Deus é Brasileiro

Deus é Brasileiro

Infobox Film
name = Deus é Brasileiro

caption =
director = Carlos Diegues
producer = Tereza Gonzalez Renata Almeida Magalhães

writer = João Emanuel Carneiro Carlos Diegues Renata Almeida Magalhães João Ubaldo Ribeiro
narrator =
starring = Antônio Fagundes Wagner Moura
music = Chico Neves Hermano Vianna
cinematography = Affonso Beato
editing = Sérgio Mekler
distributor = Columbia TriStar
released = flagicon|Brazil January 31, 2003
runtime = 110 min.
country = Brazil
language = Portuguese
budget =
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website =
amg_id = 1:295527
imdb_id = 0350804

"Deus é Brasileiro" ("God is Brazilian") is a 2003 Brazilian comedy film directed and co-written by Carlos Diegues and based on a story by João Ubaldo Ribeiro. In the film, God, portrayed by Antônio Fagundes, decides to take a vacation and heads to northeastern Brazil to find a saint as a replacement.


Taoca, a part-time fisherman and small-time con artist, finds a man holding on to a buoy in the middle of the ocean. The man claims he is God, but Taoca doesn't believe him until he performs some miracles.

It seems God has decided to take a break and is searching for someone to temporarily take over. With Taoca, God travels the country in hopes of finding a new saint who is fit for the job. Along the way, they meet a woman, Madá, who joins the two in hopes they will take her to São Paulo, where her mother has died.

Eventually, the trio comes across a young man who appears to have the right qualifications, except he has no belief in a higher power.


*Antônio Fagundes as God
*Wagner Moura as Taoca
*Paloma Duarte as Madá
*Hugo Carvana as Quincas Batalha
*Stepan Nercessian as Baudelé
*Bruce Gomlevsky as Quinca das Mulas
*Castrinho as Goró
*Chico de Assis as Cezão
*Thiago Farias as Messias
*Susana Werner as Senhorita Agá
*Toni Garrido as São Pedro
*Cordel de Fogo Encantado

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*amg movie|id=1:295527|title=God Is Brazilian

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