originally all published in black and white, until the first colour issue was produced in Summer 2005. The first issue contained only 40 pages, but in 2000, this increased to 44. The number of pages stayed at between 44 and 48 pages until the Autumn 2006 edition, which contained 60 pages, along with a slightly altered format. ("Archery UK", Autumn 2006, p1)


The magazine contains news concerning archery in the United Kingdom , as well as reports from recent tournaments and shoots. Other regular features include:

* Comments from the Chairman of GNAS
* Report from the Chief Executive of GNAS
* Archery rankings, both national and regional
* Obituaries of figures in archery in the UK
* Additions to the shooting colours register
* Minutes of the Operations Committee
* Tournament Diary and national tournament dates
* News of achievements and records
* Letters from readers
* Directory, featuring contact details for important GNAS officials and associated organisations
* Entry forms for national tournaments

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