Leap may refer to:
* Jumping
* Leap (village) in County Cork, Ireland
*The collective noun for a group of leopards
* Great Leap Forward the period of the 2nd 5-year plan in China

LEAP may mean:

* : a software tool for energy and environmental planning.
* LEAPS (finance), long term stock options
* LEAP programming language
* Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, an organization of current and former police officers and other law enforcement officials that oppose drug prohibition
* Law Enforcement Assistance Program (L.E.A.P.), a computerised system used by the Victoria Police in Australia
* Lightweight Exo-Atmospheric Projectile (LEAP) see RIM-161 Standard missile 3
* Lightweight Extensible Authentication Protocol for wireless computer networks
* Literacy, Education and Abilities Program, a Scientology-connected group affiliated with Applied Scholastics
* Local Equipped Areas for Play
* Local Employment Access Projects, helps people to find employment [http://www.leap.org.uk/]
* Localized Encryption and Authentication Protocol for Sensor Networks
* Local-Electrode Atom probe, an atomic-resolution microscope
* Law Enforcement Availability Pay - A US federal Law enforcement benefit
* Leap Personal Publisher, now known as iLeap
* Louisiana Educational Assessment Program (LEAP), including the "integrated" Louisiana Educational Assessment Program ("i"LEAP)

Leap in music:

* Leap (album) - a 2004 album by progressive jazz group Drop Trio

ee also

* Leap of faith (disambiguation)
* Quantum leap
* Leap year, a year containing one or more extra days or months.
* Leap second, an extra second added to year to synchronize clock with earth rotation.
* Leap Year (film), the 1921 film starring Fatty Arbuckle.

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