An apostle is a messenger and ambassador.

Apostle and apostles may also refer to:

In religion:
* The Twelve Apostles, 12 of Jesus' disciples chosen by him and given "the Great Commission"
* The Seventy Disciples, referred to as Seventy Apostles by the Orthodox Church
* Apostle (Latter Day Saints), a position within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and other denominations of the Latter Day Saint movement
* Chief Apostle, highest minister in the New Apostolic Church
* Rasul, Islamic prophet or messenger, sometimes translated "apostle" (Muhammad is known as "Rasūlullāh", "Apostle of God")

In art and entertainment:
* "The Apostle", a 1997 film directed by and starring Robert Duvall
* "The Apostles" (Elgar), a 1903 choral work by Edward Elgar
* "El Apóstol", the world's oldest animated feature film, 1917, Argentina
* The Apostles, a punk rock band from the 1980s
*Apostle of Hustle, a Canadian indie rock band
* Apostle (production company), a television production company founded by Jim Serpico and Denis Leary
* 12 Apostles (record label)
* Apostles of the Stars, a group of villains from the "Black Cat" manga and anime series
* The 7 Apostles, characters from the "Chrono Crusade" manga series
* Rufus, the thirteenth apostle, a character in "Dogma" (film)

* Cambridge Apostles, a secret society at the University of Cambridge
* Apostle Plant, the "Neomarica" genus of plants, which closely resemble irises
* The Squad (IRA unit) also known as the Twelve Apostles, an Irish Republican Army unit founded by Michael Collins

ee also

*Twelve Apostles (disambiguation)
*Apostolic (disambiguation)
*Disciple (disambiguation)
* Apostol (first and family name)
* Apóstol
* Muravyov-Apostol

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