Standard drink

Standard drink

A standard drink is a notional drink containing, amongst other components, a specified amount of alcohol. The standard drink is used in many countries to quantify alcohol intake. It is usually re-expressed as a measure of beer, wine, or spirits for convenience. The standard drink varies significantly from country to country, from 10 ml (7.9 g) of alcohol in the UK to as high as 25 ml (19.75 g) in Japan.

The value of one standard drink does not necessarily reflect a typical serving size in its country. In Britain the term "unit of alcohol" is used instead to underscore this point. For example, a typical drink of 1 pint of ale of five percent alcohol by volume contains 2.8 units.

tandard drinks as defined by various countries

Amount of alcohol is stated in grams and millilitres. Number of standard drinks contained in 500ml of beer with 5% ABV, a typical large drink of beer, is stated for comparison. [ICAP Report 5 - "What is a 'standard drink'". URL: [] . Accessed on June 19, 2008.] †defined as 0.6 fl oz


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